Mysterious Sore Throat for 2 Years

Posted by Bill

Suffering from mysterious sore throat for last 2 years, but almost never actual heartburn. ENT prescribed PPIs for acid reflux. While taking PPIs, over last 2 years, have drastically changed eating habits and become generally a healthier person. Throat pain still persists, although lessened. ENT tells me to double PPIs. I finally have enough and quit taking pills. Within one week of quitting meds, end up with full blown heartburn after every meal. Turn to this website for alternative solution. After 2 days of the ACV treatment, end up with SEVERE mouth/tongue ulcers as described by another list poster. I'm nearing the end of my 2 week, twice daily, baking soda/water treatment. Ulcers now clearing up. I'm still interested in checking out the ACV remedy, but I'm a bit hesitant after the SEVERE mouth ulcers. How would I proceed? Should I try the vinegar again? HELP PLEASE.