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Skin Ailments

Posted by Alex (California) on 06/25/2007

Ted, I found your ACV remedies on Earth Clinic. Since birth, I have suffered for an array of skin related ailments, to many to mention. The most interesting one is when under too much stress, the right side of my face swells us, it starts with a canker sore in the inside of my mouth, follow by a sold sore on the corner of my mouth. The Doctor's say there is no cure or treatment. In my twenties I found out through a scratch test that I am allergic to tree/plant that grows out of the ground, which the Doctor's tell me is the reason why I am always tired. I was given medicine to treat. All my life, my hair never grew, I could cut a couple of inches off and it would take over a year to grow back. I was told it was just dandruff interfering with the growth process. I insisted the Doctors dig further into the issue, they then found folliculitis, and after taking medicine for over 7 years, I had no re-growth. Then they found Lichen Planus with scar tissue damage, which I have to shampoo with special soap. They say there is no cure. I still suffer from tight skin, pain, quarter size growths on my scalp with no hair growth. In my thirties, I was diagnosed with fibroids, and have to have surgery; they removed a 6 centimeter growth from my uterus. Year and a half later I was diagnosed with a fast moving cervical cancer- adenocarcinoma. A hysterectomy followed. Twice in my life I gained more than 30 pounds in a 1 month span without having a significant change in diet which I still carry today. I was told it was due to depression - given medication that I had a severe allergic reaction to that put me in the hospital. Then I was told the weight gain was due to low thyroid - also given medication at a very low dosage. Then one Dr. told me the weight gain was due to a being insulin resistance (adult diabetes runs in my family). I cut out fried food, sugar, soda and fat. I suffer from medicine sensitivity, so if medicine has 10 side effects, I will suffer from 9 of them. I am tired of pills and filling sick, so for two years now I have been researching ways to help deal with the issues I suffer from. Through research I learned that adenocarcinoma can be made up of 60% mucus and after reading a book my aunt gave by, Stanley Burroughs book "The Master Cleanser" I am convinced that I need to detoxify my system. While searching the best way to detox, I found the Earth Clinic site. I tried the AVC with baking soda remedy for 7 days and I immediately had increase energy. As long as I can remember, I have had little white hairs all over my tongue, and they are gone from the tip of the tongue. Bad breath is gone also. I also noticed that I do not wake up choking every morning on a massive size of yellow mucus. I still have mucus I need to spit up in the morning but is it clear and not as large. For that same time frame I mixed the Aloe, Tea Tree and Lavender and put it on my scalp overnight, the tightness of my skin is gone and the growths under my the skin on my scalp are shrinking. Before I start into a long term program of AVC and the other remedies I found on the site. I wanted your opinion on what I should try. Should I try an oil pulling? Or maybe I should switch to using lemon or lime juice with baking soda. Should I add sodium ascorbate to a daily plan? I currently take the below: Biotin 5 mg daily - for hair and nails Calcium 1200 mg and Vitamin D 800 ui - for bone health Spirulina 1/4 teaspoon twice a day - for Antioxidants I know you get a lot of email and your time is valuable Any advice you have to give would be greatly appreciated. I review everything with my DR. and he is on board with me continuing the remedies. Other the years I have had many blood test (short of vitamin deficiency) and my levels for everything are always within normal range.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Thank you for the feedback. ACV and baking soda is the basics toward recovery. Baking soda and lemon(or lime) is the other one. I would prefer to take them on alternate days, if possible to derive the greatest benefit, while avoiding calcium supplements as those works against both of the remedies which was designed to reduce excess serum calcium which clogs up the system (lymph nodes, glandular function) since nanobacteria tends to form calcium shells, and when in excess it just clogs up the system much like a major plumbing problem. The remedies I made were made to clear that issue, especially the baking soda and lemon (lime) remedies.

Most blood tests will not reveal much, it is more fruitful, in my experience, to do a hair mineral analysis. However a pattern quite often emerges, usually too much calcium, no lithium, not enough molybdenum, not enough magnesium, and usually low levels of zinc. Based on your supplements, I would not take calcium as it is way too high in the diets and they tend to clog up the system and reduce energy levels, cause hormonal problems and a lot of cells lost a lot of energy trying to get rid of it. I would rather replace those instead with 250 mg of magnesium citrate taken 5 days out of a week. Those will help. Using iodine drops as a mouthwash, not only just help kill the bacteria, it also provides iodine needed indirectly. I prefer the colorless iodine, but usually its 5 drops in 1/2 glass of water for example. Oil pulling are useful, but I would prefer to stick with getting urinary pH to 7.0, and this is the key to the recovery whenever I am sick with a long range of conditions. Quite often too much calcium and acidosis are the two major culprit. The reason why alkalization is so important is it clears the bowels and detox automatically whenever the body is sufficient alkalizing without the necessity to just look at the bowel cleansing alone, but cleanse the entire body. As you know most alkaline substance, as simple as baking soda, is has a slight soap which not only cleanses the intestines but it cleanses the entire body. Therefore, it is why getting a urinary pH to 7 is the key to entire body cleanse. My aims for urinary pH are actually modest when achieving 7.0, however, in practice the ideal optimum is much closer to urinary pH is about 7.35 where the urinary pH and the blood pH is exactly the same, and exists in equlibrium that the body functions the best. The key, to achieving that level is actually the lemon (or lime) and bicarbonate remedy that can do that, but I imagine it to be taken at least twice a day. Those should cleanse the excess serum calcium levels, once the calcium in tissues are reduced, the glands functions optimally and the body should be easily restored to homeostasis.

The other important issue is heavy metals, which chlorella supplements taken now and then such as 4-5 days out of a week should help remove whatever that is blocking the system from normal function. Heavy metals tend to have a charge which sticks to cells and accumulate over the lifetime can both heavy metals, excess calcium and acidosis, can lead to a cancer like state that you have just mentioned.

The issue of swelling on one side of face in my experience can either be due to parasites (nanobacteria) or a virus which resides in the body. The gentlest remedy is I think I might consider is zinc gluconate 50 mg taken usually once a week for only a couple of weeks are usually sufficient. There are supplements I have had in mind that is quite effective, but I prefer to do the simplest ones first before going towards a heavy duty remedy. Canker sores you mentioned are likely to be whenever the body lacks magnesium, zinc and alkalinity which often resulted from a short term constipation (did not have regular bowel movements in the morning) can often lead to canker sores. When the body is acidosis, there is something not often mentioned in that excess microbes in the body can also cause circulatory problems as they create sticky biofilms which tends to cause uneven circulation. Those have a peculiar weaknesses and can be reduced, from N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg/day, plus magnesium citrate 250 mg (calcium makes it worse), and zinc gluoconate 50 mg. Finally one tablespoon a day of granulated powdered lecithin taking along with food is another minimum basic remedies that are needed for the body to detoxify excess oils and fats that tends to accumulate. If too much the liver have too much fats to normally detoxify the body.

If there is any more detoxification, it would be toxic chemicals that accumulate in the body. So for that remedy I would imagine a 6 drops 3% H2O2 food grade in 1 glass of water taken in the morning. If the 6 drops is too strong, then I think 3 drops should be o.k. It can be gentle, but I do notice the difference. My face clears up from brown patches and strange nonexistent bruises, mostly from chemical toxins accumulated over a lifetime. I liked it so much I took almost 2 years for all the drinking water, which I added H2O2. Now since I am detoxified, I only use the H2O2 1% as a mouthwash would be sufficient.