Decreased Platelets and Stage Iv Breast Cancer

Posted by C on 10/20/2008


I have stage IV breast cancer and my platelets have decreased alarmingly. We are not sure why just yet, I was on Xeloda but stopped about 3 weeks ago, hoping that the platelets would rise. They didn't. I'm seeing a haematologist next week and will probably have a bone marrow biopsy as the oncologist thinks I may have bone marrow mets. I was wondering if Blackstrap Molasses can be utilised to help build the platelets, or do you have any other ideas.

Thanking You

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Dear C:

Low platelets is relatively common in cancer, regardless of the location of the tumor, whether they be cervical, pelvic, bone or breast cancer. When the body suffers cancer, and there are many theories as to the cause, such as virus or fungal nature, the blood cells get destroyed faster than they are produced, which is destroyed deep in the bone marrow.

A couple of problems is encountered when this happens, one is thickening of blood (noticeable varicose veins), which leads to blood clot and hence platelets die much quicker from lack of circulation and hence, less oxygen for the cells to survive.

The second is liver obstruction, which comes from blood cells dying quickly and liver becomes toxic.

The third is metabolic acidosis, usually from artificial sweeteners that produces methanol and formaldehyde, leading to fast blood cells death.

The fourth is the infective viral nature or fungal nature of the cancer. A viral nature is often referred to as oncovirus and this is why they spread so quickly. Both the viral and fungal nature responds well to alkaline remedies, such as baking soda, sodium carbonate, lemon and baking soda, etc.

The fifth I found is that based on infrared photography or another photography technique that checks for heat coming out of the body traces the bacteria toxins to originate mostly from the bacteria in the teeth, such as wisdom teeth, but sometimes it's the ear infection or long term sinus issues.

This is shown very clearly in x-ray of the teeth or the skull in which bacteria, viruses and pathogens in introduced and is often located at the same side in which the breast cancer is found. For example, the gums is damaged on the left side then the breast cancer shows itself on the same side. Therefore one way to at least reduce this immune issue is to get the gums and teeth cleaned of any bacteria since these tend to obstruct they lymph node and causes bacterial accumulation.

It is therefore of no surprise that most people with cancer have salivary pH either too high or too low in the range of pH of 7. Bacteria death if in excess leads to ammonia gas, causing the pH to be too high, but too low is often ripe for most virus and bacteria growth especially if salivary pH is below 6.5. For me a salivary pH of 6.8 or below is often problems about the immune system. Raising the pH of the saliva often requires potassium bicarbonate 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water twice a day. A urinary pH below 6.5, where most cancer the pH are often below 5.5. and made much more acid with aspartame (due to formaldehyde which is released after ingestion the next day or two), tends to further aggravate the metabolic acidosis. The common ways to raise the urinary pH is baking soda quite often is 1/2 teaspoon three times a day.

In most cases increasing the blood platelets is relatively straightforward and has worked well with me before, it's the use of chlorophyll, often it's 1/8 teaspoon mixed in water taken twice or three times a day. The paleness of the skin is often gone within the next week or two. The chlorophyll in many ways are similar to the hemoglobin, except that magnesium is found in chlorophyll instead of the iron. Therefore a chlorophyll supplements with a small amount of iron supplements, will help. However, most foods we eat generally have iron and sometimes taking more can lead to problems especially blood clot. Should there be some signs of blood clot several remedies was used, either one is o.k. such as vitamin E, aspirin, but my favorite is disodium EDTA or another form tetra Sodium EDTA. Disodium EDTA is actually used in very tiny amounts much less then that used or sold commercially over the internet, using only a tiny sprinkle mixed in 1/2 glass of water whenever blood circulation, veins popping out, varicose veins become noticeable, then the dose I used averages between 10-50 mg, which is well below most commercial oral EDTA. The blood clots often stops within less than half an hour. Vitamin E takes awhile longer, but aspirin is slower than EDTA which take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour before circulation is restored.

In any event, if condition of taking just the chlorophyll didn't had noticeable rise in blood platelets, after a week of supplementation, then I think some iron supplements with chlorophyll maybe needed.

Quite often the marrow issue is a common problem in cancer conditions, however, it helps a lot to decrease constipation, remove liver obstruction, since one problem of cancer is the issue of auto toxification. And sea salt is another frequent supplements that is required to help restore blood circulation and blood platelets as it has a cleansing effect, much like a saline IV injection, especially if the person has low blood pressure. This is often the case in cancer people because of low blood platelets leads to low blood pressure and hence the needed sea salt supplements. The usual dose is 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water maybe at least once or twice a day. The more agressive the cancer, the more sea salt that is needed but the less agressive needs less sea salt to cleanses ouf toxins from the body. Granulated lecithin helps remove fat soluble toxins, and one tablespoon is often taken 30 minutes before meals and in more agressive cancer is taken also after meals one tablespoon for each meals. The lecithin is a fat emulsifier and removes liver obstruction and prevents liver cirrhosis, another common problem in some cancer where it spreads.

Whichever the start I think looking at the salivary pH and urinary pH is one measure of monitoring health, as well as signs of varicose veins as an indirect measure or clues of blood thickness. So going to dentist is one way to cleaning that areas in reducing the autotoxification, as well as preventing constipation. Two of my favorite supplements to prevent constipation is baking soda with potassium bicarboante and tamarin, seems to do a good job overall, with sufficient consistency at least.

Blackstrap mollasses contains iron and this can be added with plenty of water plus a plenty of chlorophyll is one alternative to raising the platelet count, and may take two weeks to notice any possible change. One easy way is whether the palness of the face is gone. A couple supplements to discourage bone marrow damage and hence less blood platelets are, the baking soda and lysine supplements. Lysine is about 500 or 600 mg is often taken 3 times a day. Magnesium, especially magnesium chloride, seems to have antiviral and hence anticancer properties which is why magnesium works well in reducing bone cancer pain. Iodine has similar antiviral properties, but I believe iodine trichloride or lithium iodide are the two which seems to work, especially the latter. I have to continue to update this findings as they come along. Since bone pain where viruses produces a lot of lactic acid it is why much larger amounts of baking soda is required to neutralize them and hence less pain. However, tumor produces lactic acid too, if pain is felt and it is why baking soda works to some extent on the tumor issues.

I am sure this is only partial answer and the issue of cancer are often much deeper than I present here, therefore these are just only the basic remedy.


Replied by Ac

Hi, Ted,

I tried your, asprin, Lysine & 1000 mg C every hour til bed. I dont have a test or dr to tell if it's working, but hopefully holding it of from getting worse. Open wound many layers deep, inches long. Really moist, tried clay to absorb. Seems to have unlimited moisture. May be hole deeper thats getting fluid from somewhere... could it be lymph?

Salineum, Dhea, red clover, iodine, yellowdock, cellfood for oxygen.

Tried the baking soda, lemon water - may be im not taking enough. Got ph to 7 and sometimes 7.5. I heard to get to 8 for 3days kills disease. I haven't quite gotten to that level yet. Eat mostly raw or steamed vegetables, mostly broc & califlower, zucchini, spinach salad with nutrional yeast & flax oil, seeds, chia. Nuts, eggs, cheese, avocado. Make kale / tomato protien drinks. No added carbs for a year, no meat, just salmon or shrimp sometimes.

Any suggestions of what else to do?

Thank you so much!

EC: So sorry, Ted had a stroke in June, 2015 and is not able to respond at this time.