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Remedies Needed for Tooth Abcess, Sinus Infection, Fatigue, Cough

Posted by Laurie (Belleville, Ontario, Canada) on 11/09/2009

Desparately needing Ted's remedies.

I do these every hour:
Drink peroxide in water 1 HR
Baking Soda & peppermint Rinse 1 HR
Saltwater & baking soda soak & rinse 1 HR
Vitamin C 2 Gr daily
Vitamin D (2 x daily) 8 HR
Peroxide Inhalation 1 HR
Drink Lemon & baking soda water every 4 hr (4x day) (3 x daily wasn't working)
Eat or swallow GARLIC 1 HR Total 9 cloves daily
Place GARLIC on gums 1 HR
Was taking Ibuprofen & AsA with Codeine Plus Vitamin C every 4 hrs via call to emergency dentist advice---Have been able to stop the Ibuprofen and asa with codeine since
Replaced this with just asa every 3 hrs and only IF I need it.

Today I've added :
AsA & Vitamin C 1 HR (for 5 hrs only)
Vitamin C 1 HR otherwise
More garlic ingestion (2 bulbs not cloves) over the day
gentle oil pulling with Sesame Oil (the good kind) 2 x daily
Neti pot with sea salt & 2 drops peroxide 2 x daily
NAC to liquify any mucus

TED: Question Desperately need help for
1. Presently Severe tooth infection (Unknown if viral or bacterial)
2. Deep sinus infection, nothing is working on the depth of it.
3. Extreme fatigue (I believe my body is just plain wore out from fighting infections)
4. Bad daily cough from congested lungs (this has lessen a fair bit now due to the garlic)

5. I have had many flu and pneumonia infections over the past 10 yrs now.
The most severe was 8 yrs ago. I was literally knock out cold for 12-18hrs a day (even my husband had a very difficult time waking me). I usually got up, went to the bathroom, felt overwhelmed & went back to bed. Went to and got antibiotics 3 x over 3 mths from the doctor. Each prescription was 5-7day .... was only "just" beginning to feel a bit better...went back & doctor refused to give another prescription to kill it off. Hence I believe that I had a severe infection that due to incomplete meds Morphed into something worse and worse again. 3X over 3 mths. I was finally able to beat it (or so I thought) by using 2 vaporizers day and night over another 6 wks.
After that my heath NEVER fully came back.
I've suffered with extreme fatigue, worse allergies, constant congestion (lungs and sinus), constant cough with both clear and discolored phlegm, brain fog, swelling (congestion?) around my eyes (I assume allergies)
My doctor (I feel) will NOT address this.... all he says is that I have a viral infection (without any tests) and that there's nothing he can do for me. Or he treats like a hypochondriac. He should know better after being my doc for well over 30 yrs now, that I rarely have problems.

3 yrs ago I was extremely ill with the worst of symptoms....but also encountered a sore throat which burned soooo badly it felt like lava. Nothing I did helped. ... I was gravely ill with that one for 2.5 months with the doctor saying the same thing....and no meds to help

Last year ... to shorten this for you. I ended up with a severe sinusitis infection, severe ear infection (could not hear or smell or taste anything) for weeks. Along with that burning like lava throat too. ..... only it felt as if something were stuck in there...nothing ever came out.

A second trip to the emerg in less than a week : A doctor discovered I also had a pneumonia in my left lung.
Was given antibiotics each visit. It did help.......but again the infections were still there........ the ear infection only gradually went away (or so I thought)

The reason I am telling you all of this .... is because I believe I never really got rid of any of the infections.

2 weeks ago due to feeling very ill again I began your AsA & Vitamin C remedy (which I do believe was helping). I used it for 3 days not 2.... but symptoms came back after a few days so I did it for another 2 days.
Then I ended up with a severely painful tooth infection (bad enough for the codeine) Although this controlled the pain....... of course did nothing to fight the infection. My husband I swear IS the cheapest man on the planet. We don't have a dentist, nor would he pay for it if we did.

So I am in desperate need of a solution to kill the tooth infection and all viral or bacterial illness too.

Using the above methods has been helping. I no longer need the asa with codeine and most of the time don't need the Ibuprofen either, thank goodness.

I really need your help here Ted not only in what to use and dosage ...but mostly in organizing in when to take what & for how long.

Any assistance you give would be GREATLY Appreciated.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hello Regine, l8 years old & benign tremors x 5 yrs!!! Ouch! First, lets take a look at what he is most likely to be missing in his diet. I would first give him one multivitamin/mineral supplement every day + a good stress tab (B complex with Vitamins C & E added. The bottle will tell you take 1 per day - I would give him l at mealtimes and bedtime (totals to 4 per day) and if misses a meal, make sure he takes the stress tab at the time he should have ate that meal. Another supplement I would definitely be looking at is magnesium - you can go buy magnesium oxide 500 mgm tables and give one morning & evening (or you can go the cheaper route of buying a 2 lb box of epsom salts ($l here at dollar stores)& start with giving 1/2 tsp. in water or juice 3 times a day. If you see no improvement increase by 1/2 tsp each time until he complains of having loose stools & back off a little in how much you are giving him each time.

Next google monosodium glutamate & aspartame. Print out (or write a list) of all the names they hide them under. With this list in hand go into your kitchen (I'm assuming he is still at home with you) and read the ingredients listed on everything edible or drinkable there. Be sure to include your raw meat package ingredients. This will give you some idea of how much of both he may be eating daily. Remember any meals eaten away from home are likely to be even worse. I don't know what school lunches there in Sydney are like, here they are heavily laden with grease, sugar & both of the neurotoxins mentioned above. Can you believe that schools here petitioned for & received permission to count a little individual packet of tomato ketchup as one serving of a vegetable! All but 1 of the ketchups I checked here were full of MSG & the packets in school can't be more than l/2 ounce, if that much is in there.

Another thing I would try to get him to do is stop all carbonated beverages - water & fruit juice is healthier. You should be noticing some improvement within a month or two - maybe even sooner. One of our long time, older TV fitness gurus is quoted as saying, "If man made it, don't eat it " and that pretty much says it all! Good luck & God bless! Let us know how his is doing.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Laurie:

A person with a long term infections such as yours, it is unlikely my aspirin and vitamin C is going to work in the long run unless more fundamental issues are resolved. The Vitamin C and aspirin remedy, or the lysine and vitamin C remedy, were meant to address the issue of an epidemic, where a normal person suddenly got infected directly from swine flu or other flus in general, hence it was designed to stop the epidemic from developing using the One Day Cure approach. A person with a long term issues, needs to be resolved on fundamental issues of deficiencies, and dietary issues.

As to what you are taking now, it seems counterproductive. Why is codeine added? A codeine if taken for more than two days does more damage as it causes metabolic acidosis. So when your saliva becomes acid, it digests the tooth enamel, but acid saliva also support bacterial growth, hence the tooth infection. First thing is to get the pH, the acid/alkaline issue to normal first, get bowel movement to two times a day, not by laxative use, that's artificial too. But if we get the right alkalinity that the body needs, the right electrolytes, bowel movements corrects itself. Two major remedies that may correct long term issues of infection or respiratory illness is 2 drops of lugol's solution with 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C mixed in a cup of warm water before sleep.

To correct the pH and the sodium and potassium imbalance, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon potassium citrate (or potassium carbonate) in a cup of water, taken three times a day. The iodine and vitamin C can be taken at other times of day if the pH of saliva is still NOT 7.0 or above. The urine pH has to be about 6.5 to 7.0, preferably 7.0. If the pH issues aren't resolved first, the body won't heal. The other issue is to correct the osmotic balance, if lack of basic salt, which is often the case for most respiratory disease and excessive mucus. Therefore, a sea salt is taken in a cup of warm water empty stomach in the morning, between 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon. Besides deficiencies of iodine, and vitamin C that's needed, there is also the zinc and magnesium that has to be addressed. The zinc gluconate is taken at 50 mg for only a week, more likely 5 days. The magnesium has to be taken over a month's period, such as magnesium citrate 500 mg or magnesium ascorbate 500 mg daily. A vitamin C sodium ascorbate needs at least 1000 mg taken between three to four times a day.

A person with a long term respiratory illness I have seen has a very low enzyme level. The digestive enzyme supplements needs to be taken on empty stomach three times a day plus, an additional digestive enzyme taken during meals. To lower the overhead of body's stress and energy level associated with eating meals, the dinner meal has to be avoided. This means a breakfast meal in the morning and a lunch is taken, preferably before 12 p.m. This lowers the body's immune system depletion that typically occurs in late afternoon and by not eating the dinner the body is energy is not " originally: " This lowers the body's immune system that typically occurs in late afternoon and by not eating the dinner the body is energy is not. Also with a dinner meal you will usually have a bowel movement the next day, which means that the stool or food undigested is left overnight causing a toxicity overload. To reduce that toxicity, it is simply avoided. Hence any meals during dinner is confined mostly to drinking water, avoiding fruit juices, and perhaps a very light salad of raw vegetables with minimum use of salad dressing. Plenty of water is always taken during meal so as to avoid the sugar, protein and fat spikes, which typically occurs after meal. Hence, when we dilute them, these concentration gets lowered, lowering the liver's burden. You may noticed that your respiratory illness will be mostly helped with the digestive supplement (in capsule form, never the tablet form) and the once in the morning sea salt.

As to overall immune system and sleep it will be the iodine, magnesium and zinc. A vitamin C is needed over the long term to help maintain normal antioxidant levels to fight off the problem, while getting the normal pH is fundamental to the entire healing process. A body can't heal if it is acid, it can only occur if it is sufficiently alkaline. Also I would remove the codeine out. It's really counter productive, since it causes both constipation and acidosis, the direct opposite of what I wanted.

One more tip: the potassium carbonate/potassium bicarbonate supplements and the lugols iodine will increase the saliva pH, to discourage bacteria growth in the mouth. Using a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash at 1% concentration will help kill the bacteria. A xylitol powder, wetted is applied to the area of tooth infection or tooth pain. The pain should disappear mostly within a matter of minutes. It should be reapplied to be long enough to kill it completely and should take no longer than 30 minutes.

As to how long to take any of this. Most of the supplements I take it when I needed it. When I am no longer well or the pH is off balance I will take it again to get it to normal.

Replied by Laurie
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

hello Ted

THANK YOU, Thank you a Thousand times over!!
I do have a couple of questions about the protocol, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow...I'm very tired and heading of to sleep.

Should I continue with ANY of the previous remedies I was doing ??? Which ones please?

Thank you again... You're a Saint in my eyes