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Energy Loss, Stress, Weight Gain, Back Pain-help

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 06/06/2011

Dear Ted

I know I call u almost daily for my daughter... in the process of taking care of her, I have not been taking very good care of myself. Ever since she has become unwell chronically since last December. I never exercise much and after 6 month, I have experienced many changes in my body.

Changes is also probably due to my menopause since I am now 48+ old.
I have to admit my eating habits are not very good. I have recently been craving extra sweets and tend to eat them too.
I consume too much white breads of flour products.
I do take teat twice a day (Indian Chai)
and my eating timings are not very regular

with the added stress to manage my daughter's health, i have not been very particular to arrange the right meals for my self and thus in the process eat
whats left or often tea and cookies or bread.

I have gained 3 kgs since December.

Let me explain to you my health issues now:

I feel loss of energy, fatigued and often attacks of yawns hits me while I'm driving or walking supermarket. My eyes burns and I feel heavy headed in spite of taking enough sleep over night. My weight is constantly going up.

My back often hurts, a point like a nerve being pressed under my left shoulder bothers me and recently I feel neck stiffness too. but mainly the stress is under my shoulder blades. Massages usually does not relieve the pain but instead makes it more sore.

Last regular period I got was on the 14 of April... and my cycle has been about 23 to 25 days... so from 11th to 21st felt uneasy, bloatation, heaviness and all symptoms of periods coming. and my pre menstrual symptoms lasted longer than I have ever experienced. Then suddenly the symptoms disappeared and I thought perhaps my periods have stopped. Then suddently on the 28th my periods started without any pains or warnings (which does not happen to me as I often experience lots of pain) and today is the 6th which means it has been the 10th day and it still has not stopped. Last 2 days I have experienced heavy clots formation and last night blood clots (size of tennis ball) dropped out... this increased and irregular pattern is worrying me a lot and I cannot decide to show a doctor yet or wait a while still.
I was reading in the internet which suggested a herb called Macafern that might help... Do you have any idea of and the effectiveness of this herb?
Also pls. help monitor that all meds you suggest for me should be purely vegetarian origin. I am very particular about that. I do not take non veg directly or indirectly in any form.

Pls. kindly suggest meds that can help me with my condition. I would apprectiate if you could suggest all the different meds i need to relieve my symptoms, my tiredness etc.

I will call you again to discuss the medicines needed and accordingly will send my driver should there be new items needed that I already dont carry from the stock you have given for my husband and my daughter.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Your low cravings is best taken care of with Glutamine that is mixed with Lysine, and Threonine. They are all vegetarian origins. I am very particular of my supplements, the tablet form doesn't work as well. I have these. The dosages are as follows: 1/2 teas of lysine, 1/3 teas glutamine, 1/3 teas of threonine taken 3 times a day.

The methylene blue is 2 drops taken two times a day, once in the morning and once in around lunchtime, empty stomach.

The above should help your low energy and sugar cravings. Should your stomach has any bloating of any kind, its cause is low Hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid I gave, you can mix one glass of water at 2-4 drops immediately before meals and will stop your bloating.

The backpain is mostly helped with 7 drops twice a day before meals and can be mixed with any of the above. Should you already have constipation, you may increase magnesium drops to 10 drops. For most people that works. Should you still have further problem, they is mycoplasma, and that is a different subject altogether, that is rheumatoid arthritis, which I dont think you have, but if you dont respond to it, it is.

Your menopause is helped by mostly three things. Vitamin E, aspirin and magnesium. Vitamin E and magnesium is best to try that. Magnesium is just discussed. Vitamin E is taken at 200 i.u. Should address most issues, if not aspirin is taken when you have pain in the stomach, it works not what you think, but works in unclotting the blood clots which causes the pain.

As for the herbs, I believe you need to deal with the basic issues set in above before we discuss this.


"Will your meds help stop my heavy bleading? I'm losing more than half glass blood a day now... Also beginning to feel dizzy and light headed... Headaches and tiredness. What shud I take to improve my blood... Will chlorophill help me too?"

"You should get vitamin K1, and K2. It will stop the heavy bleeding. Low blood pressure could also be a problem, if so measure your blood pressure, if low, sea salt will do. 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.