Question About Mixing ACV with Low Sodium V8

Posted by BDP (College Station, TX) on 08/23/2008

ACV remedy. I'm only able to stomach the ACV when I mix it with Low Sodium V8. Does this denature or otherwise limit the effectiveness of the ACV? I'm worried that the acidity in the V8 will change it.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most chemical reactions don't occur under normal eating and cooking conditions especially when organic compounds are involved.

The only instance when a chemical does change, is when an organic compounds are mixed with a strong acid or alkaline or powerful oxidative or reductive chemical process. As such vinegar is actually a 3% acetic acid solution. In fact the use of vinegar is encouraged in cooking and herbal preparations. Many Chinese herbal preparations are commonly cooked, stored with the use of vinegar. It causes the amino acid to be more biologically available in many instances and become anti-inflammatory with a tiny formation of acetyl or acetates organic compound, but basic chemical functions still remain the same.