DMSO, Etc. Breast Cancer Treatments

Posted by S (Texas) on 06/29/2012

Hello Sir, The reason for my contacting you, is that two years ago now, I was diagnosed with aggressive invasive breast cancer of the right breast. No spread to lymph nodes at that point. I agreed to have lumpectomy. Within just a couple of months, the tumor returned to the same area and has grown even larger. (measuring about the size of a baseball). When the lump was removed the first time, after only using a change in diet and nutritional supplements, the blood work came back showing the tumor to be dead. I was extremely pleased, as you can imagine. Unfortunately that didn't last. Admittedly, I left off my strict diet and supplements too soon.

Currently, I am back on a no sugar diet, no carbs, (didn't realize fruits were a problem until this past week), so they are being eliminated also. Doing lots of juicing (I have my own greenhouse!) Also doing 100gms of vitamin c IV twice weekly, which includes high doses of B12 and potassium. I have done this protocol for about a month now. Over the past week or so, I have noticed the tumor as begun to swell, almost to the point of breaking through the skin! I'm getting very concerned about this possibility. I was reading that you recommend butyric acid, dmso & aloe vera to shrink tumors, is that correct? I have tried to research where to get butyric acid and there are several kinds. I was wondering if you might clarify what I should look for? Is it a salt or a liquid? (ie. n-butyric acid or sodium benonate, etc?) Also, I'm currently using DMSO and Lugol's iodine topically. Was helping, but now doesnt seem to be doing much.

I take thyroid supplements, vit D3 in large amounts, B17 3 x daily, magnesium, lots of enzymes and high doses of chlorella for mercury fillings I have. Have had all root canals removed, but dentist says I'm too weak in my immune system to have mercury removed safely. A doctor I work with also had me injecting DMSO and hydrochloric acid directly into the tumor itself daily (very painful but I have been doing it). I think this may be the causing of the swelling?? Possibly?? As it seems like when I do the shots it immediately swells. I have some light swelling under my arm as well. I also am in the process of doing a Universal vaccine that is specifically created to fight my own cancer, using a dairy animal that is being injected with my blood to create antibodies that should help to fight off my cancer. Thank you for your time and God bless you for the work you are doing here.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The hydrochloric acid injected definitely caused the tumor to swell. There is a much better chance with digestive enzymes without the pain and swelling however. Butyric acid can be in the form of sodium butyrate or butyric acid, the timing of it is important. B12 doesn't have to be injected. Its therapeutic effect is the same, you see 1000 mcg of B12 is injected so you need ten 100 mcg pills of B12 to equal that. Most Bs, B complex works against cancer just fine, so a combination is the best B1, B2, B3, etc.

The homeopathic that uses cancer prepared for your cancer also works and Cow with colostrum prepared for breast cancer also helps.

The most important measure is blood sugar, less then 90 mg/dL is preferable, do not get above 100 mg/dL, or tumor is growing. The one indicator if cancer is "inactivated" is the blood sugar, it doesn't get out of control in the morning even if there is no food! The cancer produces some chemicals that cause that, the research is silent on this but it seems to be cytokine and liver related, hyperinsulin is driving cancer cells to grow, so the fact that if you use insulin potentiating therapy, really you are digging yourself to an early grave, usually it doesn't work because most cancer patients I see have hyperinsulinemia, which helps cancer uptake of sugar.