Posted by June (Darwin, Australia) on 04/14/2010

Hi Ted,

I have noticed that you do not recommend VEGETABLE OILS. Does this mean that OLIVE OIL, COCONUT OIL and FLAXSEED OILS should be avoided also. I always thought that these were the 'HEALTHY' oils!!!

What oil should I cook my food in and what oil should I use in salads etc.????

Also would be most interested to know why vegetable oils are so bad for you.......

Many thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear June:

All you need to know is the liver has a limited capacity to process ANY OILS. I believe that whenever we consume food, it is the excess oils that damages the liver. It's well known fact that oils accumulate in the body and the body has limited capacity in getting rid of it, such as any oil soluble compounds included, as in benzene, vitamin E and any hydrophobic substances. This is why I used lecithin a lot, it makes oils water soluble allowing reduction in oil. Vegetable oils generally have low boiling temperatures and frying temperatures happens to be close to temperature at which most vegetable oils break down chemically, become oxidized, hardens and clogs the arteries. Oxidized oil stays in your body and becomes a free radicals, which brings to aging. It is generally known at least from the people who do take oil supplements such as omega 3 that they generally increase in weight by 5 kilo, if the dosages were 1000 mg a day, and about 10 kilo increase in weight by one month if the dose is 1000 x 3.

Oil besides omega 3, in general, tend to increase with consumption of more oil. Hence the limit in oil consumption in general should not even be over 500 mg a day as a supplement and a diet not exceeding 1000 mg for all oils in the food. So if the cooking is prepared in such a way that cooking oil doesn't exceed 1000 mg or 1 gram, this should not cause increase in weight. I had one case of a person who has triglyceride over 1000 and cholesterol over 300, who is only 32 years old, and his diet is basically Pa-tong-ko, which is basically a chinese fried bread, where they used vegetable cooking oil, recycled, for months as the cause of his extremely high triglyceride level. It simply came from the cooking vegetable oils. Flaxseed, coconut oil and olive oil I believe are good oils, but they are still oils and consumption of oils has to be restricted. Case in point, documentary, Morgan Spurlock ate all the menus in McDonalds for one month, his cholesterol went from a healthy one, below 180, to over 200. There was another guy, who just ate Big Mac, but he didn't eat the coke and french fries (and also fried chicken!), his cholesterol was even lower, 140. The difference between two people is the oil consumed from french fries, fried chicken and salads are some of the highest oil food sources. Salad dressing using oil should generally be avoided.

In hospital and nursing homes here in Thailand that I know personally these patients consumed 50 grams of cooking vegetable oils and it keeps them virtually sick and diabetic. You become diabetic by making the liver excessively oily, blocking the liver's function, which in turns causes diabetes. Oils block hormones the controls blood sugar function too.. So basically speaking keep oil out of the cooking as much as possible, but if needed, I would use just the flaxseed, coconut oil, and olive oil in very limited amount and will avoid salad dressing and fried foods completely. If anyone makes cakes and cookies, then most of these foods use a lot of oil and sugar, two of the worse food there is, with possible exception the ice cream, in causing blood sugar and liver problems. Oil and sugar is two of the most fattening food there is, with high calorie consumption being the third. Oily fatty food tends to promote high calorie consumption in laboratory rats and cause them to consume much more then the body needs it.

The principle of high caloric consumption from oily food is simple: oils tend to block hormones and makes some people feel they need more food. Some of these hormones tell the body to stop eating, but if oils blocks the hormone signals, you will continue to consume them thinking you're still hungry. The best way to destroy a liver is always the oily food and sugar, two of these plus alcohol are some of the easiest way to destroy liver function. This is why people usually get fatty liver. The liver can't process oils if too much oils are consumed. During prehistoric time, since when do humans consume vegetable oils? The whole cholesterol issue came along with the introduction (popular introduction) in the early 1960s. Then all of the sudden, cholesterol every where. Then another thing happened, fructose consumption (corn syrup) started being popular in the 1980s, then the childhood diabetes and obesity started. It's the fructose and the vegetable oils. Now in the 1990s, I would expect more brain disease (parkinson's) and brain tumor immunity issues with aspartame. So as time passes, people will get sicker and sicker with these things that didn't exist before the 1950s.

It is now expect children of today will not live as long as their parents.

Replied by Robert
Martinez, Ca

Feedback to June regarding vegie oils. Ted states excessive amounts are not recommended.Please read his post as he is not condemning all oils.We need oils,however our diets are excessive in omega 6. Read Dr. Blaylocks' nutrition book regarding oil hazards, & there is plenty of reaearch on the net. An alternative to frying is steaming.Coconut oil is very nutritious & fell into disuse after the 2nd war when conglomerates pushed margerine on the market along with other hazardous oils therby raising cardio disease significantly.If we eat the poisons, take the antidotes. Lecithin, vitamin E & other antioxidants/anti-inflammitories are great supportive measures.Also check out raw food recipies for health & yes cures for various disease states like Dr. Gabriel Cousins' 30 day cure for diabetes which was proved in his clinical studies.

Replied by June
Darwin, Australia

Hi Ted,

Thank you for your answer on vegetable oils. You have certainly educated me on this........I was having far too much oil in a day and will definitely cut down on my intake.

Again thank you for your valuable time and wonderful information!!