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Ted's Remedies for Morgellons

Posted by S. (California, USA) on 06/18/2014

Dear Ted,

I have been reading your posts on Earth clinic for some time now. I am reaching out to you because I am so scared and no doctors treat Morgellons here in California and I believe I may have it. I hope you will be willing and able to help me.

I was diagnosed with scabies in Jan 2014, but doctor didn’t do a skin scraping, just diagnosed by visual eval. I had the characteristic burrow lines and red, pimple bumps. He gave Premethrin cr?me 5% which I also applied a week later. It seemed to work. My husband and 10 year old son also did it. Their less serious bumps went away too. Husband still has rosacea on his nose and itching on his back for which no doctor for years has really tried to figure out. Just says dry skin.

Recently, the bumps appeared on my right inner arm. Again, one that was in a line like the burrows of scabies. I had left over Premethrin and covered myself and did it a week later with a new tube from the pharmacy. Didn’t have doctor look at me. During the week between Premethrin applications, we went into the hygiene mode needed for scabies and are still in it. Washing sheets daily. All sleeping in different beds. Washing clothes after one use. Putting Borax in laundry and washing and drying at high heat. Keeping laundry in plastic bag, diatomaceous earth and vacuuming a lot…

Then, I was feeling something crawling in my eye lash lines and around my bridge of my nose. I got faint brown trail line without any raised blisters on the bridge of my nose. Then, I got a sore that didn’t come to surface but it was like a swelling on the side of the bridge of my nose. I think it might have been a nest.

The crawling and itching was in my hair and around my neck in the back by hairline I got some larger pimples but I think they were nests. So, I did the Borax/H202 baths twice and nothing much better. Didn’t see anything in the water. I did the 2 cups bleach bath + h202 2x’s. The first time I felt really good and clean and skin felt soft and smooth.

The second day, before I did the 2nd bleach bath, I exercised on the treadmill and got some itchy, angry red pimples come out on my legs, I went in the pool and Jacuzzi for a little, but the bumps kept bothering me so I ran a bath. I put 2 cups bleach, 1 c H202, and some drops of Oregano oil. This time my legs got really itchy (they had already been itchy, but got worse), so I scratched them underwater back and forth. Then, I saw all sorts of weird debris in the water and all different shapes and colors. I got really scared because I had read about Morgellons in my scabies research.

I am not taking any more baths due to fear of this repeating. I don’t know if it was a good thing to have that stuff come out of me.

I am taking 1/4 baking soda in 4 oz H20 2 x/day. I am not consuming coffee or alcohol or any carbs now. Just meat, eggs, veggies, a little dairy.

I also take:

  • Vit C 1000mg every few hours
  • Garlic Kyolic for Immune support 2 pills-3x/day
  • Sovereign Silver
  • Stress B complex
  • B12 sublingual
  • Mixed carotenoids
  • Alfalfa
  • Alpha Lipoic acid
  • Bio-Sil drops in water
  • Plus Some other supplements like antioxidants.

My current condition after doing this for a week and just having put on the 2nd Premethrin cr?me yesterday is that I have a few itches in my head and body once in a while. My legs are still showing the signs of all that came out of them 3 days ago and have the red bumps, but now they don’t itch. My arms are practically all clear. The crawling around my eyes in basically gone. I thought I felt it once when I leaned forward and pressure built up around my eye from gravity.

Now, though, I do feel things moving under the skin in my feet and ankles like things are landing on them lightly. I never see anything when this happens.

I am having very low energy, dry mouth, and get winded going up stairs. I feel also that I am not sharp in my mind, I think due to low energy.

I am worried because I don’t want a neurological condition to develop. I have a beautiful son to finish raising and life to live. I also am a psychologist and want to keep being able to help my patients. I am 49 years old.

I thought maybe I was getting so tired yesterday and today because I’m taking too many supplements and vitamins and so extremely thirsty because having difficulty processing them through liver/kidneys. So, I thought I should reduce. But, then I also considered if this herxheimer response? I also had a dull headache this morning and yesterday.

I want to improve my immune system and know that exercise is needed and I’ve not been doing it for a few years now and have gained weight. 5’5” and 190lbs. As a therapist, I just sit for hours with my clients. Should I try to keep exercising even though I currently have this very low energy?

Thank you for all you have done and in advance for any direct help you can provide me now. You are truly a gift to this world and I know you are extremely busy. I wouldn’t bother you knowing this, but due to my desperation, I am reaching out. If you have a contact in California or US of someone like yourself that you can refer me to, that would also be appreciated.

Most Sincere Regards, S...

Replied by Dana
Queensland, Australia
Just wondering what effect Green or Red LED supposed to have. Does it stop the breeding cycle? I have the green LED but worry it might drive the bugs deeper into the scalp, ear canal, the skin, etc.
Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
The cure rate for Morgellons I have seen is 100%. The problems will come back if bad diets. What I found is these nests are in the hair and eyelashes and eyebrows. Must avoid all plastics and vegetable oils. Use tetasodium EDTA solution as soaps especially as shampoo. If will get rid of most Morgellon. The nest are hidden invisibly in bathroom ceilings so must use 10 percent EDTA with ammonium chloride 10 percent mix to spray ceilings otherwise will reinfect. Always get your pH urine at 7.0 Morgellons cant survive at that pH. Something new I discovered is green LED one hour in areas of head will get rid of the rest of Morgellons applied everyday.

It is good that Morgellons come out of the body. Living ones are red, dead ones are black. The other colors are also alive. Active ones are invisible and feels like cobweb can be made visible and dead with borax, Bo peep, EDTA, and ammonium chloride solutions.

You need green LED and EDTA that eas missing. Bleach is briefly successful but these have a problem of keeping the spores of Morgellon alive. Ted"


S replies: "Thank you so very much, Ted. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my email. I feel hopeful now and not so scared. I am searching on line for the tetrasodium EDTA and ammonium chloride. Once I do get it, I am not very mathematical and need help understanding how to combine for the body wash and the room disinfectant spray.

The nest are hidden invisibly in bathroom ceilings so must use 10 percent EDTA with ammonium chloride 10 percent mix to spray ceilings otherwise will reinfect.

Am I interpreting you correctly that if I had 100 oz of solution, 10 oz would be of ETDA and 10 oz would be of ammonium chloride and 80 oz of H2O? If ETDA is a solid how to I make a solution that is going to be liquid? Do I measure fluid oz of the powder or do I have to measure weight? And then how would I measure out the ammonium chloride?

It is really helpful when you say 1 capful or 30 drops of H202 and 1/8 Tsp of Borax in 1 liter of water.

Can you break the ETDA/ammonium chloride down into something simple like that?

"Use tetasodium EDTA solution as soaps especially as shampoo. If will get rid of most Morgellon"

For soaps and shampoos you say to use tetrasodium EDTA solution, do you mean the same solution as used for the room spray to get the nests?? I wasn’t sure if that was what you intended or just EDTA on the body?

..."can be made visible and dead with borax, Bo peep, EDTA, and ammonium chloride solutions"

Lastly, just checking as to what Bo peep is?? Was that supposed to be H202?"


Ted replies: "EDTA and ammonium chloride is 10 percent by weight of water. So if water is 100 grams EDTA is 10 grams and ammonium chloride is 10 grams. Both of them are in powder. You can used the 10 percent EDTA as in soaps and shampoo. Its the same thing. If no weight measures then just 2 tablespoon of each in 1 pint water is close enough. Doesnt have to be exact. The rest of Morgellons can be rid by green LED although red LED works too but not effective.

Bo Peep is ammonia based American product used as floor cleaner. Should find in supermarket although haven't been in US for the past 30 years. Green LED should get Morgellons out around the eyes. The best alkalize scheme is sodium citrate 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of water taken at night. This should be easier to reach the target 7.0 pH."


S. replies: "Thank you Ted. My green led arrived. Can I start that treatment before having used the edta and ammonium as they haven't arrived yet? "


Ted replies: "Is fine can start green LED."


S. replies: "Ted, guidance kindly requested on use of led for head. I have a handheld device so have to move it around my head to get all of head.

1. How long should I keep it on any one spot?

2 do I use the pulse mode or constant ?light mode or both?

3? I Have long hair, will it go through hair to scalp or must I section hair and get underneath it?

4 for face, manufacturers caution against using on eyes but since the morgellons is all around my eye I want to use light as you suggested on my eye. Any precautions other than keeping eyes closed? Time limit? Constant movement of device? Or, hover over eye?"


Ted replies: "Pulse work better. You can try both if you want. Close the eyes and hover around it. It takes 30 minutes of closed eyes. If have green LED that is large so no need to keep moving. Does not penetrate hair but some morgellons around the hair. Better results with EDTA there. If too bright get them further from the closed eyes. The rest just wash eyes areas with EDTA, closed eyes of course.

Replied by Kat
Washington, DC
What is green LED and where do you get it? Ted, do you have a web site?
Replied by K
The green led lights. Would a string of Christmas lights work. taking them from the box as a clump, not unwinding them.

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