Eye Infection and Hair Disorders

Posted by E (Anonymous) on 05/02/2012

Dear Ted, Firstly thank you for all your information and contributions. I know you must receive lots of emails and I am somewhat in dire straights. I am 25, used to vibrant/intelligent and in above average health. After living in some poor living environments with mold, rats, roaches, etc I began getting strange skin abscesses that would never come to a head, itchiness, follicular plugging, and then change in hair follicles (compound hairs, darker hair). The worst is my eyes and face... I wake every day with swollen eyelids and small white threads on the lid, along with broken capillaries around my eyes. The "brain fog" is the worst as my brain was my livelihood.

I have read your suggestions on Morgellons and borax. But I wondered will this work if I have some infectious agent inside the eyeball. This is disgusting; and I apologize in advance, but I got a Morgellons-victim body fluid in the eye that is worst. I feel I contracted these symptoms after that. I have experimented with some homeopathic belldonna/sulphur eye drops. I read somewhere that the the fibers react to aerolsized metals and that sulfur and nitrogen-hetercycles like pyridine (tobacco smoke, black tea, belladona) and quinoline will interfere. What do you think? I should continue borax? I think you mention in about three months I could be better.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. With much thanks, E

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The classic treatment (my remedy!) for Morgellons' has always been borax and hydrogen peroxide. One capful of 3% H2O2 in one liter of water and 1/8 teaspoons of borax. I have developed a whole range of remedies of treat Morgellon's but start with that first. The second classic remedy is Tetrasodium EDTA, used as a bath soap, this will cause some few pains in areas where there is an open wound, so keep away from that. Then also a chelation agent can be used internally such as 30% EDTA with 70% water and take 20 drops three times a day. The third classic remedy is urea taken as a bath and taken internally will help the most. Unfortunately the urea has to be added with some EDTA, to help chelate out metals found in urea, such as 3 drops per tablespoon of urea, and dissolved in any amount of water necessary to be used as a bath or taken internally. If internally maybe 5 times a day at 1 tablespoon of urea.

You have to understand that some people do not believe in Morgellon's because you can't see them, but you can it is very small. So some people think it is invasion of the fungus, but is not since the crawling sensations. And they refuse to accept it as Morgellon's, as a result I refused to answer these people because they don't accept it as Morgellon's. There is a fascinating treatment, but not as effective as the first one, but a scientific curiosity that Morgellon's are attracted to electrostatics, and using unscented fabric softening agent as bath or applying them on plastics will prevent them from growing, although ammonium bicarbonate 10% spray or ammonium carbonate spray will do the job needed to get rid of this environmental problem of the Morgellon's.

Once you accept it as Morgellon's the treatment is straightforward. I think these three remedies alone will cure your condition, except for weakness and liver problems, which can be relieved with mblue (methylene blue 0.1% 4 drops in morning and afternoon), and general loss of appetite due to liver problem with temporary supplement of B50 (only a week).

The reason I am somewhat certain is I have cured 3 clients already, for this year alone.


Replied by E

Dear Ted, You are a life-saver! Thank you for helping people with Morgellons. I have just one small addition. I have shaved my head very close and notice the hairs have became short, brittle and black or with lots of black specks. But at the hair bulb the white or red fiber bundle emerges. Is there anything I can do to regain my normal red hair? Copper sulfate solution? I have been having some luck with sodium thiosulfate topically. I will try the remedies you gave me.

Also, do you think a soap with monosulfim would help at all? And, I bought some urea crystals for cosmetic use, do you mean urea crystals or urine? These internal treatments will be able to access the interiors of the body like the eyes and skin?

And one other question: I am worried about h202 because of research on oxidation and morgellons. People using ozone have said it makes the disease worse. I myself, had severe symptoms increase dramatically after being exposed to chlorine dioxide gas."

05/15/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes some people go to extremes by shaving their heads with Morgellon's, you don't have to go to that extreme. EDTA (tetrasodium EDTA) will do fine! Just a solution of EDTA for your hair will inactivate most of the Morgellons!

You do not use copper sulfate or copper chloride, it makes it worse. You do not use MMS, chlorine dioxide, or ANYTHING chlorine, it makes it worse. Although hydrogen peroxide 1% with borax will do fine. MSM will do fine also, or anything made of sulfur is fine, such as N acetyl Cysteine, and others. As far as ozone, well ozone alone doesn't work but it didn't make it worse, is about the same. What I can tell you is no sugar, no artificial sugar, no wheat, and most of all no plastics! They reproduce themselves in plastic, but cotton is fine. The Morgellon's remain visible and you can feel the web on your skin, it becomes visible, after you spray EDTA, or ammonium bicarbonate or ammonium carbonate, or mixed together to sterilize the room as dark threads. They chiefly are in the ceiling of bathrooms, and when they fall down the orange or red ones will come to the body. There is an electrostatic attraction. Their chief nesting sites are the ceilings and your head because of electrostatics.

I hope this helps. The biggest problems with Morgellon's is they don't believe you, even the people who actually had it! There are a lot more infected than you think. If Morgellons are infected in initial stages, they can simply be controlled with Lavender oil, at least my Lavender oil, two applications will eliminate them, but fully infected needs more.

Morgellons in Thailand first spread with chemtrails use, and human to dog infection of Morgellon's is HIGH. Human to human is low. Dog to human is low, but bird to humans is high. The birds catch them by chemtrails. So there is a lot more in U.S.

Also, do you think a soap with monosulfim would help at all?

Any soap of sulfur is fine, such as MSM, mixed, People who have Morgellon's SHOULD NOT USE SOAP. as they will quickly learn that the hard way. They should not use fragrances, except pure lavender oil. The soap I commonly use is Tetrasodium EDTA, Urea, and Ammonium bicarbonate.

Now don't think I have a lot of Morgellons clients in Thailand, there aren't many, maybe 2 to 3 in 5 years, but I learn fast. The ones I will worry is U.S. with a lot of chemtrails. Most of Morgellon's I see is in U.S. and a lot will not admit they have it (more then 90%), that's the hard part even if they are suffering from them, because of that, they will continue to do so. The remedies in U.S. for Morgellon's are ineffective, and downright worse!


Replied by Diane
Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Ted: Thank you for all of your counsel provided to us on this site. I believe I have been dealing with morgellons since 2001 when I came home from work one day after eating a box of chocolate covered cherries (I was probably exposed but then pushed my system to overload with the sugar). I felt crawling on my face then developed this one huge pimple on my cheek. I have since seen others with this and believe it to be a seeding sign or precursor of some sort. Anyway I just figured out what I had is probably morgellons because I noticed small black bugs in my drain and when I went away on a trip recently I noticed the bugs were there too so I knew they must have come with me. I did a search online for tiny black bugs in hair and eventually came across your posts for treatments. I have the symptoms of fibers coming out of my legs and small crystals from my eyes. I used to just brush this off as a piece of mulch somehow got into my pants or just the stuff you rub from your eyes when you wake up. But then it would come out of my legs and I knew I hadn't been around any mulch and the crystals would just appear randomly throughout the day.

As I mentioned I just discovered what the problem is and started with a parasite cleanse (paragone) My husband and daughter have been taking it too and I tried to give it to my 10lb poodle but I have been giving it to him with cheese otherwise he won't eat it. I have to sneak it to him because my husband doesn't think he needs it since he is on the frontline dog pest treatment. My problem now is that I first tried the vaseline in my hair to kill the insects which it did and I think the numbers have been greatly reduced but they have now run down my forehead and are fast approaching my eyes. Plus I still feel them on my scalp. Should I begin the borax hydrogen peroxide treatment while on the paragone? I also have some sulfur soap I use on the weekends on the body. Will the internal treatment eradicate them from my scalp and face? I saw someone mention about a treatment you recommended for rosacea a borax/hydrogen peroxide paste that I thought about using in conjunction with the drink.

I'm 5'5", 115lbs, age 42. I drink about 50 oz of filtered water per day. What do you recommend to treat my dog? I'm working on my ph balance and eating a low/no carb low/no sugar diet. I have been using the borax in my laundry and vacuum with it about once a week (rarely ever did before). Also wanted to know how is it going with E from Anonymous? I hope you're feeling better. Did the treatments help? After the first 10 days on the paragone I have noticed black specks in the toilet. But now not so much. I want to start your treatment ted but I'm worried about making it worse due to the aggressive nature of the creatures.

And lastly could you recommend a specific body soap? Since taking these measures I noticed more feeling of biting on my body Most searches for the tetra EDTA comes up with stuff they say should not be used. I plan to buy some pure lavender oil. Thank you for reading my long post. Greatly appreciate any response you can provide and immensely thankful for your geniune concern and universal assistance.

Replied by Alycia

Dear Ted,

I have morgelllons. Your posts mean the World to me. They have helped tremendously. I am monitoring my ph of saliva and urine. I take half teaspoon sodium citrate at night as per your instructions to get the right ph. I am talking 1/8 teaspoon borax 2xday also. This is all because your kindness and generosity in posting these remedies. I also think your observation of the nests in the ceiling and walks of bathrooms and kitchens was brilliance. I am using the 10% tetrasodium EDTA and ammonium chloride as a disinfectant spray also per your instructions. Thank you so much for all that information.

I have been battling this for 6 months although I believe it was longer I just didn't realize it as I was going through differential diagnoses on myself. I procured tetrasodium EDTA, urea, and ammonium chloride. My question is about this statement you made,

"Then also a chelation agent can be used internally such as 30% EDTA with 70% water and take 20 drops three times a day. The third classic remedy is urea taken as a bath and taken internally will help the most. Unfortunately the urea has to be added with some EDTA, to help chelate out metals found in urea, such as 3 drops per tablespoon of urea, and dissolved in any amount of water necessary to be used as a bath or taken internally. If internally maybe 5 times a day at 1 tablespoon of urea."

I am trying to understand the 30% EDTA. in another post you wrote " if no measures than 2 tablespoons of EDTA in a pint is close enough." Does that mean that 6 tablespoons in a pint is 30%? Also, the urea mixed with EDTA I am having trouble figuring out. Do you mean the EDTA mixture that is 30% I add to the urea to take internally? I apologize if these questions seem mundane. I cannot locate the answer from searching the web. I am so grateful to you as my situation environmentally is improving, and my itching and crawling is much reduced by the taking of borax, sodium citrate.

Thank you so much.