Ted's Opinion on Medical Cannabis for Breast Cancer?

Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 04/09/2015

Hi Ted;

I am a 68 year old female with breast cancer in both breasts. Normal weight, 146, 5'2. Eating and exercise habits have not been great in the last few years.

I live in CA USA, where medical cannabis is legal. I want your opinion on the use, dosage and in what form to take this as a cure for cancer. I intend to have the tumors removed but refuse chemo and radiation. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Cannabis stimulates melatonin by about 1000%, but long term use, such as over a year, leads to decreased brain function. I think part of its anti-cancer properties is due to melatonin increase. It is fine for such use. THC is the active ingredients for anti-cancer properties. Since cannabis is illegal in my country, I don't have experience in such use. But you can find it on YouTube on marijuana cancer as the search word.