Borax with Water Tastes Funny

Posted by Jason on 07/25/2007

Ted, When drinking the 1/4 teaspoon of borax (100% household borax) with about 1 to 2 litres of water it tastes a bit funny. Is this normal? Also how long do you think i will need to follow the regime below before i feel better?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Borax usually tastes funny so that is generally normal. Several remedies are needed to control Morgellon's but my experience is it takes about 2 months and at least 1 month to get rid of the bugs. The other non-bug issue is the mycoplasma where getting the urine pH to 7, through taking baking soda of 1/2 teaspoon x 2 times a day at the very least is taken always. The average time should be two months, but over the course of a week an improvement of somekind should be noted.

Because people rarely provide me with feedback all information I get is from my own direct experience, so the numbers are too few to really say them with statistical certainty.