Fucoxanthin and Oolong Tea Benefits, If Any

Posted by K on 08/02/2007

Hey Ted! It's been another month or so since I last checked in with you and I am happy to report all distension is gone!! After five miserable months (and for the second time, I might add) my tummy is finally normal! You are my hero! I don't have the money for the expensive DNA stool testing that discovered the E. Coli and Candida (and other fat bugs) to prove I am healed, so I am crossing my fingers that they are under control. I have kept on with the ACV/baking soda, and occasional lemon juice/bs, and still add some sea salt and bs to my drinking water occasionally just to be safe. I started the glutamine and ALA, and also lecithin and DHEA for weight loss, but I never found B5 which I know you said is important so I am going to check with a compounding pharmacy. Haven't weighed myself recently but pretty sure I have lost a few more pounds, but it's not fast enough for me! I am assuming it takes awhile for the supplements above to actually take effect and cause actual fat loss? Well, no letter of mine would be complete without a question or two....what is your opinion on fucoxanthin and it's ability to burn fat? It's being heavily touted here in the states as the new miracle supplement. And, what about oolong tea? I think that is it for now. Thanks again for EVERYTHING, you saved my life!

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I feel very happy to hear that distension is gone with the remedy!

Weight loss is a difficult issue and worthy of long discussion. As a result I posted a long topic on obesity on earthclinic that you might visit.

assuming it takes awhile for the supplements above to actually take effect and cause actual fat loss? Well, no letter of mine would be complete without a question or two....what is your opinion on fucoxanthin and it's ability to burn fat?

While they do result in some weight loss, most Asians don't know they are fucoxanthin, but they do add the brown seaweed in soups. I do it often myself. But the weight loss I see is not so great when compared to avoding sugar and avoiding fats and alkalizing the body.

If you are a good observers why Asians don't get fat, they eat when compared to the Western counterparts more protein (fishes and soy protein), more vegetables, and more complex carbohydrates (rice). If you have difficulty remember them, just picture a rice porridge with fishes and vegetables with a soy milk next to them or perhaps some tofu. Italians are not that fat either if we compared against U.S. of course, since their complex carbs consist of pasta which is actually less acid forming than bleached white bread and salami. Cheese in my opinion is the worse of the bunch and pizza are not generally helpful because of the white bread and the cheese. French also eats higher portion of protein despite higher portion of fats then do U.S. but they have the advantage of consuming LESS high glycemic simple carbohydrates.

The Western fast foods are more on high fats (bacons and salami, and cheese), less vegetables and more simple carbohydrates with high glycemic index (cola). The other I found is 90% of all foods we eat are acid forming as well. So at least my theory behind obesity is actually a very simple one that everyone seem to overlook (vegetable, complex carbs and fishes) or that no one sees it coming (the acid forming foods)

There is three basic groups that helps with weight loss. It is the protein, vegetables and complex carbonhydrates.

Basically it is mostly protein rich foods and amino acid supplements are more likely to burn the fats, especially foods we eat that comes from fishes, such as sardines, tuna, etc. The portion of protein rich food can also come from soy protein and some whey protein as well.

A high protein foods requires vitamin B complex supplements even if the B5 is not found. Most amino acids and protein supplements causes the body to burn fats and control sugars. It is the sugars and fats that blocks the liver uptake of amino acid which is required to burn fats, detox the body and control the sugar for example. Most amino acids are like that. DHEA and lecithin are the simpler ways of loosing some weight, and it is also true of alkalizing the body. I found that sometimes boron supplements (in form of borax) taken only 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of water and taking plenty of baking soda, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day, will also resulted in weight loss fairly quickly. The actions of boron has some ability to control metabolism as it is found in the parathyroid system, as well as raising some metabolic system I have noticed. Some people might be more sensitive and can take only once a week, some are more enthusiastic and take them 4 or 5 days out of a week. So I can't say what's the best, but one boron does cause some losses in appetite, but the same can be said for taking zinc gluconate supplements and certain amino acids such as L-phenylalanine, or even bee pollen taken as a food, either once a day or twice a day or whenever hunger pains are there seems to reduce appetite also.

Alkalizing effect of both baking soda and boron is causes more frequent bowel movement is probably why weight loss is seen since it stays less time in the body the body can therefore remove toxins faster.

In general, if my budget is limited in getting weight loss, I would rather concentrate myself on eating tuna salads, avoid cheese, take lecithin and baking soda. DHEA and alpha lipoic have helped me greatly.

There are certain mineral supplements that have shown the body to burn fats faster using sodium tungstate (which can be several hundred grams), and there are in fact many amino acids and protein supplements that cause weight loss. The issue is protein and amino acids increases muscle mass while reducing the fat, so while weight loss might be seen, a weight gain is possible from muscle mass as well from the higher protein from fishes. It is still important to get a good source of fishes relatively free of contaminants of course. In fact I quite often feed my dog with sardines to help weight loss and reduce the dog's constant hunger. Apparently fish diets triggers the brain to stop eating faster than a meat diet because the brain don't count calories, it counts the completeness of the amino acids. Amino acids get short cheated if sugar was added since the amino acid uptake is quite often reduced by 1/3 with the usual cafe diet or cafeteria diet and as a result people eat more.

being heavily touted here in the states as the new miracle supplement. And, what about oolong tea?

The only miracle weight loss thing I have seen is actually the human growth hormones and amino acid supplements. But HGH are like playing with fire, and they are way to expensive for a lot of people, including me. However amino acid supplements and high protein supplements from fishes, and vegetables and complex carbohydrates are affordable and more realistic.


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