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84 Yr. Old Cousin Has Glaucoma, Tremors and Hep-c?

Posted by Artistb (Ny) on 01/28/2012 3 posts

My cousin at 84 has glaucoma in both eyes for over a year now; has tremor (just shaking hands. I suggested NDF nanocolloidal detox factor but has not purchased one ); Urinates very frequently; and has Hepatitis C for over 20 years. Because of him I have been visiting earthclinic. Doctors' diagnosis has not helped.

My advise to him which he tried are: Change your diet, I got him 3% H202 food grade and chlorine filter; uses H202 and Sodium Thiosulfate as sugested by Ted; for urine, to try I mixed in 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid in a drinking water. The humic acid can be sterilized by adding 3 drops of 3% H2O2 in 1/2 glass of water plus that 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid'; for the eyes he has been using Micheal Borough's treatment of 521 (not working). Now he is confused with the overload of his medicine cabinet.

He would like to hear from Ted's opinion a step by step procedure to follow. Since he cannot see very well to read please Ted let me know what can be done because he doesn't listen to my advise as much but he knows I visit earthlinc regularly. I am pretty sure he would like to hear your candid advice. He hates hospitals. Thank you for allowing me to send this message. ArtistB

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Glaucoma, well you can try MSM eyedrops if they have it, or MSM 1000 mg x 4 times a day. Cadmium causes eye pressure to be high as well as blood pressure, it comes from gasoline fumes, welding, cigarette smoke, chocolates, for example. EDTA preferably tetrasodium, but disodium edta will do taken at 30% EDTA with water, in form of droppers, 20 drops 3 times a day. Green tea drinking will further the reduction. Carbohydrate consumption does not help either, which is mostly sweet drinks. N acetyl cysteine will help eliminate heavy metals as will taurine, which will help the excretion of heavy metals too. Taurine is found in high amounts to protect the eyes, and will also help.