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An interesting Breast Cancer cure.

A local Thai woman with breast cancer, lymphatic swelling on both sides of the breast, with tumor growth on lower side of the breast about 3 inches and the pain is all over the chest area all over to the back and spinal column. The lymphatic swelling is around the armpits all the way to the spine. While this is a rare case on the fact that she didn't use standard chemotherapy, got breast removed, or lymphatic remove or even got radiation treatment which kills the thymus gland, located on the chest area, below the thyroid is responsible for the immune system. Therefore this, in my personal opinion, and I told her that the first time I met her, that it was easy to treat, in spite of the pain.

The remedy calls for (we have limited lysine here), 1000 mg of lysine hourly dose for a total of 6 hours, starting in early evening or late afternoon. The lysine was used to get the white blood cells to attack the tumor. It works this way: the lysine I used is a pure lysine hydrochloride, when taking internally it's not just the lysine that works by raising the immune system the invisible cloak of the tumor also gets their holes punched into the tumor cells. To make sure they DO get punched holes, the aspirin, dissolved in a cup of warm water, 500 mg is also taken hourly but at only four doses, and is taken only one day for just the aspirin. The lysine however is continued for over a month or so until they become dormant enough, which usually requires about 1 week of this remedy.

It should be noted that, magnesium chloride, or the newer one I am looking at (if i can ever get it) is the trimagnesium citrate, which is correct version of the magnesium citrate as it is more water soluble. In any event, a 70% solution of magnesium chloride is taken at 10 drops before meals three times a day should help with the muscle pain. A lymphatic clearing, is possible through the use of 1/2 caps at least of 3% H2O2 in one liter of drinking water throughout the day.

Initially the body will clear the lymphatic system by causing a stinking urine for a couple of days while it flushes out the lymphatic system of the cancer. So this is how the hydrogen peroxide works. It clears the lymphatic system.

When the white blood cells begin to attack the breast tumor, it will begin to cause the tumor to swell on the second day. However, on the third or fourth day onto the remedy it will begin to shrink. Before the week is out the cancer should become dormant, and small tumor is no longer spreading.

There was another one in late stage breast cancer, complete with breast removal, lymphatic removal, radiation treatment. The lady should have survived (26 years old) but the doctors killed her with overdose of morphine, and believe it or not the syringe was left sticking out on her when she died. When the remedy was started, the tumor did shrink including the large tumor growth on her head which was completely gone after the lysine supplement within 48 hours to 72 hours of starting it and the patient did recover, but for some reason it was the morphine that killed that patient. It is therefore best I believe to avoid morphine, if at all possible because I have seen too many deaths from morphine, rather than the cancer itself.

The other death is the blood clots that occur with chemotherapy treatment or the lactic acid that cause the pain from the tumor, which causes the blood clot. Therefore a simple yogurt,that has the lactic acid I have seen can bring cancer to metastasis. BHT usually controls that.

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That is quite the novel cancer treatment! I hadn't heard of lysine for that use before.

There was an interesting key Iodine Conference in 2007 in Coronado California that is only now becoming known.
Presenting there were several of the pioneers who have been quietly working up to decades to rediscover what was known, except for details, over 50-75 years ago!

Here is a site, one of many on Iodine, which gives a protocol for using Iodine for breast cancer:

That key 2007 conference referenced is in fact the one summarized in a very good slideshow someone posted at www.scribd.com (no membership or password required):


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Can you please contact me with information on where the lysine treatment in Thailand was performed. Thanks!

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I would be interested to know where this treatment is available in Bangkok and any contact details.

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Can the probiotics (kefir) cause problems for the breast cancer since this has lactic acid?

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Ted - you mention yogurt is bad at the end of your post. Also what is BHT? thanks.