Weight Gain After Having Gall Bladder Removed

Posted by T on 05/25/2008

I had my Gall Bladder removed in October of Last year and it seems like every since that Day, My Weight has been Down hill. When I was Pregnant with my boys I Never gained as much weight as I have now on my Body. Nothing Seems to cause me to Loose Any Weight At All. I see all of the Advertisements about the Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, but it doesn't say what they did or how to do it, so I was wandering could you Please Help Me with Some Weight Loss Information that WILL WORK please? I was also told that I have Under Active Thyroids and I was put on a pill for that, but that pill also Increases Weight Gain so I Stopped taking it. Again Please Help Me.

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Bangkok, Thailand
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Gallbladder functions is an important one actually one of them is to control weight by producing emulsifiers which help get rid of certain fats, but also absorption of vital nutrients and also produces certain electrolytes and it connects the pancreas, where pancreas' function is to control blood sugar, and thus control weight. Much of the body's organ are all related. Personally I won't like any of my organs removed and try to find the cause.

Usually the cause is often simple issues where the organ is damaged from inflammation due to metabolic acidosis, in simple words, acid burns the organs, but bacteria, fungus also grows in such an environment, and the imbalances in diets, such as excessive omega 6 and lack of omega 3 causes inflammation (20:1 instead of 1:1), as well as excess calcium to magnesium ratio, which leads to calcification of tissues and organ, which obviously lead to organ damage. It is this reason why some older American are overweight. Now for children who become obese the situation is a bit different.

When they are born, usually within 1-2 days (it used to be to wait a couple of months as in Japan before injecting them), they inject vaccinations, without parent's consent, the government made sure of that, but also there are certain changes being secretly changed that people are not aware which they add monosodium glutamate, and mercury which damages the hypothalamus that controls their appetite.

In morbidly fat rats, the scientist inject a small amount of monosodium glutamate much like monosodum glutamate added to the babies' vaccines) in newly born rats which leads them to a lifetime morbid obesity.

Interestingly during term pregnancy mothers are allowed to drink fluoridated and chlorinated tap water, which causes accumulation of fluoride (fluorosis) within the embryo that that lead to lifetime problems of obesity too for that person. Monosodium glutamate works by destroying they hypothalamus again. There is a way to prevent or reduce by taking extra supplement taurine in pregnant mothers, which is amino acid that protects the damaging effects of MSG.

So we have to thank U.S. pharmaceuticals to create a multi-billion dollar weight loss, diabetes, and ADD industry, even as lows as 1 ppm of fluoride, damages agricultural growth within only a week, but it also effects human. Inflammation is a common problem and chlorination and drug pharma's drugs and antibiotics creates catastrophic synergy to the human system.

To make the matters worse (if that's not worse enough!) our tap water now have many drugs that are not biodegradable that pollutes the river and our tap water, in catastrophic synergy combination with chlorine and fluorine it becomes even more toxic.

Even more interesting is that while fluorides is shown to be toxic and causes obesity too, the fluoride that is used for the study was sodium fluoride, but a more toxic form of fluoride, fluorosilicic acid is being used in tap water and there's no study to show how damaging it is.

Fluorides accumulate in the brain throughout adult life, which is used in Prozac (fluoride containing drug), that reduces brain function, which in turn controls hormones and blood sugar. If those aren't minimized or reduce, it leads to obesity in susceptible people.

I am sure authorities know all about this, including aspartame products, found in diet coke, diet pepsi, which causes brain damages and causes metabolic acidosis, leading to high blood sugar which in turn, leads to obesity. We have to thank Donald Rumsfeld (who was the head of) the company that owns aspartame and Ronald Reagan to approve (by changing FDA officials who are more favorable towards aspartame) despite most of the lab results show brain tumors and obesity, by overuling all previous studies.

There IS an easy way to prove aspartame is dangerous without the fake rat studies offered by "officials". It's quite easy. Check for blood methanol and blood formaldehyde after ingestion of 2 liters of coke, eat sugar free gum (that has aspartame added), and take children's vitamins (that ALSO have aspartame) as well as other interesting diet products.

You can also murder someone just by taking creatine (a supplement to help brain function and muscles in muscle builders) plus aspartame products such as Gatorade product that had aspartame too. One U.S. woman went to jail 50 years because she was accused of murder, which in fact the truth is her husband was a muscle builder thinking those foods were safe. Even fat free, skim milk, low fat are potentially dangerous that can cause children on a rampage for murder. It's quite simple, the brain needs an omega 3 fat, and blood cholesterol HDL have to be within normal range. If they are low, they either become suicidal or a mass murders. Of course the numbers is not a lot, but they are the starting point, and the child once they have this tendencies, the doctors will prescribed prozac so Kip Kinkel murdered his parents and many of his fellow students that very day. The system I think were probably designed that way because all these phenomenon only occurred in just the United States. I hardly hear any stories of mass murderer students. When you check the SPECT brain scans of Kip Kinkel, obviously the brain function is mostly destroyed through these drugs, especially the left temporal lobes, in the male population. Now we have microwave to cook our brains which can cause violence by damaging that very same area. In fact, it may be theoretically possible to cause aggression in soldiers by playing aggressive music in soldiers, which the U.S. army does that, when they go to war with Iraq. The funny thing is (at least in the eye of a foreigner like me) is most of the U.S. citizens aren't aware of all these things that occur in their own home country!

I can go on and on with the causes, but a simple approach is to avoid processed foods altogether, I try to invent my OWN home remedies to substitute pharma medicine altogether and have avoid drinking tap water direct. One example is to use reverse osmosis water, with added 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda per liter of water in per liter of drinking water.

So hopefully I did explain how obesity is caused. Brain controls the key blood sugar which in turn protects against obesity, but also toxins, and even operations of removal of gallbladder can lead to worsening condition, primarily because it plays an important process in normal digestion, but surgery can also introduce mycoplasma, fungus and other pathogens, especially fungus which LEADS to hypothyroidism. These fungus or mycoplasma, usually exist (they are found even in horses) in the thyroid glands, which blocks the production that controls metabolism. Iodine removes hard fats and quite often restore thyroid function, but not at a dose being used in many supplements. They are usually low, because even nearly 150 yearrs ago, they didn't need to remove the thyroid. All they did was simply give a iodine supplements, such as 100-250 mg. I personally used 10-25 mg now and then, and some readers of earthclinic take sodium iodide at 10-12 mg a day that I personally knew.
However, this is NOT to support sodium Iodide. Another earthclinic reader I know (they have an unwillingness to post) so I guess that just leaves me to tell you, that they take Kelp supplements to help with her thyroid conditions. Her dose was about 10-20 of kelp capsules a day necessary to raise her energy levels to normal. An capsule is about 250-500 mg. but I can take more by eating seaweed too in my soup. The amount of iodine supplements are 1/1000th of the dose I mentioned here, which is of no surprise why iodine doesn't work for some people. Even if Iodine supplements are not available, a lugol's solution such as iodine foot painting once every other day about 3-5 inch square will help by making iodine through transdermal absorption.

For bath, it is best to add dechlorinator, using bathtub or if shower, the water system somehow has to remove them first. Even fishes die if you use tap water. It is deadly to fishes if the water has chlorine and fluoride in high amounts, at least it happened to me when I was living in U.S.

Many gallbladder people removed are often due to excess calcium diets, excessive vegetable oils, and lack of electrolytes too. Since bicarbonates are produced by gallbladder in large amounts, the body also needs the bicarbonates in protein digestion. If bicarbonates are low, protein digestion is impaired, reducing the bioavailability of amino acid for the body, but especially the brain and certain brain function does control NORMAL hormones, which in turn regulates control all glandular systems in BALANCE. The brain needs amino acid to rebuild and maintain the system, but the brain also have high levels of omega 3, which U.S. diet are lacking as mentioned 20: 1, omega 6: omega 3, while other Asian diets, their food sources are 4: 1 or 1: 1 on omega 6 to omega 3 ratio. Omega 3 controls inflammation, but if there is not enough of this, a brain and glandular system cannot work leading to a cascade of systematic breakdown leading to obesity. Just me alone, I take fish oils, of type two omega 3, the safest and most effective form. These type two omega 3 are called DHA and EPA found in fish oils. I take at least 500 mg to 1000 mg of salmon fish oils a day. But that's on the low side and may take more if i have inflammation problems, such as skin condition, or hypothyroidism, since glandular functions also are inflammed and if too much they get enlargement, not just the deficiency, as in thyroid.

So hopefully I did explain how surgeries lead to obesity, by introduction of the mycoplasma and fungus (these same fungus toxins are also found in antibiotics since they are MADE from fungus) that lead to hypothyroidism. There are many cases of the entire family living in a moldy house that resulted in sinus problem and after they left the moldy house, obesity sets in, chronic fatigue, sinus problem and even lack of energy. Obviously many people report hyphothyroidism, which was helped greatly with 10-25 mg of sodium iodide, or many tablets of Kelp supplements. Eating bread made by bromine process simply drives out iodine, despite adequate iodine intake, leading to iodine deficiency still. So for weight loss I might try once every other day 10-20 tablets of iodine supplement and try to normalize the omega 3: omega 6, since dietary omega 6 is way off balanced from industrialized farming such as industrialized chickens, where omega 6 is way off compared to traditionally grown chickens.

The remedy for the lack gallbladder I used is

One liter of drinking water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in at least 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day.
One tablespoon of Granulated lecithin before every meal

To reduce weight, the simplest ways:

Dinner before 4.30 p.m. no food after that period
Whey protein before 12..00 p.m.

To reduce blood sugar I might use:

Fish Oil (will have EPA and DHA) 1000-2000 mg a day
Chromium polynicotinate 1000 mcg
vanadium supplements
Cinnamon added to food frequently

Certain foods to avoid:
tomatoes, aspartame, low fat products, diet cola, sugar free gums, vegetable oils not used with HEATING and reduced vegetable oils intake, tomatoes (contains methanol attached pectin), cheese, not too much fruit juice, no fructose, no sugar, wheat, potatoes, dairy products, table salt, cheese, yeast made food, peppermint in toothpaste.

Acceptable food
Complex carbohydrates, fish, chicken, rice, rye, millet, sea salt, kelp, seaweed

Important supplements
Taurine amino acid, vitamin B1 thiamine mononitrate, niacinamide B3.

Certain foods to add

Coconut oil is used in cooking instead, such as heating, if need be, since they resist higher cooking temperature better. Reduces constipation as is baking soda and sea salt.

I would use 10 mg of sodium iodide, or once every other day iodine foot painting over a large area of the sole of the feet. or Kelp supplements that I found works best around 10-20 capsules taken every other day, to lessen the effects of acne from the detox effect. There IS increase in energy level from taking these supplements such as kelp is what I have experienced.


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A deficiency of B vitamins is another cause of underactive thyroid. A good stress tab (B complex + C & E) at meal time and bed time will soon tell you if this is the problem. The bottle will say l tab per day, but if your thyroid is that sluggish, you want to raise your vitamin levels quickly. You may even find they take you off the thyroid supplement or greatly reduce it. I recommend that anyone having weight gain problems read "The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program" book by the Heller's & Vagnini. There is no magic wand, pill or surgery for weight loss that does not create other health problems. Forget about diet and think about eating to improve your health & this is what this book is about!

Replied by Joyce
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To T who had gallbladder removed, wt. gain and underactive thyroid: T - I should have mentioned this earlier but since Ted had touched on it, I omitted it. Your wt. gain is probably is more related to what you eat & drink, than it is to your gallbladder removal. I urge you to google both monosodium glutamate and aspartame, as both of these are connected to gross obesity. You may even be able to pull up a picture of those mice & rats who got so fat after being fed one or both of the above, you couldn't even tell they had legs. To get some realistic idea of how much of the above you are getting, print out the list of names they are hiding MSG under and to to your kitchen and read the ingredient list of everything in there to eat, drink or chew. If it says "diet" you can bet it's loaded with aspartame and salt. You cannot rely on names like "Healthy Choice" or others making the same claims to be free of either of the two above toxins noted for causing wt. gain. Even in health food stored, you have to read ingredients on the labels. I have seen processed foods, whose ads touted both " healthy and organic" that had one or both of them in it. Even worse on the diet foods, including Dr. Phil's diet candy bars. Hope this is also helpful.