Mysterious Sore Throat for 2 Years

Posted by Bill

Suffering from mysterious sore throat for last 2 years, but almost never actual heartburn. ENT prescribed PPIs for acid reflux. While taking PPIs, over last 2 years, have drastically changed eating habits and become generally a healthier person. Throat pain still persists, although lessened. ENT tells me to double PPIs. I finally have enough and quit taking pills. Within one week of quitting meds, end up with full blown heartburn after every meal. Turn to this website for alternative solution. After 2 days of the ACV treatment, end up with SEVERE mouth/tongue ulcers as described by another list poster. I'm nearing the end of my 2 week, twice daily, baking soda/water treatment. Ulcers now clearing up. I'm still interested in checking out the ACV remedy, but I'm a bit hesitant after the SEVERE mouth ulcers. How would I proceed? Should I try the vinegar again? HELP PLEASE.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Bill: Several people who use ACV do report ulcers of the mouth and tongue this is common when the body does not have sufficient bicarbonate. My own ACV therapy is much different here in Bangkok. I always add one 3% baking soda to all ACV because most people do have bicarbonate deficiency. The best way to proceed is to add baking soda 3% with each dose of ACV and ulcers should not be a problem and heartburn is also reduced. One purist here in Bangkok does not like my the idea of adding baking soda. In which case an alternative is possible. Taking baking soda from 2 weeks to 1 month. Then you can start with ACV. The catch is that you still need to take baking soda everyday. Do not try to get baking soda out of the equation. If you are a biologist or even a biochemist, like me, you will realized that when scientists try to cultivate tissue samples, or cause the heart to beat in a solution, the ideal solution is that you always need salt, and the SECOND most important element is sodium bicarbonate! Our Western diet and conventional medicine completely ignores the importance of this but this is absolutely needed in a biological system. Don't even assume that the body can create them. Our body is not a perfect chemical factory. If they were so perfect, we would NOT get sick! Here is a mammalian solution often called a Tyrode's solution we used to keep tissue samples alive. I often use this as a reference material when preparing electrolyte solutions I give to some friends who are really sick. It often works better than those sports drink. Just remember this is NOT a perfect formula because of the nuances in chemical names and other things, but I am to prove why your body NEEDS sodium bicarbonates (as well as magnesium chloride) in your diet. Salt is often the basic requirement yes, but those that is not mentioned in conventional medicine where the second largest amounts of turns out to be bicarbonates and magnesium which gets me thinking to use them quite often in all my therapy.

Here is the recipe I recently prepared (not perfect): Tyrode's Mammalian Solution
Name Grams Sea Salt 8.
Potassium Chloride .2
Calcium Chloride .3
Magnesium Chloride .21
Glucose 1.
Sodium Bicarbonate 1.
sodium dihydrogen .1
' phosphate

Add water to 1 liter

As you can see for a person who weighs 5 kilograms, and assuming he is 7% water, the amount of water is 5 x .7 = 35 kilogram. 35 x 1%/1 = 3.5 grams! This is roughly equal to my dose of about 1/2 teaspoon. The body tends to deplete them in a matter of about 12 hours at the longest for nonexercise it takes about 48 hours to deplete them entirely. Baking soda is the second largest amount of element we NEED in our diet that gets depleted fairly rapidly. As for glucose and calcium most of our diets are quite sufficient, with one major exception: magnesium chloride. So this is why we need Baking soda and Magnesium chloride as our basic staple of food. You can calculate your daily basic requirements for magnesium chloride using the same formula too. It comes out to 35 x .2/1 = .7 grams or 7 milligrams at about twice a day is my simple estimates.

So take your bicarbonate as a dietary requirement. I have my own Ted's RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) not to be confused with the government's RDA - they don't have any and it is at least 3.5 grams per day. However when you have ulcers this is a sign of bicarbonate deficiency and you will have to take twice the Ted's RDA for at least 2 weeks. You will then take it at 3.5 grams a day as a dietary supplement to prevent this. Ulcers, at least for the tongue and mouth, is a sign of a bicarbonate deficiency. Who know other ulcers (e.g. stomach ulcers) might also be this issue too! So take your bicarbonate dietary intake seriously! I prefer the bicarbonate + citric acid as this buffers my body's pH much better in achieving optimal Urinary pH. If of course you bother to check your urinary pH using the electronic pocket pH meter - you will know you need it! However, without the gadgets it is about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid at about twice a day on an empty stomach. Besides, the reaction of citric acid and baking soda results in sodium citrate, which is a cure for dentin sensitivity and inflammations for your own body. So this formula too might also be helpful with ulcers, but probably not as good as just taking sodium bicarbonates alone.