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Dear Ted, Thank you for all the advice and treatments you offer to everyone. In the last three months I have just figured out that morgellon's disease is what I have been suffering from for the last several years. Went through everything everyone else has gone through with doctors trying to identify the lesions I have on my face.

Since the middle of Dec I have been doing borax drinks withdrawn H202. Also adding baking soda daily. With little improvement. I have read over and over and over everything you have written on earth clinic and a bit confused to what to try next.

I would not be so fast to Beg for direction except my son is getting married in two months and I look like I am a drug addict. Far from it, I am a God fearing person.

Can you clarify some things for me?

With so many different things to treat this with, what is the fastest most effective way to treat this at least the lesions and fibers coming out? I don't feel the borax and H202 is working as well as it should. Since I have already been doing this treatment for 3 months. Also can you give me dose amounts and timing on taking the supplements. How long does it take to heal the lesions and to not feel the pin pricking or itching with this treatment?

Do you know if when a person has some period of relief from the pain of these fibers coming out it and if the fibers are some what less if this means they have suppressed or that we are actually getting a head on this disease?

Also do you know how these fibers get in the skin? Now my once beautiful skin is also scared with lesions. And I can not even kneel because my knees hurt so bad which 2 years ago I taught 5 spin classes a week and kick boxing. Last year I had my gallbladder out and female organs removed because the doctors thought this would improve my health...in hie sight I wonder if this was morgellons in my organs effecting my health???

Clarification and protocol, any help would be very much appreciated!

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There are several Morgellon's remedies. One is to take a bath with tetrasodium EDTA used as a soap. Also, get your pH to 7 on both saliva and urine, urine pH has to be in the range of 6.5 to 7, saliva pH is 7 to 7.3. The morgellon's disease cannot exist in these pH levels. Supplementing with sodium molybdate, a pinch or two a day, also has helped. The lesions will hurt if the solution of tetrasodium EDTA is taken, so make them diluted to hurt less. In most cases of Morgellon's a nest center is in the head, so you need to shampoo from head to toe. People with Morgellon's seem to figure out that plastics are not helpful, they live in that, as well as acidic forms of supplements such as vitamin C ascorbic acid. So need to keep those iPhones, Notepads covered with cloth. The Morgellon's fibers are basically invisible and the nests also exist in the ceiling. The solution to see them to turn into black fibers is tetrasodium EDTA mixed with ammonium chloride solution on the ceiling of the bathroom which is prime breeding ground of Morgellon's. The infection is spread by way of dead birds, wild animals, or being outside. You can kill more Morgellon's or disinfect with Ammonium chloride and tetraSodium EDTA. Mix the solution in a sprayer at 5% of each, and spray through the room and clothes and body. The solution will work just as well if you cannot find tetrasodium EDTA, use Ammonium chloride solution but make them 10%, other suitable formulations include ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbonate.

Now the lesions can be healed and killed to some extent with lavender mixed with Aloe vera oil. The usual formula is 30 cc aloe vera oil with one drop of lavender oil, This will speed up the healing process. Most Morgellon's are susceptible to reinfection as the fibers, especially with red eyes are active and will tend to gravitate toward that person. The risk of infections by animals or dogs are susceptible to Morgellon's but not humans, but those that do, may have dry skin that makes them vulnerable to reinfections.

There are some compounds found over the years that have helped such as myristin used in the curing of rheumatism, and this can be applied or taken internally.

Morgellon's is now found throughout the "free world", but in Thailand is relatively low due to high humidity. A Morgellon's patient will find that certain homes have electrostatic quality that leads to high incidence rates of Morgellon's Disease. You either disinfect your home or you change residence. You need to keep away from any plastic and fungus, these are perfect breeding grounds, and keep dry by spraying with ammonium chloride, EDTA and keep your body's pH at 7. That is one of the reason why my alkalinity book is published. Any simple organism that is nanotechnology or living cannot exist at neutral pH, or have lowest survival rates that separate complex organism from simpler ones.


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Ted, Thank you so much for this feedback it is extremely useful. I have had this condition for about four years and just recognized what it was about a year ago. Did the H2O2 and borax treatment for about four months, then went to the essential oils, then tumeric. Now I'm following the candida diet, alkalizing 2-3 times daily. I'm in my forties about 105lbs now from 127lbs. I finally found the right tetrasodium EDTA on that auction bidding website that starts with an "E", not sure if I can mention that by name. But anyway, the question I have is what does a 5%, 10%, 30% solution of tetrasodium EDTA consist of? I'm going to use about a tablespoon in 32 oz of water to spray my bathroom and then my head for now, but it would be tremendously helpful if you could shed some light on the measurements for us. I'll then use about a 1/2 teaspoon on my washcloth with some deadsea salt soap I have and I'm thinking about opening up a capsule of zinc piccolinate I have and adding that to the solution for my hair. Does this make sense?

Also I would love to by your book. What is the name of it? And where is it being sold? Hope it's okay for you to answer that. Thanks are not enough but I offer them humbly to you for your kind lifesaving assistance. With much respect and gratitude.