Breast/lymph Cancer W/ Night Sweats, Rash

Posted by S (Anonymous) on 03/22/2012

Dear Ted, I'm confused. Can u tell me what to do please. December 2010 was diagnosed wt estrogen positive breast cancer and in lymph node under arm rt breast. Been thru all my savings and have no insurance and done all kinds of things and gotten way bigger. Started 2 inches and now 5 or six inches round and has horrible rash like blister bumps on outside of skin. Tumor grew some doing protecel and heavy metal stuff and detoxing and enemas. So then when started going for hormone estrogen blocker it shot off and grew very quickly I have been having horrible hot flashes and night sweats for the past three years. I feel good and have energy but the misery of the skin on my breast is getting scary along with the size now. Please help please!

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First things first, protocol has never really worked, in fact vitamin C actually worked better if taken frequently enough, but there record is still bad unless it is taken with other antioxidants. It has poor record.

Estrogen blockers don't work because once the blockers are not present, there is a huge estrogen overload in the body that is unblocked, The only way is there is less estrogen in the body, especially not eating canned foods, plastic packaging, and removing all estrogen containing products, and that's usually not practical.

In alternative medicine, at least what I experienced, breast cancer is supposed to be the easiest of all cancer to treat. Mammography has high x ray radiation, and it causes cancer, so do chest x rays. Most cancer SPREADS during the treatment of cancer within 1 week to metastatic, either chemotherapy or radiation. Surgery bruises and cuts, allows cancer to spread along damage tissues. Its the same for chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This is what I experience, and this is what is mentioned by Edgar Cayce almost 100 years ago.

The first thing is to get a blood glucose meter, and control the blood sugar. You will be surprised when the blood sugar rises, such as constipation, a little sugar, stress, light and heavy exercise of all kinds, the fact that you are eating food, and other surprises. What you have to understand is stress can be caused by a flu, psychological stress, and other things. Once stress is there it causes blood sugar to be very high, even if you didn't eat anything, such as seeing a doctor you don't like. But once you know stress, not only have to deal with them psychologically but biochemically also, such as B3 niacinamide, melatonin and DHEA 25 mg. These three things are taken throughout the day to lower blood sugar spikes, It is the spikes that cause cancer to spread plus the fact that 97% of people are diabetic, by my definition (for cancer victims) it means over 90 mg/dL.

There are two measures of blood sugar, fasting blood sugar. This is the most useless measures if you have cancer, it just determines whether you are diabetic or not. The second measures is most useful, it is after meals 1 hour or 2 hour, and it must be below 100 mg/dL, preferably in the low 90s mg/dL. The blood sugar should return to normal in 2 hours after meals to 3 hours, and must be below 90 mg/dL.

The blood sugar should be normal when you are asleep or resting, blood sugar will tend to rise during the morning hours, especially with meals. The only part of the day that doesn't seem to cause a blood sugar to rise is in the middle of the day.

The common ways of killing the cancer cells is during early morning hours and late afternoon to evening, assuming you don't eat at that time, and chemotherapy is performed during those hours. Around before 6 am, and after 5 or 6 pm. But then most doctors don't notice that pattern.

The remedies I use that always have been successful, but I do have variations from case to case, is that I go under the theory of cancer being caused by a virus. I agree with Dr. Raymond Rife, when he examined cancer cells to be of a virus. Now cancer cells can be from radiation, chemotherapy, and car accident victim, when the body is most stressed as stress raises blood sugar, high blood sugar, your immune system is turned off. The same if you eat sweets and your colds is worse off. I made a promise when I was in high school that if I found the cure for cold, I found the cure (basically) for cancer. The other causes can be fungus and other issues for sure, but these are relatively benign unless provoked. Sure there are other theories that it can be caused by a fungus and have some success, but most cases are viral, a well known one is hepatitis virus leads to cancer.

The most effective remedy for stopping any cancer within 3 days, is always the lysine, 1/3 teaspoon, threonine 1/4 teaspoon, N acetyl cysteine 1/8 teaspoon every hour for 4 hours in the morning and another rounds in the evening, for three days. Thereafter, the required three days lysine, threonine, N acetyl cysteine is required to be taken every hour for four hours for a month.

You have to understand that chemotherapy or protocel (alternative medicine) falls into the same trap. They're driven by money, either way, they are profitable because they are not available in your drugstore or supermarket counter, such as lysine, zinc, etc. In fact lysine, and others are in fact more effective.

Expect in some cases to have a reaction if using lysine, etc, in the immune responses, such as sweating, chills, etc. for the first 2 days. It's basically your immune system attacking the virus. The virus will then reduce their spread and remain concentrate and create a shell to protect it, more like hard tumors but narrower.

The iodine Lugol's will basically kill cancer, but then also tannic acid, red wine extract, wasabi, broccoli, etc. For lugols you can take as much as you want as long as there is no side effects. For some reason, there is a basic cancer test that I also sometimes use. If the person has cancer, they can easily tolerate 10 drops of lugols, if you don't have cancer 10 drops will cause nausea! The reason is that growing cancer cells tend to uptake a lot of nutrients into the system, but lugol's or wasabi, for example causes them to go into a suicide for the cancer cells. There is the digestive enzymes that breaks down cancer cells too, done by Dr. Kelley,

The one thing cancer you don't want to feed is the sugar, fructose (found in fruits), glucose, ribose, including artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame.

The other thing is you have to resolve your deficiencies because that leads to cancer as the white blood cells cannot mount effective defense if not given the proper nutrients such as zinc acetate, selenium, and magnesium being the common ones. There are immune modulators that helped find cancer, such as, indole 3 carbinol, shark liver oil, homeopathic snakes venom, crocodile blood, and others, the easiest is probably beta glucan. There is typhoid vaccines that also seem to help provided that no mercury thimerosal is added.

To get sugar under control, requires two major supplements, gymnema sylvestre 400 mg twice a day, and chromium chloride solution 10% ten drops twice a day. Now i don't know about chromium picolinate since I get complaints of shaking hands and all that, so I just stick with chromium chloride.

I'm sure you have questions but you have to understand that my emails is flooded, but will usually answer the desperate ones or whatever subject my research is currently doing.


Replied by S

What is going to get rid of horrible rash and take tumor away after u kill cancer cells. Is there anything I can put on rash or will all this just disappear over time?

What about hot flashes?

What do u mean about immune modulators that find cancer, to take or not to take?

Are u saying not to eat in evening after 6 pm when u start the lysine and other stuff? Does this mean don't eat no complex carbs also and being type o positive blood type do I eat meat?

Thank you for your advice, I'm excited."

03/24/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Rash is the toxin trying to get released onto the skin as the organs getting rid of it. Bentonite clay wet solution is applied on the skin and fan dried, and rinse. Repeat it at least three times. It will remove the rash. Then follow by vitamin E ointment to prevent drying.

Hot flashes will be eliminated (mostly) with 25 mg of DHEA, 10 mg of melatonin at night, and 10 mg of melatonin during the morning, 5 mg in noon time, and 5 mg in afternoon. The melatonin also has strong anti-cancer properties too mostly from eliminating blood sugar spikes during the meal and hence is taken with meal. Vitamin E 200 iu is another that may eliminate some of the hot flashes. Hot flashes are caused by estrogen and basically the melatonin binds to the estrogen. So if breast cancer is estrogen dependent, melatonin is the best there is to bind to it, limiting growth of the estrogen dependent breast cancer. A lot of remedies such as melatonin and DHEA, for example actually work 10 times better then chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. There might be a few exceptions, but they generally work even better then protocel, because we are deficient in melatonin, progesterone and other hormones which cause cancer to grow.