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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/21/2011

Hello, I'm not sure if you accept emails with health concerns, but I thought I might try to find your opinion on my health issue (if you're available to answer/speculate)

Basicaly, Ive had an ongoing pain feeling in my left abdomen as well as left side, it feels like my organs are sort of burning/falling apart sometimes, and is accompanied by bloating and occasional gas (which can also be burning, depending on what I eat). As well as that my energy levels are faulty, as well as my heart-beat seems irregular at times (I had heart palpitations prior to this). I also have been dealing with insomnia/waking up in the night to urinate, as well as having a dry mouth at night, and feeling generally dehydrated (I think).

Ive been tweaking my diet based on leaky gut snydrome and candida, and was wondering if you can speculate on this at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Generally Leaky Gut Syndrome responds to magnesium chloride solution, that's around 60-70% magnesium chloride. Heart beats skipping also responds to magnesium chloride. But if Crohn's that can be diarrhea and constipation, for Ulcerative Colitis, it is generally diarrhea and some blood, generally a lot of pain. But I am speculating because you don't have to diagnosis from doctors, if they don't give proper diagnosis, then we have to guess ourselves. But I will try magnesium chloride solution first and start from there. But if no magnesium chloride then magnesium citrate. There's not much information I can go on with the information you gave me. Such as what happens if you eat a lot of sugar? How about hot spices?


Anonymous replies to Ted:
"Well there was alot of stress in my life a couple of month ago, which lead to alot of anxiety, and overexertion, as well as a history of IBS, and heartburn, anxiety and poor food choices. It got to a point where I was so overworked that my heart continued to beat fast even when I was lying down, or standing still. After that happened I would have the huge heart palpitations (especially when I lied down) and terrible insomnia/chroniche fatigue, and jittereyness, as well as a pain in my lower left abdomen (which I have had for months prior to all of this). I followed adrenaline fatigue guidelines, and basicaly took it easy and cut out sugar, and made smarter food choices until the heart palipations stopped, and my heart beat got a bit less erratic. From then on I was battling my cravings for sweets and junk food, which I occasionaly gave in to - they would cause me to have brain fog/drunk feeling. My symptoms from then on were occasional jitteriness, nervousness, and the almost constant pain in my left side. I read up about candida, and Leaky gut, and some of the things applied to me, so ive been following their recommendations for diet wise. When I go to doctors, they run the blood tests, and did an abdominal ultrasound, but found nothing wrong. The best diagnosis i have is IBS.

(im also 20, not overweight, toned, and if people looked at me would think I was in great shape)

But my current symptoms are the bloating in the left abdomen, when its not bloating - its painful, sort of burning, which is ongoing throughout the day almost nonstop sometimes. I'll have foul smelling burning gas if I eat when im stressed, or usually junk food. I dont, however, get diarrea, or constipation. My stool is generally loose and flakey, but comes out with ease. I find that my mouth is very dry when I try to sleep, and during the day, as well as dry eyes. When I try to do any long cardio exercise I find it just 'feeds at my energy', rather than flows with my movement, so I do light yoga and taichi exercises instead. I also have to wake up in the night, or early morning to urinate. I've been doing acupuncture for some time, but it doesn't really help very much, my acupuncturists tells me my pulse is tight, and my body is hot. ususally when i have sugar now, it makes me have painful gas and painful stomach as well as a drunkish feeling. Hot spices would make me sweaty and red faced, although i've been avoiding them for sometime.I've tried magnesium citrate, but I found that the nights I tried it, the pain would go away after I drank it, for a period of time, but then come back in the night or in the morning. I recently was looking at your alkalizing formulas, I tried the Baking soda+ACV+water one once today, and I think I have felt better since trying it, and was going to see if that formula, or the lime+Baking soda formula might be something which might help too.

Thanks for replying so quickly, and helping me address this!"

Ted responds to Anonymous:
"You did the correct thing as to magnesium citrate, ACV with baking soda, and baking soda with lime or lemon. But you did not do long enough, it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks of alkalizing to get your just alkalize. Your body is too acidic, as evidenced by your dry mouth, when you take alkaline remedy, it is taken after meal and before sleep, and morning hours.


Replied by Anonymous

I've been doing better since altering my diet, and taking the magnesium citrate, my only remaining question is when i took the alkalizing formula for just 2 days (morning and night) I got Blackish stools, so I stopped. What would this be an indicator of?"

08/26/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It is detoxing your liver.


08/27/2011: Anonymous replies: "Oh, okay, ill start taking the formula again then-would there be any indicators to stop taking the formula? (i.e: the body being "too much alkalized")"

08/27/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "if your body is too alkaline, which is unlikely since 90% of all food is acid forming, there is such thing as taking too little or too much. The only thing I see not taking alkaline is if you live in deep Amazon forest, you may not need to take it since 90% of their food is alkaline. Constipation, from too much acidity, can cause long term intestinal bleeding, so you might have this and it is helped with vitamin K and vitamin C.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Okay, I think my final concern then is my weak/tight pulse and minor anxiety/ nervousness throughout the day. will alkalizing help with these symptoms as well? (I have been taking magnesium citrate as well).

You have too many stimulants such as MSG, cheese, second hand smoke, splenda, lack of rest for example. Alkalizing will help yes, and without alkalizing the uptake of antioxidants with weak pulse cannot be done well. Supplements will help, taurine, B3, etc. But try alkalizing first.

Weak/tight pulse is a sign of low energy, selenium yeast 200 mg x 2, and quercetin 1000 mg and vitamin E 400 iu. will help.


09/05/2011: Anonymous replies: "I thought Id be more clear for my previous message, I did start taking 5-htp which helped the depression and anxiety, however i am having constant, unquenchable hunger throughout the day, and especially throughout the night, causing me to wake up and have to eat. I'm deducing it may be hyperthyroidism (also having multiple bowel movements, especially in the morning) I'm proceeding to Alkalize, continue taking 5-htp, vitamin B complex, and magnesium citrate, as well as coconut oil. I'm wondering if you know anything which can assist the constant hunger?"

09/06/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Usually 500 mg of B3 niacinamide helps for most general depression, if not contact me there are others.

Okay, and if you do have others it would be good to know, to see what works. Do you have any suggestions for the constant appetite? As well as that, I don't have a diagnosis, but I am concerned I might have Graves disease, do you know how I can keep my eyes healthy, so that they don't protrude? They are starting to feel pressure behind them, and I am very worried.

The zinc acetate, boron (borax), potassium citrate and glycine will reduce the constant appetite, while B6 will increase appetite. Graves disease is excess copper or cadmium, which zinc acetate or zinc gluconate is antagonistic to both copper and cadmium, which at the same time reduces appetite just the same. Magnesium is always required, and in the form of magnesium citrate or preferably magnesium chloride. I had a client who took magnesium alone, caused symptoms of Graves disease to be less, such as heart beat to lower in Graves disease also, selenium and B3 niacinamide (NOT niacin, please!). People keep blaming me making recommendations on Niacin, I don't recommend them! I always used niacinamide. Typica dose for zinc acetate is 15 to 25 mg, boron (borax) is 1/8 teaspoon, potassium citrate 1/4 teaspoon x 2, glycine 5000 mg x 2, magnesium chloride 70% is 8 drops 3 times a day, and selenium try 400 mcg once a day first, and niacinamide 250 to 500 mg. Anyone of these or all should help, its a multiple deficiency. Some cases the irritants may stimulate thyroid overdrive, in this cases it would be salmon fish oil 1000 mg x 3. Once the condition stops may be discontinued.