Breast Cancer Tumor and Cracked Tooth Linked

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/15/2011

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June! NEVER would have expected that one! However, honestly I haven't felt great for a long time. Now, I feel so much better since going to a nutritionist!

I start chemo Thursday the runs every 2 weeks for 4 months. After that it's 5 weeks radiation followed by pill Tamoxifin.

I found a small lump top of my breast in the shower late May before Memorial weekend and went in to get it checked by my great OBGYN. He sent me in for a mammogram on June 3. They thought it was a fibroid and had a biopsy on the 13th Monday. I got the results back on Thursday the 16th from my doctor that it was in fact cancerous and then went immediately to a surgeon who removed it via (lympectomy) June 22.

I had a 2nd surgery - My second surgery 6/28/11 was to take more tissue out around where the tumor was removed.

The result of this was:
* left breast reexcision of anterior margin, prior biopsy site
1. New anterior margin. prior biopsy effect, negative for residual or recurrent, invasive or in situ, carcinoma
2. skin showing prior biopsy effect, negative for atypia.

Right around the time of this diagnosis I also found out (from infection under gum line) that I had a cracked tooth and had to go to oral surgeon to get tooth removed. Now wearing fake tooth retainer while it heals. This surgery was Friday, July 29.

* went to a nutritionist who now has me on a dairy free, wheat free diet, not a lot of sugar and has loaded me up with supplements that are bursting out of my cabinet - take about 12 at each meal. I am on 2 detox drinks since, catch this, they found metal, chromium (that is hexavalent chromium) and mercury in my system.

They think I had this chromium (like Erin Brokovich movie) in my system... who knows....

Here is what I take for supplements:
methyl sp (k14) -2 tablets (this is for liver support)
d3 5000 (vitamin d) - 3 tablets only at breakfast time (this is 15,000 units of vitamin D)
chlorella pyrenoidosa (for treatment of cell walls) I take 3 tablets at each meal
EPA/DHA - I take 2 tablets at each meal - this is fish oil-Omega 3's - so 6 a day and the strength is EPA 600mg and DHA 400 mg
Adaptocrine - I take 1 tablet at each meal - this is for Adrenal support
Glysen - I take 1 tablet at each meal (for sugar metabolism support)
AND at the moment with my tooth that was just pulled and by the way that was pretty straight forward-I have a false tooth retainer in since it's 3rd over from front I'm on Biodent -Bio-Dent provides synergistic ingredients to support cell function and a healthy skeletal system.
Addresses the energy needs of muscle tissue
Aids in the maintenance of healthy muscle, bone, and skin
Supports growth, development, and repair of teeth
Supports continued bone remodeling†
2 tablets and probilardi 1 tablet at each meal -immune and intestinal support
I am also taking a cap of Micro Minterals and 2 caps of Phyto Complete (Synergistic Phytonutrient Complex)
Proboulardi for Immune and Intestinal support

* I was not eating organic veggies and fruits but I was eating organic milk and eggs - now eat all organic veggies and grass fed chicken and careful about eating organic food.
* took shampoos and beauty products that contain parabens and chemicals out of the house
* replaced house with greener cleaning supplies
* took away plastic water bottles and plastic tuperware
* took away non stick pans with slits in the non stick surface

Do you think the tooth cracked and infection and breast cancer are in any way linked?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Definitely a link to tooth cracked. You can see on Breast cancer infrared photos showing the link to the teeth linking all the way down to the breast. Cancer are caused by bacteria/ virus/ and fungus. The usual remedy is no sugar or carbs, and lysine and threonine. Lysine and threonine is immune system supplement to help fight it. Other important ones are zinc acetate and selenium yeast 400 mg. The lysine and threonine is the main one, but N A C is also important. Take them the usual lysine and threonine 500 mg, each hourly for 4 hours, in morning and each hourly again for 4 hour in evening. It must be done for 3 days at least that protocol before you see reduction. The tumor will swell up the first two days before it shrinks on the third day, leaving only the hard tumor. The hard tumor can be digested with pancreatic and bromelain enzymes. The source of the cavities has to dealt with using H2O2, clove oil and xylitol.

Its most important to get the tooth fillings done. I have a women here in Thailand who had breast cancer, and was simply reduced with two things, the tooth cavity (helped by eliminating it through xylitol and oral clove oil) and avoiding mostly sugar. But that is a slight cancer and no large cancer.


Anonymous replies "Thank you so much!
Since she had the tumor removed In July (two surgeries) and is about to start chemotherapy tomorrow, do you have any further suggestions?"

Ted responds "Yes, that's true but chemotherapy side effects plus her surgery also needs extra lysine and threonine. To help her healing, plus some N acetyl cysteine. This would not conflict here with chemotherapy. If chemotherapy does produce any nerve damage such as partial deafness, the common remedy is sodium thiosulfate (say one rice grain) of that, which is a conservative dose to begin with used in conventional medicine. The lugol's is individually determine the drops, to see how much you can take. So if you can't take a lot, the tumor is not not much there but if you can take more of lugols' without side effects, all that goes to killing the tumor, and is helpful with chemotherapy in general, as they are both highly oxidative chemicals, especially chemotherapy. The 5 year survival of breast cancer using a chemotherapy is rather low, however

It has a 1.5% success rate, in breast cancer, amongst Australian citizen and American's have similar about 1.4%. You should publish some of the conclusions in the links I gave you to show how statistics are really against you.

In JAMA, of the 20,000 something people who has Korean with cancer, your survival is likely to come from blood sugar below 90 mg/dL, while if your sugar is above that, you have a 97% death. So just the sugar will be the ones that increases your chances, despite the poor survival of getting chemo.