Breast Cancer That Has Metastasized

Posted by Patty on 03/27/2009

Dear Ted
Thank you for all your advice on earth clinic
I have breast cancer metastatis to bones and am desperate for a cure.
I would like to try the Amistar.
Do I use the liquid form?
How many drops a day?
How many days , weeks etc should I use it?
How long have you been using this remedy?
How many people have been cured by it?

I know you are busy, but it scary to use something made for agricultural use .

God bless you and thank you again

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Patty:

Azoxystrobin, is brand whose Amistar is sold in liquid form. The drops is mixed in a 1/2 glass of water usually one to two drops three times a day. It's taken usually everyday. The remedy was used for a long time because the person who was exposed to two decades of black mold fungus that entered the system, creates aflatoxins causing the cancer. A secondary cancer becomes metastasis and BHT is taken to localized them. A bloodroot tincture will digest the tumor. That's taken for 3-4 drops a day in a glass of water three to four times a day. Those who used it seems to require them to keep their growth in remission otherwise they come back. However, the most common remedy I used has always been the sodium citrate and potassium citrate to alkalize and control the pain this way by neutralizing the lactic acid. Often the source of the breast camcer comes from an open sore or ulcers in the mouth such as cavities or wisdom tooth. There maybe a few cases where that doesn't exist but this I have seen to introduced a toxin into the system. The azoxystrobin comes from natural sources as a pine cone that keeps fungus out, but other innocous anti fungal remedies I also used including ammonium bicarbonate, such as 1/8 teaspoon in one half glass of water, and tetra sodium EDTA which seems to limit their growth by reducing free radical heavy metal. The dose of tetrasodium EDTA is 1/16 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water. Whatever the approach, baking soda and potassium is the primary means of controlling them, and H2O2 drops are also seen helpful in drying up the cancer and the tumor, but this seems to work best in the jaw and breast area. The H2O2 3% drops is 10 drop per glass of water, or simply 30 drops or 40 drops per liter of water, assuming of course that a glass is roughly 250 cc, so 1000 cc will get you 40 drops per liter of drinking water. It helps a lot when a person have cancer that 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt is added which seems to limit the cancer growth by raising the salinity and hence fungus in high salinity limits growth an reduce tumor size because of reduction in swollen cells are a few possbiliites. I can't make claims to anything as these are just my personal observations and experience and limited like most other people just the same.