Budget Breast Cancer Remedies

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/16/2011

Hi Ted, I've just been reading some of your posts on the earth clinic site. I am fighting breast cancer. I found it last March after mild flu like symptoms escalated into extremely high blood pressure with no previous problems with it. I thought at the time I went to the emergency room that I'd slept on the couch wrong while so ill and tired and had a swelling in my glands under my left arm. I felt a huge tumor there the next day, after being sent home with useless pills for the high blood pressure, after numerous tests showed no obvious explanations for my symptoms. I didn't bother to tell the doctor about the tumor, after ice packing and heat packs brought the swelling down so I could feel the huge mass. I started researching and praying for answers. I found the cancertutor site and went on their cancer diet for 3 1/2 months, after that I modified it to include some more things from Budwig and Bill Henderson's plans.

I used Budwig's mixture and ate at least 90% raw. I took a vitamin green phyto mix and turmeric, D3, and glutathione and alpha lipoic acid and several other things. My thermography in Dec 2010 showed a dead tumor, which shrunk down to about walnut size. But this summer, after weeks of too much stress, bad food, no juicing or Budwig's for almost 5 weeks, it grew back and became extremely painful. So since mid August, I've been trying to get it back down. I have gathered the things for making liposomal Vit C and am wondering what you think of it. I would like to make liposomal turmeric as well, possibly with castor oil. Do you know of any recipes for liposomal blends? I have never used DSMO and am wanting to try it. Does it combine well with the Budwig's and vit C?

I could also really use your updated cancer protocol list. I built my own protocol after doing a crash course of study based on internet and some books I ordered like the Budwigs and Bill Henderson. I've never tested the cancer to see what it is, and only get Navarro testing and thermography. I haven't done either one in a long time, and am sick that I let this happen again. This time I'm staying on a maintenance regimen of supplements for at least two years. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm very low budget, but save up and get what I can when I can, trying always for the best quality I can afford. I don't see any doctors, not since a year ago March. I also don't have any natural doctors or other support person other than a Maximized Living Chiropractor. If you could send me your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for posting the information, some was new to me and well-timed in my case as I try to build my protocol again and get this gone fast. It hurts like crazy and I don't use anything but apricot seeds for pain. Hope to hear from you, thanks again.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If you have a very low budget, I would try these: lysine, ginger tea, get yourself out of carb diets, especially the sugar, B3 niacinamide (never niacin), threonine, Lugol's iodine, and reishi mushroom (ling zhi), and if you can sabah snake grass and bromelain 10%. DMSO has two formulas used by me, DMSO castor oil (50/50) and DMSO aloe vera oil butyric acid (1/3:1/3:1/3). The last one stinks so is applied at night.

The primary cause of cancer is sugar from fructose that you must avoid, and second is sugar and artificial sugars.

Melatonin is great in cancer, if you can handle the larger dose 5 mg each meal, and 10 mg before sleep. You can follow the instructions in other areas of the site concerning this, or you can inquire about specific things. In fact the reason why Marijuana works is the THC content. You don't need marijuana, but it raises the body's melatonin by 4000% in 2 hours. That's why it is anticancer. So the easy way is take melatonin as THC destroys your brain in the long run.


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Thank you for your help, Ted. I am going to try the 50/50 mix of castor oil and DMSO. Should this be put directly over where the tumor is on the breast area? The tumor is very large. How much should be used at a time and is this once a day? I do use Lugol's and ginger, and have purchased the niacinamide just recently. I am now making Vitamin C in the lypospheric form with baking soda to take as well. Does the castor oil and DMSO blend together with just stirring or does it also need mixing with the ultrasonic machine? Thanks so much for your help, this area of treatment is hard to find answers for. Should the Vitamin C be taken as a separate protocol from the DMSO or can they be used together? I will increase my melatonin to your suggestion as well. I take pills of this, as marijuana is illegal here, and causes dysfunction of thought processes which would interfere with my studies and ability to perform tasks. God Bless."

10/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes DMSO/castor oil is applied over the tumor area. You might consider putting more DMSO after that with aloe oil. It helps if you can get clove oil and put 2-5 drops per 2 liter of water as your drinking water. The water will help your energy level to kill the tumor. You must apply DMSO/castor oil at least 6 times a day or more, if it gets irritating aloe oil will resolve this (and reduce frequency of dose). Yes castor oil and DMSO blends nicely. Actually castor oil can mix 1/3 and 2/3 DMSO, is the ideal mix, but 1/2 mix is fine. They can be used together.

Melatonin works better than marijuana for sure and I don't advocate such use also, it is damaging and causes bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. but it can be cured with hourly lysine. And try to get reishi mushroom tea or any form, it helps a lot as it contains germanium, the component in Lourdes water that cures cancer, and it works across generally all cancer.