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Posted by Anonymous (Canada) on 03/13/2014

Dear Ted,

I wrote you before to thank you for saving my life with borax. I am also now using tetrasodium for my scalp and the hair loss is significantly decreased. I also gave my cat borax and saved his life. You are always in my prayers and I will be eternally grateful to you.

It has been a little over a year since I got the morgellons and I have been wondering why they are attracted to me. I go to some places that I know are infested ( many in the Toronto area), and I can see some people tickling their noses feeling them while others are not bothered at all. This has puzzled me, but I think I have found the answer. You remember I told you the crawling was most intense in front of the tv or computer and you said they are attracted to electricity. I have been making effort to be healthier overall and educating myself on natural health. In my reading, I read about the dangers of silver and mercury in tooth fillings. I have not been to a dentist in 20 years as I fear them. I have many old fillings in my mouth so I looked online for a holistic dentist. I even had some fillings chip in my mouth and I swallowed them not knowing the danger. Apparently, "When you put two different metals together in a solution, such as mercury amalgams and saliva, electrical current is generated.". Perhaps I am full of metals inside my body and this attracts the bugs. It would be interesting to examine the heavy metals in other morgellons sufferers and know if this is the reason they come to us. I am going to see a dentist next week and will gradually have the old fillings removed and replaced with BPA free resin. This must be done gradually for safety reasons. After that, I hope to do a heavy metal detox ( do you know the best way?) Then I can go to an infested place and see if they still come to me. I know you are the authority in the world about this but it is still a mystery, so I wanted to share my hypothesis with you in hopes you can add to it or use this to help others. If this is the reason, it will be an easier solution. I will let you know when it is all complete if I notice a difference. You are the only one I can share this with because everyone else wont understand the obsession and already thinks I am crazy. Below is the info I found on a website for a holistic dentist:


I hope you are well dear Ted and I send you many blessings.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

The static attraction is what is attacted caused by porous skin. The electrical differences is worse when this happens. By using chelation agents as tetra edta is gets metals out and no electrical attraction from Morgellons. Is quite true any metal in mouth will create electrical attraction so removal will help. So I probably won't quote you. But people have to aware of this attraction. If person is too acidic or too alkaline will cause it too. So urine and mouth PH has to be 7, which is neutral. Ted

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I have very tight pores. However, I noticed that I felt way better when taking Chlorella and super digestive enzymes. Ted, how do you know the difference between Morgellon's and say, Blepharitis? Would a green LED light work on those eye critters?