Help Needed on Salt/vitamin C Threapy for Morgellons

Posted by G on 09/25/2007

Hi Ted, I still read your posts on Earth Clinic. Many times you mention it's hard to collect results because many people do not get back to you. Well I just wanted to get back to you with regard to the advise you gave me about taking Borax internally for Morgellons symptoms. I tried the treatment but I was only able to stay on it for 3 - 4 weeks. I was taking Baking soda (tablespoon twice a day) and the Borax mixed in a quart of water (1 teaspoon). I must have some type of secondary infection (or maybe it's the primary) but the head of my penis becomes very red and irratated while taking this protocol. So much so I had to stop. Not sure if it's the Baking Soda or the Borax that triggers this ... but it's very uncomfortable, so I stopped.

I notice the same side effect if I take prescription antibiotics as well (Minocycline 100mg). The irritated/red penis is the very first symptom that occured 25 mos. ago when this waterfall of health problems came into my life. I sincerely believe it was/is some type of fungal or bacterial infection that turned systemetic. I can't prove it and NO doctor will ever take the time to pursue this with me and try to get answers. As I stated in one of my older emails to you ... the worst being the crawling sensations on my face, nose, ears, scalp. Actually the crawling sensations have spread to most of my body now.

The sensations are always worse when in front of an electo-magnetic device such as a computer screen or whel relaxing in front of a TV. They are ALWAYS worse at night. Almost like on a time schedule. I moved from NJ, USA to Tennessee USA in July so it was difficult to follow any protocol or healthy eating plan in the process. I had to move for my job. Now that I am settle I am still trying to overcome this illness once again. (actually I never stopped) To be honest, I can't confirm that this is Morgellons because there is no clinical diagnosis yet ... but I call it Morgellons because of the crawling / stining sensations and the fiact that I see white lint like fibers flying through the air in front of me. It's very consistant and I see them all the time. I have found no other disease on the internet that would come close to describing these symptoms. I know it sounds crazy and I'd hardly believe it if it weren't happening to me but I see them. They look very much like a piece of lint you would see come off a wool sweater. But I see them so often it's beyond coincidental and they're are in heavy concentration in my car and any areas where I sit.

I've started a regiment of bathing in 2 cups of Epson Salts and 32 fl oz. of Hydrogen Peroxide for 30 mins. Submerging my head while breathing through a scuba snorkle. I think it helps keep my facial skin stay clear but it does nothing for the crawling and it dries out my skin pretty bad. Over the past two years I have experimented with alot of things but nothing has decreased the crawling. : ( If I could conquer that symptom I would feel somewhat human again. My diet is green vegatables, chicken or beef, eggs / bacon, walnuts, very low carbs (only brown rice as my carb.). No wheat products, very rarely. Bottled spring water, 1 cup of coffee a day. It' s pretty much an anti-Candida type diet.

Do you have any opinion of the Salt / Vitamin C therapy? I don't think I've ever seen you comment about it. Some woman from Alaska recently posted on Earth Clinic about the use of this protocol for successfully treating Morgellons symptoms. She went into quite a bit of detail and seemed logical in her explanation of what she is doing. So much so I thought I would give it a try. I've worked up to 12grams of Sodium Chloride (pharmaceutcal) and 12 grams of Ascorbic Acid per day. So far no results and I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I have a feeling doing this in such high doses could be harmful to my health but I am desperate and would try just about anything to get some releif to the crawling sensations. Any thoughts on Salt/C ? Good / bad ? I would have stayed on the Borax longer if it weren't for the side efftct with my sexual organ. That is a tough one and don't know what to do about that. I feel I am in really in deep trouble. If you can offer any advice I'de apprecitate it, or if you need more info. let me know. Thanks for you time,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The problem about the borax remedy is that the dose you mentioned is too much. This also includes the baking soda. The remedy is seen as 1/4 teaspoon of borax and not taken everyday either. Such as every other day, for example. A maximum continuous one is only 4 days out of a week. The typical baking soda dose is 1/2 tablespoon x 2 times a day. A more effective one adds some potassium (1/8) and some citric acid that will be mentioned later.

The fiber is an important clue, scientifically it indicates a non-biological entity if a fiber does exists, in case you haven't read up here:

As to the salt and C therapy, based on my own feedback, its successes is very limited compared to the borax and baking soda and some vitamin C and a small amount of potassium. Treatment, if fibers exist may be difficult if it is man-made, but if it is really an insect, and not man-made, then borax and baking soda (with some potassium) will usually work. I don't believe personally that these fibers are of natural insect origin but may be made out of HDPE, a more scientific website on proving their existences appears here:

One way to find out where the burning problem comes from is to try one by one, but measuring the pH, quite often the stinging could be caused from pH not being within normal region also. Also a tablespoon may be too much on a per dose basis too. The ideal dose is 1/2 tablespoon maximum, twice a day necessary to get a urine pH within normal of about 7. A more better means of getting normal pH urine is 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 glass of water, if that may help.

It appears important (assuming if it's a silent superbug) to concentrate on chelation therapy, where the electrical element for its growth requires metal, so lowering the metals such as iron, so some good examples include, unsugared no milk green tea, cilantro (chinese parsley), and especially chlorella (with some spirulina) might be useful in at least discouraging their growth. Some have even surgically remove these fibers from joints that caused pain too.

It should be noted that some people do report insects being died from other unrelated conditions such as lupus and rosella and have reported insects coming out on the skin during the borax therapy during the first month and they do take it for several days. However your therapy appears to be way to agressive for it to work. The salt and C has never work that really well on my personal experience and people seem to suffer more so, but if they want to try it, they may. However since your condition is not a confirmed Morgellon, it is really hard to say with certainty which remedy will work. A Morgellon's should result in some joint pains and a powerful weakness should be experience, but your symptoms do not appear to have that so I would be suspicious of it. Most people who have confirmed crawly feeling have responded well with the borax remedy.

It should be noted that in a sea salt and vitamin C remedy, the vitamin C can either can be of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate and those can be effective or ineffective depending on its resultant pH.