Treating Morgellons Disease with Borax

Posted by DC (Anon) on 08/08/2013

Dear Ted, Firstly, thank you for saving my life. In January of this year, I hosted an international student who arrived with prick marks on her arms and intense itching. We were both treated for 3 months for scabies, using, sulphur, clove, permethrin and ivermectin to no avail. I was getting new symmetrical rashes every 3 days in different parts with maddening itching. My cat also got it. They also penetrated my tongue. I lost more than half of my hair and lost 30 lbs, quit work, discarded all furnishings, saw multiple doctors who wanted to give me antipsychotic drugs!

Then I found earth clinic and your borax cure. Thank God for you and your generous healing heart. After two days, I bathed and the tub was lined with black specks. I felt cured within a month and so was my poor cat who was given selamectin every two weeks at the vet... they didn't believe me so I brought him home and gave him borax and shaved him and sprayed him with enzymes... he was covered in black specks.

So I have been taking borax for about two months now, but my hair is still falling out in handfuls every day. I wonder if they are on my scalp still and perhaps there isn't enough blood circulation to take the borax there? Also, most worrying, is that I go to places that are infested and I immediately feel the pin pricks, so I can never stop borax? I have been feeling a dull ache in my left side and I am worried about my kidney. I am a 44 yr. old female and both my mother and her mother died of kidney cancer. I am taking so many supplements plus hydrogen peroxide 35% 5 drops a day, plus borax and baking soda. I just don't know how they got on my tongue again... maybe they just went dormant? I was feeling so great for about a month but I am aware of the re-infestation when I go to the grocery store bank. I live on the outskirts of Toronto. Some people seem to be immune. Sometimes I feel them in my nose and notice others noses being bothered while some people have no reaction. I have lost all nose hair, but the hair on my head is most upsetting, however shallow that sounds.

I feel like you are the only one who can help me regain my life and have started thinking about coming to Thailand to see you but it is so far and so expensive and I have lost so much already and have no income or family. Do you have a clinic? Do you ever make trips to North America? There are no words to express my gratitude to you. How can it be that you are the only one on the planet to understand this plague? Is this morgellons? Why is the entire medical community in the dark?

I know you are so busy healing so many but I pray you can help me with this. Most important question is if I can stay on borax forever? I am also taking fish oil and vitamin B and biotin and magnesium chloride and C, and zinc, and iodine. I am just wondering if I am hurting my kidney. I can never find the same place on earth clinic so I wrote to you personally so I don't miss your reply.

God bless you dear Parhatsathid. Because of you I know there are angels among us.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You can prepare a spray for the dog or animals, yes, and not just for the bedding. First, you have to get the dog wet, not too wet, basically rinsed, but not dry. Then you spray lightly on the dog throughout the body. The area of the mouth and the dog's eyes cannot be sprayed, but cup of water, with a light spray of EDTA and ammonium chloride, on the cup, and apply it lightly in this area. Should there by any stinging sensation, then wash over with water in those areas. I also like mysritin, which is a powdered form used for treatment of arthritis, to work fairly well for Morgellon's also but EDTA, ammonium chloride will be the disinfectant spray. The borax and hydrogen peroxide works more deeper and is used first, on the dog.

This would be in lieu of the hydrogen peroxide/Borax baths. Yes, you always start with that then do you the spray.

Actually people can sense these Morgellon's mites, the feeling of a spider web on the skin even though it's not there. These things get infested slowly in public places such as airplanes, buses, bathrooms, hotels, apartments and of course people's homes but it can be easily stopped by making tetrasodium EDTA spray and ammonium chloride, 10% solution as a cleaning agent. A person with Morgellon's can easily detect these things but I don't actually get appreciated for my work in Thailand, as they try to close it down and me as well, as I don't follow their usual protocols. As a result I have to posts these things to the public otherwise these people will be improperly and needlessly treated wrong before a gag rule is in place.

Similarly tetrasodium EDTA and ammonium chloride can be saturated with water and used as drops to be taken internally to get rid of these also. The usual drops dosage is 10 drops after meals twice a day. This is considered a safe dose for most people. Morgellon's is actually not a popular topic and people get ostracized for being crazy and it will continue to spread if this spray is not used as a disinfectant.


Replied by Going, Going, Gone!

Ted, You rock. Our family got Morgellons after a bad lice infestation last summer. Your protocol absolutely does work.

I started using the Borax "mite" protocol--as outlined on Earth Clinic--at the beginning of July, so I lost a little time. Luckily I found this Q and A area and added the hydrogen peroxide to the Borax. Now that we have the internal drink "correct, " it is all systems go.

Hair: EDTA.

Disinfecting Spray: Ammonium Chloride, on sheets, in cars, etc.

Alkaline: We keep our systems above 7. 4 by drinking baking soda and water (1/2 tsp. ) several times a day. We test with strips, purchased from Amazon.

Per your updated info, we will now just spray ourselves with the disinfecting solution (and add EDTA). This will eliminate the Borax/hydrogen peroxide baths and application on the body. That's a good thing, because I literally feel like an addict scooping up boxes of Borax at the local Ace hardware. The manager thinks I'm a nut. lol.

I will write more in a few more weeks when our family is cured, but I wanted to add this about pets.

3 of 4 of our cats are infected. Baths in hydrogen peroxide and Borax only get part of the job done, so started adminstering Borax in a little bit of butter daily. The cats didn't mind it, but still, invariably black specks in bath--reduced--but not eliminated.

So, following your protocol and common sense, now give each 10 lb. cat 2 cc's of a Borax/hydrogen peroxide solution.

The key: The hydrogen peroxide must be 35 percent food grade! Add one drop to your 4 cups of water. Then take 1 tsp. Of the diluted hydrogen peroxide and mix with 1/8 tsp. Of borax per pet! Stir and suck up 2 cc's in a syringe. Administer once a day.

Now we have massive shedding of black fibres and red ones from the pets. I cover our sofas and bed with a white sheet so I can monitor the progress. Way to go, cats! They, too, are healing.

Normally I would also stick with the baths for our pets, but now that you mention the disinfecting agent--is that ok for a cat's coat in lieu of the borax/hydrogen peroxide baths? I will not apply without your say so--you may have meant their bedding only. And it's possible licking EDTA and the Ammonium Chloride mix could make them sick.

Readers, everything Ted mentions can be purchased on Amazon. Do not delay. This can and will be cured, for both yourselves and your beloved pets, if you stick with the protocol.


Replied by DC

Thank you Ted for your prompt and very informative reply. Please educate the world about this plague.

So, if they are internal, I must only continue borax and H202? And ETDA and ammonium chloride external only?

Very interesting about skin.....I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had oily skin all my life!

Also what is the connection with schizophrenia? Is it a coincidence that my father was schizophrenic? ( I am not).

I had my house treated with high heat (150 degrees for four hours), the same treatment used for bedbugs and the pinpricks inside my house and crawling sensation in front of the computer subsided, so high heat does also kill them, but is very costly.

I have asked so many doctors and veterinarians is there is a new mite that is not species specific and they all said "no". Nobody believed that my cat and I were both suffering from the same thing. I had a successful dog walking business for 12 years and I quit in order to protect the dogs from me. But my clients asked their vets and were told I am crazy. Even my own family doctor wanted to admit me to a psychiatric facility because I was almost suicidal and she thought I was crazy for taking borax. I begged her to admit me to an infectious disease hospital but she said no. I finally saw Dr Keystone at Toronto General Hospital (leading infectious disease specialist), but I was already much improved with Borax and told him everything... he said he didn't know what this is, maybe morgellons, but he was the only one to tell me to continue to borax since it was working and had heard others success with it. At least he validated my sanity, but I will never see a western dr again.

Many blessings to you, Ted."

08/26/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "This Morgellon's is all over the world, That is all I know; however, it is not recognized until it is epidemic. The problem appears to be the disease cannot be recognized by conventional means. So they can escape detection if people are not trained to look for it, like the movie, Minority Report. However, you can detect them by collecting samples in plastic petri dishes (they tend to grow all over) from the head, or dead ones by killing them with EDTA and ammonium chloride in the bathroom. Insects spreads them, but they don't seem to be found in Morgellon's in every case, but insects like Morgellon's as they live symbiotically with a fungus by helping to lay eggs. For example a mosquito lays her eggs in water, but to ensure larvae grows, spores of fungus are needed to grow before larvae grows. By controlling the growth of fungus in the water, this will prevent the spread of mosquitoes and Morgellon's. I think this is common knowledge but we are not trained to recognize this.

So, if they are internal, I must only continue borax and H202? And ETDA and ammonium chloride external only?

Continue with borax and H2O2, it will also reduce polycystic ovarian syndrome. EDTA and ammonium chloride can be sprayed on the body and outside also. It can be taken internally, but the dose is much less, and concentration is different if taken internally.

Very interesting about skin... I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have had oily skin all my life!

Borax, PABA, inositol and EDTA will help reduction, but not pressing issue.

Also what is the connection with schizophrenia? Is it a coincidence that my father was schizophrenic? ( I am not).

I actually cured three cases of schizophrenia last month alone by simply getting rid of the fungus. This is why the schizophrenic spends a long time in the bathroom taking bath as a result of this internal heat and have frequent skin issues. Not all Morgellon's cases have schizophrenic co-disorders, but if Morgellon's overgrowth to the point of fungus invading internally especially the brain you can create schizophrenia, especially if the immune system is also low, by eating lots of sugar and fried foods. This however doesn't apply to obsessive compulsive condition.

The best way to kill these Morgellons mites that doesn't cost a lot (such as for those in the third world country such as where I am living), I would prefer to use diatomaceous earth.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I wonder if they are on my scalp still and perhaps there isn't enough blood circulation to take the borax there?

The breeding grounds for Morgellon's is the head, falling of hair indicates some infections in the head. The other breeding ground is in the bathroom ceiling and maybe some other ceilings, but they like the moist bathrooms and plastics. Everyone has different electrostatic attractions, which these Morgellon's are attracted to. If anyone with Morgellon's tries to tell anyone about the conditions, that person will be improperly treated using anti psychotics or assumed to be crazy. The prime organs that the Morgellon's love varies from person to person, but are usually the liver, kidneys, head, skin, and tongue.

People with morgellons can feel the electrostatic attraction and hence can detect a room that has high risks, like electrostatic attraction of your hair on a winter day. So at least you know how to avoid those rooms.

Since they are attracted by electrostatic attraction, unscented fabric softener will protect you. There is another remedy which humans, cats, and dogs like which is ammonium chloride and I mix it with tetra sodium EDTA, in equal portion with 90% water as a disinfectant spray against morgellon's such as bedrooms, carpets, and bathrooms, especially ceilings will be helpful. Both schizophrenia and Morgellon's have similar symptoms and thus can be cured without the use of antipsychotics, there are more advanced methods, but I refrained for laypeople as it is hard to obtain. To prevent new reinfestations, always use this disinfectant spray on the body and the room. Yes borax and h2o2 works, but antiseptic spray also works but better as it lasts longer, and forms a dust to continue killing them as well, which can be used to protect the house. I think the level of hyaluronic acid varies greatly from one person to another, but dry skin indicates less hyaluronic acid is not helping, it makes it worse by attracting Morgellon's. Dead ones have black specks, active ones have red specks, and will be attracted to a person of dry skin or lack of hyaluronic acid.

Other things I found that helps besides, Borax, H2O2, ammonium chloride and tetrasodium EDTA, myristin which is used in treatment of arthritis, but also helps against morgellon's too. If you have the complete protocol you should get control of your life. For hair loss just mix maybe sodium molybdate a pinch, ammonium chloride, borax and EDTA. People with Morgellon's disease should use only tetrasodium EDTA solution (up to you how much concentration) as a soap and shampoo, always start with the head going down the body if you want to get rid of it, and always at least disinfect the bathroom and bedroom with the antiseptic spray before use. This should kill them and make them visible, especially on the bathroom ceiling, by turning them into black specks, the active mother is red specks, the active but not the mother one should not be visible and the head and ceiling are prime breeding sites. Hoteliers should be aware of this fact or they faced people never going into hotels ever again, as Morgellon's is slowly but surely infesting them, through airplanes, buses, especially the hotels and motels. It's possible to detect easily by sensing electrostatic attraction and the methods of eradication is known already.


Replied by Vicky

1) Please guide me how to make ratio of h2o2:borax for internal purpose.

2) please guide me how to make saturated solution of tetra sodium EDTA + Ammonium chloride to take internally.

3) How mystirin help to cure morgellons .

All you are very kind person so please reply me in your time which help me to come out from this hell as soon as possible.


Replied by Deb
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Hi Ted, I have had Morgellons for 5 years, am 60 years old female and am about 98% healed using Mels cure and SSKI. But at night I still feel feather like tickles and around full moon might feel a crawl/bite or two. My question is that I would like to start the Borax/Hydrogen Peroxide. Should I start baths first?, then use 1/8 tsp Borax with Hydrogen Peroxide saturated with water-1 tsp.? Thank you for all your work, Deb

Replied by Luis
Atlanta, Ga

What is the daily dosage of tetrasodium EDTA and ammonium chloride and how do you mix these compounds? Thank you.