Any Suggestions for Throat Pain

Posted by Marc (MI) on 09/15/2006

Much like an above question- I've been suffering from mysterious sore throat for last 2 years, but never actual heartburn. ENT prescribed PPIs for acid reflux. I did ph-24 showed signs of acid reflux. I've done all the diet/habit changes and Nexim 1 then2 a day for months did nothing. Will any of these ACV or baking soda things work for me....(possible LPR not GERD patient....or are these cures just for heartburn related issues? if not ACV etc...what can I use for this throat pain, any suggesstions. Thank you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Marc: There are several causes of acid reflux, which of course time doesn't permit me to explain them. But baking soda obviously will buffer any acid problems you are having and when you do take it, the body will store these baking soda in the form of bicarbonate buffers to prevent acid buildup form occuring. ACV is used for acid reflux usually to remove or detoxify the body to repair itself against acid reflux as well as certain elements of alkaline forming ACV to reduce the acid problems.

Taking some molybdenum supplements might also help as molybdenum tends to control pH through indirect control of sugar. Manganese may also help too. Excess free radical from fried foods, vegetable oils may also cause acid reflux, so avoiding sugars and oils will help. If pathogen is at issue, zinc, selenium and brewer's yeast supplements will help. Pathogens for some reason seem to cause acid reflux in certain cases, so building body's immune system might help.