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Posted by Anoymous (Anoymous) on 07/05/2011

Hi I am a 51 year old female (110 lbs) and some days I feel full of energy and other days I feel like I am falling apart. I have been dealing with yeast infections, mild allergy symptoms (sinus congestion most mornings) and skin coloured bumps on cheeks, forehead for approximately 4 years now. It appears it all came about while going through menopause. The bumps on face never go away. And I literally mean NEVER. They are not visible unless close-up or in direct sunlight but I always see them. I have seen a dermatologist who diagnosed it as a hormonal imbalance and referred to them as closed comedones. She put me on retin-A which I stopped using.
I saw a naturopath who thought it could be candida. I did a cleanse and the candida diet but saw no improvement at that time. I have tried all kinds of natural remedies and supplements. I should also note I have taken bcp for many many years and finally discontinued them around the time of these symptoms. Sometimes I feel better than others - but symptoms always seem to return. I had been diagnosed with fibromylagia approximately 20 years ago (after car accident) and these symptoms seem to come and go depending on my diet and stress.

I am currently doing the following: oil pulling every morning/ baking soda and ACV in water every morning/ vitamin supplement / liquid magnesium chloride in water / vitamin b complex 3-4 days per week / coenzyme10 (100 mg per day / evening primrose oil softgel 1x/day / seabuckthorn softgel 1x/day / tsp flaxseed with oatmeal each morning plus small tsp of coconut oil in oatmeal. Aloe vera juice once a day. I was eating yogourt with blueberries every day. Stopped a month ago trying to cut back on dairy.

Yeast infection returned so I will be returning to my probiotic yogourt every day. I try to eat healthy but always end up craving sweets. I was told when I was young to be careful because diabetes runs in the family. I do not know if I have some kind of disease related to diabetes or not. Would it not show up on bloodwork? I was also suggested to use glycolic acid cream 4% for face by an esthetician. Has been over a month using and no significant difference.

I should also mention I have been dealing with receding gums and my dentist warns me I may need to see a periodontist (tried bee propolis but doesn't help the worst area of root exposure). My last blood work showed slightly high cholesterol levels and high B-12 levels. Otherwise, everything else was fine (other than hormone levels showed I was in range of post-menopausal.) I have been told in the past I had rosacea but most of the redness is gone now so could have been menopausal symptoms; and a lady at a spa two years ago inferred it is sun damage.

I don't know if I am dealing with a variety of issues or most of my problems stem from one main issue. I am not comfortable experimenting on myself with all different products and supplements in case I do more damage. I need someone who can diagnose me and give me a strict regime to follow so I can help myself instead of making matters worse. I was considering taking borax with my baking soda in the AM but feel I have done so many different things already. I need to find a regime that I feel confident in and stick with it.

Thanks to all who may have any experience with my particular issues. The frustration and lack of self-esteem is not healthy and distracts from enjoying my life and my family. And... The years are slipping by while I keep trying to find a cause and a cure... God bless to all of you who are struggling with similiar issues.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Ted responds to Anonymous:
"Fibromylagia approximately 20 years ago, is a viral issue. It is easily dealt with is lysine and threonine. The lysine is taken 1/4 teaspoon and 1/3 teaspoon of threonine. The schedule fixed is to do hourly dose for four hours, and just once before bedtime. Probably got some sort of Epstein Barr from accident by surgery. The receding gum I seen all the time a lot to do with lysine deficiency. The candida is one of the effects of fluoridation of water supply and chlorination both of these are absorbed by shower and enter transdermally, and it gets rid of the boron. The boron is a required minerals in getting rid of fungus, in broad term. If I want a fix schedule then it is 1/8 teaspoon in drinking water for a week and two days off. A hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful in one liter of water is used as a drinking water for 4 days out of 7 days, that means a two day off. The sugar craving is easily handled by incorporating glutamine to be taken everyday, and is 1/3 teaspoon 4 times a day, and one at night mixed with the lysine and threonine supplement.

If done for a month, this should be definite improvement, but I haven't yet covered other issues as fibromyalgia is the most pressing issue.


Anonymous replies:
"Hi Ted,
Thanks so much for your reply. I will incorporate these supplements into my daily routine and give it a month at least to see if there is improvement. I was wondering though if you could give your professional opinion if any of these deficiencies are related to the facial problems I have been dealing with for the last 4 years or if it is quite possible that it is a result of sun damage. They look very much like solar comedones and since the dermatologist referred to them as closed comedones it may be simply damage from too much UV radiation throughout my lifetime (I am currently 51 years of age). If this is the case, are there any natural remedies you would recommend or is this something that requires surgery?
Thanks again for all your help. I greatly appreciate your time as I am aware you are very busy."

Ted responds to Anonymous:
"The UV damage may lessen with antioxidants, such as lycopene. But the comedome that plug up might be removed physically with some thick oils such as castor oil. Hydrogen peroxide 3% can be diluted to 1% to prevent new formations of acne, blackheads and comedones. But for existing ones, bromelain (pineapple enzyme) and digestive enzymes taken more a day as possible will usually digest these clogged pores in a month. It is due to too much fats in vegetable oils, potato chips, and other rich foods. If not then it is something to do with various deficiencies of antioxidant, particularly zinc acetate, and selenium yeast. The zinc acetate is 25 mg taken only a week and selenium yeast 200 mcg x 2. I can use B3 niacinamide with some water to the face to remove some also and it can be taken 300 to 500 mg at night, dose varies. This should help.