Morgellons Disease Panic

Posted by Anonymous on 06/21/2011

Dear mr Ted,

I am in panic suffering with morgellons. please I need some help from you. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have some regular patient with Morgellon's disease and one of the primary remedy is sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide and borax. That you can start right away, other long time Morgellon's sufferer has advanced well beyond this in terms of remedies but that requires more explanations, but with this remedy you can do at your own home.

Here's how, this will not get you to equilibrium but it's a start:

1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate after meals about 30 minutes twice a day, after lunch and after dinner. Then you can add more depending your individual body's chemistry.

In a drinking water one liter add 1/8 teaspoon of borax. If I were in the States where everything is controlled I probably buy a 20 mule team borax.

Hydrogen peroxide 3% put one capful to the above.

It's a start!



Dear mr Ted

This is not working, the crawlings in become more intense...
Only colloidal silver sovereign 10 ppm works to stop the crawlings..
But i have to take at least 3 times every day to work..
If I stop one day the crawlings returns

Please give me the option number 2
What i can do outside borax baking soda and peroxide
give me more ideas.. i thing my hypotyrod and weak immune system,
require more things that i am not doing...

I drink vitamin d3 6.000 u.i (liquid ) every day
also potassium iodine 2 drops, and magnesium one capful.

I tryed mms (4 drops with 20 citric acid drops each 2 hours like the new treatment says) and not work too

I become desperate..
I trying a blood examination but i dont trust in any medical instituition here...
all corrupted by rockfellers/obama health care/bill gates vaccination scam

Only you can give me some solution.
Also I dont know where to find the peroxide you say...i dont find the food grade
on the rait aid... only the external use one that is dangerous

In old text you tell the magnesium citrate together with peroxite works..
but where i can find this? you know any online store that we can trust?

When you say borax and baking soda and peroxide you mean external use in baths,
or is also possible to drink ?

Another thing is, when I put 1/4 of baking soda in a liter of water, the borax must be in a diferent one with peroxide, or the 3 both can be mixed together in one container?

Actually I use baking soda in one container only for it, since the dosages is diferent from the borax
The borax i put in another container, since, based what you told me, I can drink more times than the baking soda

So i can put the peroxide togehter with borax in one liter of water?

When you say "If I were in the States where everything is controlled I probably buy a 20 mule team borax."

So, what borax you talk about then if is not 20 mule team borax? exist another kind of borax that I can buy here?
I need links of places on internet where i can buy the genuine borax you talk about, as well
the option number 2 thanks

I dont have another person to ask help
Please help me

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It seems you got Morgellon's if there is less crawling with colloidal silver. The borax and peroxide will have more crawlings but die as a result during the application. There is another one that works too, 60% to 70% DMSO with 30% castor oil. It kills fungus too (just like borax) and is a stomach poison for insects since they rely on fungus for their nutrition. A castor oil taken in small quantities for some kill some of the crawling things too. Applying the castor oil and DMSO on the skin will stop crawly things. A tannic acid 5% with DMSO also works but castor oil with DMSO works the best.

MMS doesn't work because it's effect on the body is too brief to have a long term effects against the fungus. I don't know why it remains to be popular, since iodine works equally well with less side effects.

Other source of borax comes from chemical supply companies and plant shops which may have borax as fertilizers.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Mr Ted

Thanks very much.

About peroxide, i dont found food grade one, maybe i need buy using internet. I can use the ones that is sell in stores like raid aid/cnv?

People tell me that this one have aluminium

I have also hypothyrod for years, treatnet with puran t4 (one hormon called tyroxin)

Then i discover the natural suplement called L-TYROZINE. I start one pill every day.

I ask you what knowledge you have about this desease and about what kind of IODINE product (if is the case)

you suggest for my problem

I have weak immune system for years many sore troat and infections treatned by amoxilin and cataflan.

that is why I think i got morgellons reactions and my partner not.

ask you what kind of products / natural suplements i need to improve my immune system

thanks and God bless you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For Morgellon's with weak immune system and low thyroid, this is actually a common problem. Weak immune system is helped with 1/2 teaspoon of lysine and 1/2 teaspoon of threonine twice a day, at least. The low thyroid function often have a cause for low thyroid, it can easily be infected with bacteria, viruses and these block the thyroid function. You can actually induce hypothyroid if the thyroid if infected with a virus. To help you may try magnesium chloride solution twice a day 10 drops, and some iodine, Lugol's solution one drop before sleep is a start, if it is too strong for you (Lugol's solution in Thailand is more half strength, but the ones in the states is 7%) I prefer the 4.5% and give people 1 drops. So an easy way is dilute the Lugol's 1/2 Lugol's and 1/2 water. Then give one drop is more ideal. Then you determine your optimum dose from there. If your immune system is compromised and your thyroid is infected, I believe you need a stronger schedule such as this:

1/2 teaspoon lysine x 4 every hour first round in the morning, and second round in the evening. You must do this until the infection is gone. Most cases it goes away in 3 days, for an average person, but for you it may require anywhere from a week to a month of this schedule.

The most important thing you can do with an Morgellon's in long term is alkalizing your body. The simplest one is 1/4 teaspoon twice a day that is done first. I have to repeat this because they are necessary also for natural immunity in your intestinal flora to get pH above 6.0, because most harmful bacteria exist at below 6, and they are pH sensitive and your largest immune system is the intestines, the other is the thymus.

It may require some tweaking to get down right the dosages, one that is required is vitamin C and B3. It requires a minimum of 3000 mg for both, but B3 is given during the evening hours say 500 mg each spread over during the evening. Vitamin C can say 500 mg x 6 during the day to the evening hours.

Hydrogen peroxide medical grade is another one or you can enquire hydrogen peroxide over the internet.

If you have a skin conditions with Morgellon's then you must consider at least tannic acid on the skin and in more severe cases needed 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, mixed with maybe 10-25 drops of magnesium chloride solution.


Replied by Anonymous

dear mr ted,

I dont have infection but i become crawlings and start be weak and soretroat pain and ears pain if i stop colloidal silver. i come to the conclusion that my body is not reacting against the bacterias, anymore.something is blocking my body to kill the patogens, that is why only with colloidal silver i have relief the only thing the baking soda borax is doing is making me feel less tired and more disposition - but i still cannot concentrate, i become tired easly always desire to sleep and circulatory problems (if i become stoped in a chair, sudently i cannot feel my butt and my legs i feel cainbras ( i cannot feel my legs) but what worry me is the constant cronic fatigue and impossibility to concentrate. maybe i have to increase the borax ad baking soda dosage? because my countainer have 3.785 liter (one gallon) and not ne liter (I discover this today).

I dont have any 1 liter container. another thing where i can find lysine, lugol iodine on internet? can you recommend one company? thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A chronic fatigue means a possible viral condition. Lysine hourly with threonine hourly for four hours usually resolved this, usually by the time you're on the third dose the energy comes back. But if you have some sort of sepsis, the 0.1% methylene blue drops usually does the job, a sepsis, if they are of crawly things are fungal in nature, and methylene blue is frequently employed. It's taken 8 drops hourly for 3 or 4 hours before the sepsis due to crawly things stop. But my favorite on skin is the DMSO/ castor oil mix, 70% DMSO 30% castor oil apply to the skin. For internal blood it is methylene blue 0.1%, and for digestive tract, it is again DMSO and castor oil not exceeding 1 teaspoon. I will probably try 1/2 teaspoon. Be aware that castor oil effects is to relieve constipation.

Finally, oat bran, not oat meal is taken once or twice a day. It normalizes gut issues, especially the butyrate for intestinal regeneration so the immune system can pick up.

another thing where i can find lysine, lugol iodine on internet?
can you recommend one company?

I make my own Lugol's. Lysine is available in most drug stores in your region. There may be a youtube on how to make it. First you dissolve potassium citrate 4.5% in water, then you put 2% iodine to the mix. It will take time to dissolve it probably 1 or 2 days, the crystals will slowly dissolve. It probably will dissolve faster if it is hot water, but always mix potassium iodide first. There should be something close to Lugol's in drug stores it's usually has higher content, then you will dilute it down.

There is 1.25 liter bottle of cola bottle and you just fill to 1.00 liter. To measure out there is measuring jars to 500 cc or 1000 cc.


Replied by Natalie

I'm confused as far as disinfecting areas to get rid of morgellons nests because when I was reading posts on this site, Ted suggested the member go use Terasodium EDTA and Ammonium chloride, but on another post he suggested the member to use EDTA and ammonium bicarbonate or ammonium carbonate. Which one is best for disinfecting when combined with the terasodium EDTA?

Replied by Janet

Natalie. I have been using Ted's remedy for topical treatment for a few years for various problems. Disodium edta is the best 1/4 cup reduced in your borax water. The ammonium chloride is best the carbonate is good for an internal remedy. I found using white ammonia from the store effective. I look for one with just water and ammonia. Which is virtually what you are making.

I use 5% ammonia to a spray bottle 95% full of saturated borax water.

2/3 cup of borax in 1 gallon of water, let sit one hour dip fill spray bottle avoiding any excess grains of borax. I use a small garden pump sprayer to do large areas. I also make up a Swiffer fitted with a clean rag or paper towels dampened with bucket solution to clean drips as I go.

Turpentine is a great remedy internally in companion with the topical treatments. 1 tsp of clean turpentine. Should be 100% turp In a canning jar 1/2 fill the jar with raw honey. Blend attaching the jar to the blades of an oster blender($20 walmart) 5 minutes on low. Let it drip awhile until the blades drip mostly clean. Take a scant tsp for 4 days take 2 or 3 days off restart. There are other remedies and ways here, this works for me.