How to Contract Nanobugs

Posted by Anna (Toronto, Canada) on 11/28/2007

Hi Everyone! I actually have a question regarding the nanobugs. How do you contract them and is it possible that your family member can get them from you. One more question. Suppose you are cured and your face has cleared. Do you have to desinfect your pillows, etc.? Can anyone answer my questions? Thank you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You contract them from hunting animals, walking in beach, cleaning pigeon cages, or even being close to an infected animals such as a dog. You can also catch it from your family member. The bugs in one case I found to jump onto the leg, burrows in the skin, and somehow because of their size, they manage to move to their favorite place around the face, if they are further spread they go to the joints, then they go deeper and then start eating the body's organs, which is usually the heart, kidneys and a woman's reproductive organ is what I got through private emails.

Yes family members can get it and it is infectious.

A nanobug manifests several ways and usually shows up as a "lupus", but sometimes a "morgellon's disease", or even a rosacea. I have seen family members get infected from mother to children, or father to children. Certain hospitals are using chemotherapy to treat lupus and I have seen people dying from just chemotherapy instead of the lupus. The nanobugs, if gone deep enough hurts the joints, but I have seen cases of liquefying the entire reproductive system before dying, or a nanobug eating the body's organ until it no longer functions, such as eating kidney, heart, lungs, etc. before dying.

Do you have to desinfect your pillows, etc.?

If you are cured disinfecting is required. The usual reinfection that has worked for dogs I have found to have also worked quite well for humans. But in disinfection I would need a higher H2O2 which is 3% and borax is added, about 2-5%, where the beds and carpets are sprayed too.

For some reason or another, at least for the Morgellon's superbug, it seems this kind are man-made, and it is well accepted in scientific circles, such as:

But in a more popular internet, this issue can be seen here too:

The "other internet website" seem to promote vitamin C and salt therapy. While another use certain acids and minerals. In my own experience, the most effective remedy so far based a lot of trial and error were the baking soda, hyrdrogen peroxide and borax remedy, that is most effective.

Replied by Sarah
Key West, Florida

I contracted this 10 years ago while evacuating Key West for a Hurricane. We were on the Turnpike up in South Florida and suddenly my face was itching horribly. Something was off and I asked at turnpike stop and found out a hurricane had passed through the area a few days before. I didn't connnect it at the time but later as I have read similar connections between hurricanes and this disease. Each hurricane brings new aspects to the disease. At that time once I looked in my magnifying mirror my face was covered with black specks. I have found when up in Hollywood Florida and Ft. Lauderdale that the very water supply seems to be infected. Showering makes me worse there. I also have this in my venal system. Years later when I got a dog my dog contracted it in from me the second year I had it. Ivermectin helps my little dog. I agree about the olive leaf extract which I discovered quite by accident. I did have a blood transfusion six months before the above incident during emergency surgery. Sulfur, while proving the disease as far as pulling up a black thing and drawing blood, makes that area permanently worse.

Replied by Joy
Bracebridge Ontario Canada

You can contact these nano pests anywhere. They will mostly jump on you if you take your shoes off where they could be ĺiving. If feels like a shock on your feet. Recommend that people leave there shoes on. I myself did a detox with magnets, you must be careful to not where the magnets for more than 2 hrs x 3x a day. Giving yourself 6 hrs total. You can also put the magnets under your dog's mat. Again do not wear them more than 6hrs/day. Ì put on and wore the magnets for 12-15hrs a day and was deathly I'll. The nano bugs are very difficult to detox out of. I then got pneumonia and felt I truly was on deaths door. Colloidal silver in a vaporizer saved me. I slept with a sheet tent and used 750 ml through this machine, it totally killed the pneumonia. Be careful when detoxing. There are other products that work incredibly on the scalp and sores, problem is it is illegal. Doctors will not help as they won't even recommend or realize how wonderful Colloidal silver works. Good luck!