How to Treat Skin W/ Metastatic Cancer

Posted by Daughter (Anonymous) on 12/16/2011

Dear Ted, My Mothers breast cancer has progressed. She has been on chemo and radiation for many years. I have had her on a good diet w/ no sugar for years. I have her, as much as I can on high vit C, low wheat, sugar and bromelain and many other vitamins and nutrition supplements. I think that has saved her life longer. She believes in only conventional medicine so my hands have been somewhat tied. She might not be up to taking many more new things.

My question now is: The lymphs on the left side were destroyed and there is not much use of the left arm from swelling and spreading into the left leg. They say the cancer is eating all the skin and it will not re-grow.

She has lost almost all the skin on the left arm and part of the left side of her body is quite crusted with sores. It is very red and raw and must be wrapped by nurses every day. She still wants to live and be active.

I made a DMSO spray... diluted 70% DMSO/ 30%water... then 1/2 Aloe Vera... a few drops of organic lavender and a couple drops of organic clove. but I was not able to do this every day... but used the whole bottle of spray. I would like to continue... but can you put this DMSO solution on raw tissue? Do you think this will help or can you think of anything /remedy/ideas better to use under bandages? The nurses are worried about infection.

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Replied by Ted
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Yes, you can cover with vaseline after DMSO, and some aloe oil and vitamin E is applied to accelerate healing. If DMSO is mixed with just 1% hyaluronic acid that may limit cancer spread to the skin too. Colloidal silver may also help wound repair and can be sprayed as DMSO and colloidal silver.

As far as lumps of lymph nodes it is the congestion of cancer cell tissue, bromelain may help. To control blood sugar the following supplements have proved most useful: NAC, lysine, chromium, and if vanadium is taken, ginger tea is necessary.