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Ted's Advice For Liver Lesions, Mass on Lung and Congestive Heart Failure

Posted by M. (USA) on 04/09/2015

Dear Ted,

I recently found earth clinic and have been reading many posts lately and want to praise you for helping people in need.

I am a 60 year old caucasian female ; 5' 7"; 135 lbs with many health issues. Of course have been to allopathic medicine without much help. I have also tried many natural remidies over the years with some success but as of late nothing seems to help.

I have been under severe stress for many years and have severe adrenal fatigue and was recently put on hydrocortisone...20 mg. divided doses. Not diagnosed for hypothyroidism but beleive I am. I have had genital herpes for 40 years and still have outbreaks. They found multiple lesions on my liver 20 years ago but biopsy was inconclusive. Recently confirmed that I have several more. Found a mass in my right lung 4 years ago but I refused a biopsy. Have candida and many digestive problems. And just found out I have congestive heart failure.

I am at my wits end and don't want conventional treatments. I am on a limited income due to my health. I would deeply appreciate any insights you may have. Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You are low on zinc but in form of EDTA zinc or zinc gluconate or zinc acetate preferably. It will get immune systems up. Borax is taken at 1/8 teaspoon per litrr per day to get rid of some candida. The other supplement for candida is cellulase and copper chloropyllin taken at night. B6 should help digestion at 50 mg three times a day. B3 will help candida. And as always avoid fried foods, margarine, most fruits, sugar and artificial sugar. Do regular once a week fasting and no restrictions on water and vegetable juice. The fibroids is body response to fungal invasion and hepatitis is mostly zinc and lysine deficiencies taken at 1000 mg 4 times a day.


Replied by Diamond

Ted; I hope you don't mind me adding a few things? As for not using any type oils/ such as butter or margarine, I found a great sub. which is organic/virgin coconut oil, I fry my salmon with it, also use it on all my other foods, it's excellent on toast etc.prior I had gained a lot of weight & now losing some gradually.Also I have given up on my thyroid suppliments as I felt that may have been some of my weight gain problems, now I am taking sea kelp, I feel better/sleep better much more energetic and not much junk cravings. I suspected as a young child when my Dr. told me I had a blood disease/ I have done many searches when ever any thing was strange, I combined all my sicknesses together with my neurologists medical paper work, I have a severe case of mold virus. But thankfully by taking herbs etc. I am holding my own. Thank you for letting me share.