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Digestion, Candida, Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid Issues

Posted by M on 06/12/2008

Dear Ted,
I found the earth clinic site by accident and have been studying your remedies and posts for the last 3 months or so and greatly appreciate all the advice given, as I am very much into self-help. The problem I have been dealing with for more than 25 years (I am a woman, now 66) is chronic digestive problems and candida including lack of stomach acid (I have been supplementing with HCI since 1990 after taking the Heidelberg test--swallowing a capsule hooked up to a computer, then drinking a baking soda challenge).

Hormone imbalance--I use transdermal progesterone which helps greatly, also 50 mg pregnenolone, and 12 mg DHEA. I don't have a lot of energy due to adrenal imbalance also.

Low thyroid

Low endurance levels

Symptoms include great difficulty in the ability to digest fiber, especially any whole grain, no matter how much soaking or cooking is involved, and raw food, e.g. apples or grapes with skin, any kind of berry with seeds, dried fruit without soaking, etc., food intolerance to vitamin C, brain fog. I have tracked down a sensitivity to foods with salycilates, any kind of 'green' superfood, (spirulina, chlorella, wheat or barley grass, etc.) In short, eating is very difficult.

I feel fine as long as I don't eat, but of course I need to stay on the planet! My personal take is that I have had or still have a mineral deficiency, especially iodine (I have tried taking it orally and also foot painting, intermittently after reading your advice)
After eating raw apples or a lot of raw food, I simply have to lie down and immediately go to sleep, although I do not normally take naps. I feel better after I wake up about an hour or so later. So I try to stick to cooked food but feel the need for raw food too.

I handle fish and poultry fairly well, I do not eat meat or dairy foods which I react to badly, and react to sweet vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots...too much carbohydrate. I am ok on most green vegetables, cooked, except cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, celery (too much fiber in celery).

I eat dark chocolate because I am hungry, I do not eat sugar as such, the chocolate does not react although my system does not really like it; I can leave it alone when I can eat rice bread toasted. If I eat it without toasting it, I go to sleep. If I eat too much of it due to hunger, I am in trouble with cravings for more.

I try to eat my last meal as early as possible, or eat just a small snack about 6pm, otherwise I wake up about 1 or 2pm and cannot go back to sleep until about 5 or 6am and feel awful the next day. It took me years to figure that out!

After reading your recommendations I am taking periodically zinc, vit. B complex, magnesium citrate, MSM. Tyrosine seems to help too. I drink lime and baking soda in the am and sometimes pm, also peroxide, 5 drops of 3% 2 or 3 times daily. I am also experimenting with the borax and sodium thiosulphate remedies. I react to apple cider vinegar so don't take it.

I have been taking food enzymes, and other powerful enzymes for years, but they do not appear to have helped me much.
I avoid wheat because I think I have had a lifelong allergy to it without realizing it, and notice that when I do eat the occasional cookie or cake, I want more and more and cannot stop at one or two.

I have a fairly sensitive system and I notice that since using the iodine, my hair seems to have stopped falling out, it is definitely thinner than it used to be years ago, premenstrually.

My belly is always bloated after eating, whatever I eat, and my elimination is slow in my opinion--food seems to take about 36 hours or more to pass through. I eat healthily, apart from the chocolate, can handle olive oil and occasionally coconut oil. If I could provide myself with a smorgasbord every day, I think I would be fine; I need to provide myself with more variety but it is difficult with so many food intolerances to deal with.

I am working on underlying inner child problems and have a very deep spirituality which certainly helps me.

This is rather lengthy and I have no doubt left out some things, but wanted to give you some idea of what I am dealing with. I have had lots of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments over the years without much success. If you have any further suggestions as to how I could help myself, I would really appreciate it, and thank you in advance for the wonderful service you are providing.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It should be noted that the major cause of obesity, from diets anyway is the excessive dietary fats and sugar. This is basically it. Whether the sugar come from fruits or honey, is the same. It effects the body the same way. Therefore fats and sugar should be avoided, but it is always the proteins that burns the fats. This means fish, lean chicken and lean meats. Primarily, fish.

Whenever a person eats sweets of any kind, or food in general it is best NOT to go to sleep. For example, Sumo wrestlers get fat because it is required that they sleep after eating, so called nap, for an hour or so. Therefore, to loose weight, it is usually best to take at least 30 minute walk after eating. I prefer a one hour walk. No need to walk fast or tire oneself. It seems calories burned are more dependent on time, but the speed of walk seems to deplete blood sugar levels faster. A slow long walk seems to do the job in burning the excess sugar and some fat, if the walk was longer.

The other thing is if 80% of the food taken were low fat high protein foods, this would help burn the fat as a rule. Chocolates whether sweetened or unsweetened causes people to be fat, perhaps the fat content is high and the low protein. That's my own observation from private feedbacks i received.

Certain deficiencies in people with hair loss, the most common besides vitamin C I have witnessed time and time again is the manganese supplements. The dose is 25 mg of manganese sulfate, or manganese gluconate, taken on an EMPTY stomach. Or tablets be chewed usually for 4 or 5 days out of a week. Usually companies try to add fillers such as calcium which prevent their absorption. It is best taken when chewed or crushed. Iodine is frequently a deficiency. Not that we don't eat enough. The food we eat basically causes us to loose more and more iodine primarily from a couple of major sources: fluoride (in toothpaste), water fluoridation (about 70% of U.S. water supply is fluoridated), and water chlorination (more than 90% of water supply is chlorinated).

Most food addiction comes from MSG added to food. But of interest is how obesity can occur even childhood, by adding MSG to vaccines, which destroys the hypothalamus whifch in turn controls appetite. Therefore the best remedy, is L-taurine.

Interestingly low dose Naltrexone, usually between 3.5-4.5 mg per day is often taken to curb appetite. A once a week 24 hour fasting may also help further weight gains, where throughout the day, only water is drank, and perhaps some lemon juice is needed.

Common food intolerances for sensitive people are as follows:
all dairy products, tomatoes, ketchup, mushrooms, table salt, all fruits, honey, dried fruits, wheat products, white bread, pastas, spaghetti, biscuits, chocolate, yeast products and peppermint found in toothpaste. Excessive use of cooking oils especially in heating, too much use of any oils, good or bad.

Certain other clues is hair mineral analysis that may further identify excessive minerals or lack of minerals. Eating high protein may cause weight gain, but it does that by building muscles and reduces the fats.

Acupuncture for obesity may or may not work. For me results are disappointing on obesity. I have not seen it to work personally speaking. As to electronic food intolerance testing, certain machines simply don't work but certain ones might work, but I have not gotten a chance to test that personally such as the Asyra machine. Since I am doing manually on food intolerance, not electronically, the list covered should well describe about 90% of all food intolerance. Peppermint, fragrance products, perfumery seems to cause problems especially perfumes and peppermint.

Whey protein may help but it is taken only in the morning and an early dinner, usually before 4.30, but 6.00 p.m. would be fine in some cases. For some reason liver's function as a circadian rhythm and seems to store fats after 4.30 p.m. - that's the average time.

A slow digestive system can often meal liver congestion and a very important weight loss supplements I take, besides DHEA, but progesterone in older woman above 50+, is the granulated lecithin one tablespoon taken before every meal. The fat emulsifiers will reduce fatty buildup on the liver and reduce the liver congestion. Liver problems such such as cirrhosis or fatty liver, may also be helped with selenium.

However, in this specific case, eating followed by sleep will cause weight gain, so is eating chocolates. The weight gain occurs within 2-3 days after eating chocolate. Although kelp can increase iodine faster, some people reports acne, therefore it is taken once every two days to lessen the effects. The dose has to be worked out on individual basis for energy levels, but people who are having weight problems prefer about 10 capsules of 250 mg of kelp a day, but with a 2 or 3 day of not taking anything.

Quite often a baking soda usually will resolve the candida problem if taken enough time. But interestingly I have found low urea levels, metabolic acidosis, high sugar diet, high fat diets, low copper from foods to be one cause. Certain manganese and selenium can be derived from brazil nuts and eating UNSALTED nuts to help that.

It should be noted that urea level can be raised from more protein added in the diets, but with low fats, perhaps some whey protein, and fish.

People with food intolerance are also very low on omega 3, which has DHA and EPA. The issue is really simple, I would get a new bottle of fish oils, usually derived from salmon, taken at 1000 mg once a day to raise omega 3.

If candida are a big problem, another dose I occasionally used, but not everyday is the 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate - in 1 glass of water taken twice or thee times a day. If someone is taking diuretics, or blood pressure medicine, then potassium level maybe low and may need a small amount of potassium, usually from potassium bicarbonate and potassium citrate, about 1/8 teaspoon for example. To balance out the sodium: potassium ratio without taking excessive levels of potassium so as not to disturb the extracellular fluids.

Energy levels for most people I have found were mostly helped with the 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and 1/4 teaspoon sodium carbonate, but seems to work best in promoting sleep if taken before sleep. But with the borax remedy such as 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water, energy levels usually is increased from alkalization, since chronic fatigue is the invasion of certain pathogens, especially Epstein Barr Virus, and other organism. Eating with clove spices, for example added to food may help increase energy levels too.

Tyrosine definitely helps because it is synergistic with Iodine, in allowing normal thyroid function, but other glandular activities were helpful too.

One easy way to become obese is cortisol. Just one month of cortisol can become obese. Therefore DHEA reduces stress and lowers cortisol. So stress can cause obesity too as well as adrenal fatigue. Sometimes licorice extract may help but not often, as it is an adaptogen.