Acid Reflux Sapping Minerals?

Posted by Linda (Barnesville, OH) on 09/28/2006

please help I have acid reflex and i've been on Nexium for a long time and I have low potassium and magnesium and they won't stay up. If I stop taking Nexium, my mouth will burn and acid comes up in my mouth,and I so sick, but i think the Nexium is taking my potassium and magnesium out of my body. please help Linda

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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This depends on how it was consumed. Magnesium can be best absorbed in powdered form and not tablet form because they won't dissolve in your stomach. The preferred form is magnesium citrate powdered, or magnesium chloride powdered, where you mix in water and drink it. As for potassium. The body will be best absorbed if you take a powdered form of potassium citrate, or perhaps take some electrolyte salt packs they sell in drug store, commonly called oral hydration. They will often formulate using either potassium citrate or potassium chloride. I prefer the potassium citrate since it tends to regulate the body's pH. Usually the drugs, will cause the body to rid of potassium, which is true and it may also be why the body can't hold up the potassium and magnesium.

As a result, you may have to take more of it, not take less. The average dose for potassium is 250 mg and magnesium is 250 mg. Just slowly increase the dose where it does hold so you can discontinue whatever that is causing the lost of potassium and magnesium. Most diuretics tend to cause the body to loose much more and as a result you still have to compensate the loss.