Breast Cancer Metastasized Into Lymph Nodes

Posted by L (Anonymous) on 02/04/2012

Hi Ted; I don't know if you'll answer or not, however, I am going to try! It's been a very rough year, but what you'd be interested in is after having those 5 root canaled teeth extracted, and a lot of Vit C IV's and ozone for infections, I am now pain free. I do get stiff and mild pain, but mostly gone, especially in the hips.

Feb 10, I had a breast MRI, and they say I have metastasized cancer into the lymphs and they said I have spots on my abdomen. I have a weirdish pain in both breasts and arm pits and up the neck. I get welts and redness, mostly in my daily saunas.

I take a multi vitamin that does have calcium. I'm taking Vitmain D drops - right now 8 - 10 thousand per day to get my D serum levels to 200. I'm taking 20 drops of lugol's in the morning and 10 later, and another 10. I take alpha lipoic acid and NAC.

Should I be juicing? the mini beet protocol? MSM? OZONE IV's or injections? Vitamin C IV? DMSO IV's? What dosages in the IV's.? How many and which ones per week? Should I take MBlue? EDTA? I don't know what to do....

Can you help me? I'm pretty tired of fighting for my health, and pretty discouraged since my son died, however, I have this amazing daughter who really needs me.

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Bangkok, Thailand
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Should I be juicing?
Only vegetable juices, such as broccolli, carrots, green apples, and greens (lettuce), no fruits, no potatoes, absolutely no carbs.

the mini beet protocol?
No, this is controversial, I need to look further.

MSM is fine

OZONE IV's or injections?
Hydrogen peroxide 3% one to two capfuls in one liter, Drink every 30 minutes. Works the same IV or orally.

Vitamin C IV?
Vitamin C 250 to 500 mg, every hour works the same as IVs.

DMSO IV's? What dosages in the IV's?
Forget IVs, orally is 10 drops x 5 times a day. You can take more but only MSM.

Should I take MBlue? EDTA? I don't know what to do....
Yes, methylene blue 0.1% is taken during the day helps immune system, but must be taken with preferably tetrasodium EDTA, although disodium is acceptable, not the best. A 30 to 50% EDTA is given as drops, say 10 drops x 3 times a day is minimum dose to prevent metals from reacting and lowering the immune system.


Replied by L

But do I even have cancer Ted? MRI says one thing and biopsy says high grade DCIS (pre-cancer) with a small microinvasion and hemmoraging."

04/28/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Well the surest is biopsy not mri. But if you want to be surer than that your blood sugar of over 110 after 1 hour and a growing tumor, if surer you need a very powerful optical microscope to see these, which was destroyed 80 years ago. A sure way and dangerous way is to eat 1 banana and the tumor swells up and takes a week to normalize without any carbs, similar tests are possible with eating chocolates and ice cream. But it is generally not recommended anyway.

05/05/2012: L replies: "Just wanted to tell you that one hour ago I took the lemon and a heaping teaspoon bs, and just like the other 3 times I took it today, the PH won't budge beyond 6 and two hours later, it's back to 5. I have no idea how to make it stay up, because I am green juicing, green tea, filtered/bottled water, liver, and green salads. Don't know what else to do, but ever since I came to Vancouver first week in April, I've been having this problem with my PH. Probably just that I'm stressed."

05/05/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I have no idea how to make it stay up, because I am green juicing, green tea, filtered /bottled water, liver, and green salads

You have greater success in alkalizing with potassium citrate and sodium citrate, in extreme acidity situation. Sodium citrate is 1/2 teaspoon and potassium citrate 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water, maybe three times a day. The acidity is likely to be tumor's acidity from lactic acid, so the citrate form has a stronger alkalizing effect than the sodium bicarbonate form. It has to be taken after meals if in morning, but anytime if it is other part of the day.


05/05/2012: L replies: "Ted; Guess what? I started Ellagic Acid yesterday, and today I had 50 g Vit C IV and about 6 hours later I felt both breasts shrink... literally! I have lost a whole size at least... I guess I thought the increase over the last year or two was my weight. I don't pay enough attention. So tell me please, why did the swelling in not only the breasts but the arms, neck, and groin disappear??

What does this mean - that I've had probably several years of swelling?"

05/05/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The tumors try to spread along the lymph nodes, and they caused swelling. Once the tumor cells are decreased, the lymph nodes are eventually cleared normally. Ellagic acid is the major element I used to decrease both the blood sugar and kill tumors. Vitamin C may help as they appear to cancer cells like "glucose", and are taken up by the tumor cells as a trojan horse, but once inside the tumors, kill them from the inside out. You are lucky to have IV vitamin C, because there is no service that does that in most hospitals and clinic.


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Hey Ted, I was fine all day with a 4.9. Then I had steamed broccoli and carrots, and 1/4 cup (before cooking - it's on the low end of the medium glycemic index), and blood sugar went up to 5.9 or 106. Then I had 12 strawberries at 9 pm and at 10 pm- 7.4 or 133. 11pm it was 6.2 or 111.

I took 1/8 teaspoon (I have no idea how many mg that is or what the side effects are) of Gymnema, a 1/2 hour ago, and my blood sugar is 5.5 or 99.

I must say I was surprised 12 not sweet strawberries spike it, and I was surprised the gymnema brought it down so quickly. I am already a pin cushion from checking so frequent. L"

05/07/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You cannot rely much on the Glycemic index, as fructose is low on glycemic index also, but is the most dangerous of all sugar substances to cause cancer to grow quickly within about 2 hours. It is mostly a viral cause, and fructose is needed for viral RNA, so that's why. All you have to know is the following when treating cancer:

1. Blood sugar always goes up with anything if ANY food is taken in the morning hours.
2. The body handles quite well (the best) between 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm the blood sugar. Ideally the food is taken at these times is the best.
3. Exercise of any kind in the morning causes the blood sugar to go up, not down.
4. Blood sugar stays pretty much normal if light exercises are performed at 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
5. Glycemic index of sugar measurement is useless in cancer therapy. The most useful is the most simple: the carbohydrate, sugar, grains of any kind, even a little causes blood sugar to go up. The best thing to get glucose down, is glucose oxidase, but I always get this stuff confiscated, so I cannot perform the experiments. Therefore the best sugar control in the following order: gymnema, lysine, lecithin oil free (granulated), and chromium are the things that best control the blood sugar for cancer treatments.

6. The rife device using the ray tube will be needed to deactivate the viral cancer, but the tumor will stay, but blood sugar over 100 mg/dL will always make them grow. 90% of all cancer are viral, and it was Raymond Rife that mentioned that cancers are from a virus, of two kinds. The other 10% is fungus and chemical, and radiation.

7. I have a new standards, which is not over 100 mg/dL after eating 1 hour. If it goes beyond 1 hour, tumor will grow. Cancer will go into remission if blood glucose is below 90 mg/dL.

8. Cancer will grow if you take salt or sea salt. The reason is simple, the blood glucose is higher after taking them, but NOT FOR sodium bicarbonate. It does this by retention of fluids, where sugar is also retained, and sugar is needed by cancer.

9. IF you travel by plane a long distance CANCER WILL GROW. The reason is from radiation in the atmosphere. I had a friend who took Geiger counter on the plane through various destinations. The cancer grows by radiation and it is about 700 on his geiger counter up in the air, while Bangkok is about 80 on his geiger counter and China is about 200, and Korea is about 400. Japan is much higher and so does the U.S., due to nuclear tests performed in the 1950s, but don't know how much, haven't visited the U.S. However it was the gamma rays that cause cancer in plane trips, driving the immune system down, and may be responsible for the Economy Class Syndrome in planes, by lowering the immune system!!

Cancer cells do not get killed by radiation, it causes them to spread, whether by x rays, by plane travel, by chest x rays, or radon gas from the houses, or radiation treatment to kill cancer cells, it will likely kill health cells the most. Chemo and surgery cause the cancer to become metastatic in the first week in most cases. It's bound to be a failure in 97% of the cases.