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Please help me Ted , I have had Morgellons for 7 years now . I have read some of your threads, here & there , and you seem to know more what your talking about , than anyone else . . . I do use Borax in my baths , and this will rid them externally every time .

But it has moved to my liver , as I can feel the pain , and then 20 mins later I have a BREAK OUT , as I call it . So I know it is living in My liver. I did a Liver flush with Extra Virgin Olive oil , Lemon juice , and Epson salt , and this worked great for the stones in my liver . I did it 3 nites in a row . . . Stones every time ! . . . . But the pain in my liver comes & goes , and when it comes , I always have a BREAK OUT 20 mins later . So I know that it is still in there . . . . I have drink-en Borax before , and this Irritates the little Bugger , and will make him cause me to BREAK OUT 24/7 . . . . . He also doesn't like MAG-O ( Ozonated Magnesium Oxide ) , As I took this for a week , and that's when he jumped from my Intestines to my liver . . . Or at least this is my assumption, because the liver pain came on Abruptly after taking this, and has not let up since . It has been 2 months now , and I would listen to what you would advise . Please help me!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have received many reports of Morgellon's cure, although there are problems about other cures posted. One is to use sodium chlorite 28% (so called MMS), with some alfalfa. It's quite possible to kill that way, but it seems to weaken the immune system. The other is to use a weak mixture of weak copper nitrate plus silver nitrate, used in drops. But this seems to work only on the skin, and is not deep. Some people use certain brands of product which goes under various names, but doesn't even have those two nitrates. Again, not many were cured. That's because silver nitrate is poorly absorbed. A copper nitrate is also reactive and has limited absorption. The use of sodium chlorite MMS can go deep enough to have an effect, but this is unconfirmed.

What I can confirm is the use of baking soda, borax, and hydrogen peroxide. Hence, your mention of magnesium peroxide (so called ozonated magnesium oxide, to confuse people) does work, although a hydrogen peroxide works much better, when you also take together with another one, magnesium citrate. Certain mycoplasma, also present along with nanoinsects (they look like fleas, and have four legs) do eat up the body's organ, so a stronger alkaline and borax solution is needed as with hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore the basic remedy is 1/4 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water, when drinking, assuming 1 glass, about 6-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% is used, this is then added 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda as the foundation remedy.

An additional remedy that may help is to add either d-mannose, or preferably erytrhitol, which is a more absorbable form of polyols which prevents attachment of mycoplasms to the body's organs.

It is worth to try one thing, that I have experimented quite sometime ago such as eating fresh orange rinds (orange oil are a powerful insecticides against insects, but is harmless in humans). Is worth the try if it begins to attack the body's organs.

It should be noted that regular borax and hydrogen peroxide, is mixed in a bathtub to further the kill.

The borax, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide form the major remedy. The remaining nanoinsects may be dealt with later on with orange rinds or orange peels maybe helpful. When borax is taken the insects will crawl out of the skin. The other primary basis to kill the remaining mycoplasma are usually dealt with erytrhitol, which is a much more absorbable form of polyol sugar. If this is not available then xylitol or mannose is used. The dose is usually 1/2 teaspoon every two or three hours, while erythritol a similar dose or a higher dose is possible, since it has less laxative effect. Magnesium supplements is also taken usually 500 mg of magnesium citrate.

The dose is applied constantly until none is in the body, although quite a bit of nanoinsect will crawl out of the skin as it dies. keeping inside the body these nanoinsect will eat the entire body's organ, as I found out from one case I knew. A constant application is needed and the nanoinsect must all surface before it eats up the liver. Therefore BREAKOUT is required to reduce their numbers. I don't believe in liver detox, because they don't get rid of nanoinsects and seems to support further proliferation of them. But that's depends on a person's own individual experience. Borax and hydrogen peroxide is a primary method and addition of sea salt taken in larger then average amounts such as 1-2 teaspoon after 1 hours of drinking borax remedy may cause dehydration of nanoinsects. It should be noted that the effects of hydrogen peroxide is reduced after 1 - 1 1/2 hours and 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide may further be needed to dehydrate them. Hence, sea salt is one addition that may help.

There are other tips but I can't confirm but, bloodroot tincture may have helped, usually 2 drops taken 3 or 4 times a day may have an effect of reducing these Morgellon's issue also. However, it is used only briefly for about a month so it won't cause stomach upsets. These tinctures are ethanol alcoholic mixture of 40% bloodroot and 60% ethanol alcohol may help a little, part of it I suspect may be from alcohol since nanoinsects may be sensitive to that, and possibly certain properties of the bloodroot.

Since it is eating away the body's organ, it required that a breakout is required to reduce these nanoinsects first, and a tissue or cotton balls are removed or wiped off on the skin as we apply anti-inflammator lavender oil with some aloe vera to help the healing. Interestingly chrysanthemum tea, lavender oil drops added in a cup of warm tea, also have insecticidal properties too, as well as the mentioned orange rinds and orange oil.

If no improvement or improvement are slow, it takes about 1 month at least to get rid of the nanoinsects, but most will be rid of within the first two weeks, so that the organs are not weaken. If the insects are resilent, then I might consider sodium chlorite 28% (or 25%) drops with vinegar or citric acid 10% drops and is taken to further the kill.

Basically the insects or nanoinsects has a symbiotic relationships with a mycoplasma. The hydrogen peroxide and borax kills two things, at the same time. The mannose, xylitol and erythritol has a uniqueness in killing mycoplasma, while orange rinds, orange oil, lavender oil specifically targets the nanoinsects. The extra dose of sea salt dehydrate the nanoinsect, but to some extent the mycoplasma. It should be noted that baking soda can be taken up to 1/2 teaspoon x 4 to 1/2 teaspoon x 6 a day, as this has a devastating effects on killing mycoplasma, and an addition of ammonium bicarbonate pinches also does the same in killing them off too.

In my own remedy it is the frequency of dose is what kills them, not so much as the dose. Each of the supplements have a specific time table. Hydrogen peroxide drops is usually taken every hour. While borax solution is taken 2 -5 times a day. Erythritol has a fast effect in killing off the mycoplasma, as the dose is 1/2 -1 teaspoon per day, taken every 3-6 hours,s hould prevent a colony from forming. The effects of bakng soda is often taken between 4 to 6 times a day during peak Morgellon's attacked, and the dose may be lowered later on. Alcohol (from vodka) may have some further effect too. The sea salt, assuming 1 teaspoon last longer too, such as about 3-6 hours so hence maybe taken mixed in 1 glass of water every 5-6 hours.

Its hard to be specifics, these are all approximate figures that is best used as a starting dose and tweaking is further needed. Whichever happens a vegetarian diet and much less meat not exceeding 5-10% of diet is necessary because these meats diet seems to support morgellon's. I am sure not all questions are answered, so these are the major elements.

If there's any question, feel free to ask me!


12/30/2008: Ted writes: "One more addition I forgot to mention is bloodroot tinctures have insecticidal properties (as is black walnut tinctures too) along with insecticidal properties found in alcohol itself (vodka). This is why it works in Morgellon's disease. However, borax and baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide still remains the basis along with sea salt and possibly orange oil flavored vodka, in small amounts, one tablespoon is one possibility too.

Some people told me they don't like orange oil. However, thyme and oregano oil drops mixed in vodka can be prepared as a tincture. Or if it's too hot eating a teaspoon of thyme or preferably oregano is other possibility if non alcoholic mixture is not desired. These are for those who are more pressured and if the nanoinsect are deadly aggressive, of course. Then these are for more emergency measures. Cinnamon powder also helps, but I believe oregano is more stronger especially in terms of 40% oregano powder/60% vodka mixtures, and using only a teaspoon diluted in 1/2 glass of water is one possibility also.


Replied by Gary
Adelaide, Australia

I've been battling what I thought were two different bugs, initially body lice too. I'm not sure how I first got them. I thought it was from sleeping in a camp bed while away for a few days in a friends shack on the river. but there has also been ongoing drilling into the aquifer, testing for tce contamination. tce is pretty deadly also. I have been trying to beat what I thought was a very persistant scabies. I assumed that had infested the whole house as I have never had any lice/nit/mite problem before and thought I had head lice as I first noticed the body lice in my beard. so wasted a few more weeks treating the wrong mite. I did get rid of the body lice after following the standard medical thing, but not the scabies. I also had some bug go through all my food, so went through the cupboards etc, even food in the fridge and freezer seemed affected. I thought it was strange that frozen vegies could get contaminated. they loved flour, yeast noodles, even rice. all my herbs and spices too. I wasn't sure about the chili, tumeric, nutmeg, cinnamon. but even cardamon pods and star anise had been attacked. any fresh vegies, apart from onion and sweet potato, went off in 1 to 2 days. unopened spice jars, the yeast for bread, in unopened foil, but no trace of the culprit. I was constantly washing all bed linen, clothing etc. after one use. showering twice a day, vacuuming daily. gave up on the prescribed cream and just started using tea tree oil. thought I finally had them beat, just had what looked like a black dot on an eyelash. I took it be an egg, but couldn't find it in the mirror. then I came down with shingles. the doctor said it would take at least three weeks to die down and took some blood tests for any underlying conditon. this was because it was the second time in two years. I asked him to get my red blood checked as my previous clinic checked me for allergies, although two doctors there said the blisters around my back were classic shingles they also said my red bcc was borderline anemic, which was a shock. apart from a fair few injuries over the years, including a pinched nerve and two bulged discs in my neck. they then said my blisters were from an allergy, not shingles. I didn't think it was from allergies as I had always been aware of my grass alergy, didn't ever need to take anything for it. they were going to put in on anti depressants, because I was still worn out a week later. I asked them what about the red bcc, making me tired. so I never went back. the tests must have been ok this time as they said they would only call me if there was a problem. the shingles also healed within 1 an 1/2 weeks, apart from two, felt like scabies had got to. and whatever was in my eye was getting worse. so, back to cleaning routine. I bought a dryer to help kiil them. it not onlytook three hours to dry two bath sheets on, but the lint trap was overful each time. I took this to be becuase I had some new clothes. after reading all these posts, I'm sure it's morgellons. I think I can beat it with borax/h202. I have had all the symptoms described, and I now think the morgellons is what's going throuigh my food. I tried cooking some roo meat with fresh chili and have never seen the seeds pop around like popcorn and head TOWARDS the meat. even when I tilted the wok and kept pushing them away. it was like watching salmon swimming upstream until I pushed a small piece over the other side. I had to burn the meat and even then, when I tried tyo eat it I couldn't, it looked no roo meat I had ever eaten.roo meat is very lean and has to be thinly sliced and cooked fast and lighlty, or it gets tough and stringy. it was, but the strings seemed to grow and there were also heaps of tiny round black dots not much bigger than the ones that came off me the epsom salt/h202 hot bath. is this possoble? it seems like it. and the food type nest in little cracks in the drawers. very hard to see. I had thousands of the blacks comeout of myfirst bath and little white maggot looking tbings were also coming out, but almost gone now. but I think they have to be internal, so I'm trying the orange peel and skin soak and then coconut oil and chili after. have no idea how to killoff the whole house ful though