Family with History of Cancer

Posted by Pritibrowneyes (Tampa, Florida, Usa) on 03/08/2010

Ted: I am 32 years old (mother of 3). On my mother's side of the family 6 of my mom's sisters have had breast cancer. Although none have died from the disease, 3 of them have had double mastectomies. In addition, one died of lung cancer (after decades of smoking) and my mother currently has colon cancer. It was recommended to me to have genetic testing done to see if I would eventually get the disease but I do not have health insurance so right now it is not an option. Also because I am only 32 years old, I do not qualify for 'free screenings' hosted by various women's organizations (you have to be over 40).

Are there any preventative measures I can take? Should I focus on alkalizing my ph or should I be taking some combination of vitamins and minerals? Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Hello. This is Merryanne in Centeral Fl,,,I do have some advise,,Please, take the next couple of hours and read all the research you find on 'Vitamin D3 Reach with Cancer' you will be amazed at the healing properties of D3,,,type that question into your Google and start reading,,,,you can make your on desion but I am on 5,000iu of D3 dayly and I am feeing GREAT and I have my aunt who is 73 on it also,,,Merryanne

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For preventive, and even if a person does have breast cancer I am having successes in at least stopping or reversing the breast cancer. Basically it's taking vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg x 4, 1 capful of hydrogen peroxide 3% per liter of drinking water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Lysine 1000 mg and aspirin 500 mg is taken hourly for six times only for 1-2 days. Most people with breast cancer have a terrible wisdom tooth where the lymphatic drainage goes to the breast. The metal wire in bras should be removed. It blocks circulation and is an antenna for picking up electromagnetic radiation unfavorable for the breast as this may be cancer causing from such exposure.

Mammography for tests can cause cancer from the high x ray radiation through that method. The more you check the more you will likely to get it. Hydrogen peroxide clears the lymphatic systems, thats why some people have a bad smelling pee on taking hydrogen peroxide a couple of days when starting this and the lymphatic swells dries up after a couple of days on the hydrogen peroxide. A maintenance dose of lysine is possible with 4000 mg per day as the bare minum dose in prevention, plus 4000 mg of sodium ascorbate in divided dose over the course of the day x4 for example at 1000 mg. It's best to take in hourly sequence. Works the best. Such as 1000 mg lysine plus 1000 mg vitamin C hourly for four hours. This is your basic breast cancer protocol for prevention and reversal.

It's important to avoid yogurt, calcium, tapioca, high calcium foods, take plenty of magnesium (as in magnesium chloride or trimagnesium citrate) which seems very helpful. A diseased lymphatic system is helped with a good 1.5% hydrogen peroxide used as a mouthwash for people with a bad wisdom teeth or cavities which drains to the lymphatic systems to the armpits and the breast. Sugar and oils from vegetable oils has to be completely avoided.

In Thailand where most people can't afford health insurance anyway but the worse thing that can happen is the conventional medical system simply doesn't work except such removal. It will never work in removing cancer if the cause is viral. Only works mostly if it's fungus. I believe it's fungus that's why it's not fatal, but can leave bone growth and fungal infections and some arthritis. However, a fungus caused cancer (from aflatotoxins) can be eliminated by borax supplementation at 1/8 teaspoon perhaps once a week as prevention and daily alkalization of baking soda after meals three times a day as the bare minimum in such prevention. The biggest enemy against the fungus is the alkaline, but in particular is the potassium, such as potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate. Baking soda also helps but nearly not as effective as potassium bicarbonate, in general both are taken, in various forms such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate are taken together. A stronger form longer lasting are the citrate forms. Avoid nitrite rich foods found in overcooked foods, grilled and fried. Cured meats heated are the worse and causes cancer.

Your genes pretty much won't mutate into cancer if homocysteine found in blood tests are kept low at 6 or less, through supplementation of trimethylglycine and choline in particular, as it provides proper methylation. To lesser extent will be folic acid and b12 since they are taken in much smaller quantities, so the body needs to have much more methyl donor taken in much greater quantities such as 4000 mg of trimethylglycine and perhaps choline at 1000 -2000 mg due to greater methyl donors in choline and hence less quantities are needed. I am sure there are several other issues. I had a case of a woman whose breast cancer was in the extremes both the breast swelled like a porn star and the lymph node swell in two armpits area and the pain goes all the way to the spinal column. It took two weeks to tame, but the breast were much smaller, much like a preteen woman, just through taking lysine, aspirin, vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide mostly. I later added tannic acid but at low dose of 1/4 teaspoon per liter of drinking water taken now and then to allow white blood cells to see them and an additional bloodroot tincture now and then, when it gets bad. In any event she did have a few flare ups, but mostly from eating bad food, alcohol, fruit juices, bananas, french fries, tapioca and potatoes. Fruit juices and bananas and pineapple are high in sugar, French fries, potatoes are high in calcium and yogurt and milk has to be avoided. This includes fried chickens and all vegetable oil laden food found in salad dressings as well. I am sure I havent quite cover everything, so this is just the highlights to breast cancer prevention and it's treatment, a basic summary