Alkalization and Nano Bugs

Posted by D on 03/14/2008

Hi Ted, Re:'Carbicarb Just wanted to let you know that I've been using your carbicarb recipe for the past couple of weeks. It seems that there is some affect on my face - the intense redness on the left cheek seems to be breaking up and there are a few spots which have come and gone (like bites). The most obvious reaction though is on my lower back where I had all of those bugs surfacing last year; and a massive 3 day headache which seems to be bug-related. The whole lower back became crusty and itchy and I've been putting a goldenseal lotion; also aloe vera; and frequent wipings with lavender and tea tree oil. But this all seems to be subsiding and I'm wondering if there was some kind of a peak (hope so!). Anyway, I'll continue doing it with occasional day off, and supplementing immune system with lecithin, and various vitamins and minerals. Deb

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The borax and hydrogen peroxide in the drinking water is what kills the insect. The alkalizing is to help reduce the redness further where there are pockets of acidity to further reduce the toxins created by the bugs. In case you are wondering, the borax remedy is always needed, which is 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon. The addition of 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% is needed to have a penetrating effects to further kill the insects. However, some borax in 0.5% to' 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide is used for bathing to kill them from the outside by soaking in them. That's still important I think in a 100% kill. However, a 0.5% concentration is often better as it is lower concentration but the solution won't kill as effectively although a 1% concentration may cause hair to become slightly orange. These bugs don't die completely all of it and takes some time so but what it does is keep it to a minimum and other remedies in conjunction with this might help such as black hull walnuts and other herbal remedies needed for the 100% kill.