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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/10/2011

Hi Ted,

I've been struggling with low ferritin for over a year now. Despite being on a high dose of iron pills since January, my ferritin levels haven't budged. I feel terrible all the time and can't get out of bed most of the day, hair loss etc. I've stayed clear of all the foods that inhibit iron absorption, I've taken blackstrap molasses along with my pills, I've gone on a gluten free diet and nothing has helped. I am also hypothyroid and was reading that people with thyroid problems have decreased stomach acid which causes iron deficiency so I decided to try to take HCL supplements. I took one and had horrible, painful gas (even in my chest) for a day straight. I'm not sure if I should continue. I know if there is burning of any sort, you are supposed to stop but I didn't see anything about gas. Also, I was thinking about taking apple cider vinegar with my pills but don't know if I drink it WITH the pills. Can long term used of ACV cause any PH problems in the body? I'm a little leary of doing this long term. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and if you could provide some input on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Have your mineral status check and possible virus history you had in the past. Certain mycobacterium (in bone marrow or virus) and or unidentified intestinal disorders caused by your past consumption of accutane or isoretionin which leads to decrease intestinal villi are one of them.

The other is iron absorption is also affected if you have historical ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and acidic intestines. Inflammation of spleen and bone marrow issues, or kidney functioning also affects your ferritin status. Mineral status that leads to iron deficiency, includes taking the wrong kinds of iron (the proper one is ferrous gluconate), or excess cadmium, Celiac disease, hemolytic anemia, are some of the common overlooked problems. The ones people usually looked at is for anemia is vitamin C, B12, but fail to look at B2, folic acid, and taking too much zinc for colds, without proper copper supplementation.

Most of the problems I encountered is taking too much H2O2 for too long (the body produces more blood with less oxygen), some sort of aplastic anemia, and certain kinds of viruses (or bacteria) in the bone marrow, and black stools (a sign of intestinal bleeding). There was also case of fungus in the blood that also leads to anemia, you have outward allergy symptoms.

Anemia is a frequently encountered problems, most hospitals used erythropoietin and blood transfusions, but this is a temporary solution. I had a person who had taking 5 different blood pressure med that lead to his kidney being impaired, that he is considering kidney dialysis (machine) it actually leads him to be anemia.

Anemia is actually one of the more difficult cases because the hospital doesn't deal with it except temporary solutions only. (Actually more difficult then cancer, in terms of finding the cause.) The usual anemia dealt with in Thailand is to go hospital when you have anemia without dealing with the cause. It's fine, but you can this can go on forever.

Hemolytic anemia was helped with prednisone and another cyclosporine to help the body produce more blood. They said the cause was autoimmunity, so they gave that, but I think it prednisone stimulates blood synthesis, but it leads to weight gain in nearly all patient too.


Anonymous replies: "Hi Ted,

Thanks for your response! How would I check for past virus history or mycobacterium? Everything else that you have mentioned has been checked so those are the only two things left. Somone else also mentioned possibly having H. Pylori. Thanks again for your help."

Ted responds to Anonymous: "There are blood tests that checks for antigen and is still prevent in your bloodstream. There may be some services that does that. I had one person who had cancer, and he went to some European lab and have his blood tests for antigen or antibody and he happens to have aspergillis niger, a herpes virus, black mold fungus producing aflatoxin mycobacterium and other things that cause his cancer. So what I asked him was to control the blood sugar, because most of these organism will remain suppressed, if the blood sugar is below 90 mg/dL that is especially true for fruits and artificial suger. The other is alkalized, and his cancer has remained in remission as far as I know once he had his blood sugar under control. His cancer has a low survival rate and is pancreatic cancer there is 0% 5 year survival rate with conventional medicine. Of course for pancreatic cancer you need digestive enzymes WITHOUT any calcium too, calcium basically is a protective shield against the immune systems for most viruses and bacteria. H. Pylori if you have ulcers, may cause bleeding if severe.