Fighting Scabies or Morgellon's Infestation

Posted by Ray (Anon) on 05/15/2013

Ted, my wife have been fighting what we believe to be scabies we had the feeling like something was running across nose & lower extremities. It has been 10 months and we never got scabs, just a little rash & itching. What we have tried: lindane stromectol help permithium before that. Next coconut oil & clove seem to help more. We are now using neem oil but we put on head to toe on 5th week. I added turmeric to enema a month or so ago and got alot of black pepper spots.

What I seem to get now is pin type sticking every once in awhile fingers toes occasionally I will see a few purple spots come to surface. I put clove oil on and next I will wipe them with clinic either wipe off or disappear slowly into hand. We also have been taking teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in orange juice & Milk. We have done borax and hydrogen peroxide baths. And with bleach we're seeing white & grey stuff coming out of us. Still feel occasional itch & pin pricks. Last bite was a few days ago. What is your cures should we stick with neem oil? What is correct way to use this? We haven't had sex in months. We didn't sleep n the same bed for six months we wash clothes daily sheets etc. My wife is bipolar so this alone has worn me down. I am almost 60 we need help please this is killing me.

Last few questions: did bleach bath only saw 1 grey larva float to top? Are they dead when they come out or can they go back in you? The black peppers when they come to top of body are they dead? I also see white dots are they dead?

Last why is the USA CDC not have a clue that lindane & permithium does not work or that they also tell people to go back to work & they are infecting others if they shake hands or hug or even get in there car? My friend called me said he is now itching all he did is shake hands quick hug and he rode in my car. Now he is treating himself with Tea tree oil peppermint & coconut oil Nut is not coconut oil like sugar don't the scabies thrive on sugar. Last what do you take to get them out of your blood for good? IS THERE ANY NEW CURE ANYONE IS WORKING ON IN YOUR COUNTRY INDIA AUSTRALIA BRAZIL MEXICO OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY I HEARD IN FRANCE THEY USE A SPRAY CALLED SPRECTAL BUT THEY CAN NOT SHIP IT TO THE STATES THEY SAY IT WORKS ?????


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Your symptoms seem consistent with Morgellon's Disease. The tetra sodium edta I have tried (on myself) as shampoo and soap does work. Also myristin taken internally works against Morgellon's. A disinfectant of ammonium chloride 10% with 5% edta inactivates stray Morgellon's parasites found in bathroom ceilings and other places.