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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/16/2006 391 posts

The fast food industry problems was actually covered in a documentary movie made by Morgan Spurlock called "Super Size Me". In the movie, Mr. Spurlock mentioned that he wanted to prove whether fast food was healthy or not after seeing a news on T.V. purporting that you cannot prove that eating fast food is not healthy.

At the time, Morgan Spurlock's body was healthy so he decided to take a 30 day challenge by eating McDonald's food for 30 days. The rules were quite fair. He needs to eat all the items sold in McDonald's. If they ask whether he wanted super size, he will say yes. There is a good reason why -- most people order Super Sized portions.

Within the third day he vomited, and within 15 days he was sick and gaining weight. The amount of sugar he was consuming was several gallons of sugar, which is quite a bit for one person.

At the end of the experiment, he gained weight, had high cholesterol, blood pressure problem, etc.

Cheese is opiate producing and causes addiction, but then so does caffeine from the cola.

More than 90% all items in fast food is actually acid forming, which includes hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken, coke, etc. The only item that isn't so is salad using Italian Dressing!

The other problem appears that OILY food and trans fatty acid are quite dangerous, particularly that when you do boil vegetable oils in high temperature the starch and sugars and vegetable oils will form a cancer causing compound called Acrylamide.

The other thing that is less known is oil tends to act like a sponge in gathering heavy metals during cooking. This is why avoiding oily food is important.

Eating sweets causes you to be fat because they are not burned when you do eat it, so the body stores them. Eating oily food is not healthy either, because oily foods becomes fat too, but most importantly free fatty acids are highest in fried food (from the frying possibly) and scientists do know that free fatty acids BLOCKS the actions of hormones.

Hormones, in my opinion play an important part in controlling your weight, in fact most of my weight loss is actually attributable to the increase in hormone supplements of DHEA, or the reduction of oily foods from frying as well as reduction of sugar. Most weight loss that is clearly seen by scientists which are often on short term of a year or less that clearly shows weight loss have a lot to do with hormone injections using human growth hormone and other hormonal related substances.

Of course we as a consumer prefer a safer method than just following the scientist footsteps since hormones are rather risky in some cases. A much safer way is the use of secretogues, which means taking more of certain amino acids to cause the body to increase in hormone naturally. Human growth hormone is well known to increase from taking certain amino acids such as L-glutamine, L-glycine, L-ornithine, and L-arginine for example and they found to increase several times.

The other is vitamin, where B3 niacin is the common one, however, I went to dig a little deeper and found niacinamide, which won't cause the flush to work just as well. Of course for the purists, niacin red flush problem can be stopped by just taking one aspirin 30 minutes before taking niacin.

Whichever, I still prefer to take niacin, and my remedy for human growth hormone formula is to take several grams of amino acid before sleep, in particular L-glutamine, L-glycine and niacin. I still think the adrenal glands, which prevent you from job burnout or inability to handle stress, ESPECIALLY me, means that I also need certain vitamins which will cause my body to produce adrenal glands naturally too. The best ones to handle that is taking a gram or two of Vitamin B5 such panthenol or pantothenic acid. I tend to avoid calcium and take more magnesium, but in the fish aquarium world and natural sea, the ideal concentration should be 3 parts magnesium to 1 part calcium. Since our food already has plenty of calcium, usually from vegetables, then magnesium is something we need more of. Very few people in fact know that an ordinary potatoes same serving has a lot more calcium then that of milk. So i guess we can thank the boys on Madison Avenue for creating this kind of urban legends.

Finally the single most important things we DON'T need whether it be fast food or even all processed food: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG not only will make the food taste good, but MSG also destroys the hypothalamus which controls the entire body's homeostasis. The most easily seen is appetite. Upon taking it, you will have a sudden urge to eat more and more which leads to obesity. In fact, scientist can make baby mice morbidly fat by injecting them with monosodium glutamate. The MSG will once entering into the brain destroying the delicate homeostasis mechanism controlling hunger and will be morbidly fat throughout its lives.

Of course this can be boon sales for the pharmaceuticals selling cholesterol lowering drugs and other. However, most people do not read the labels, especially when taking vaccine injections, monosodium glutamate is commonly added too, besides just the toxic mercury thimerosal and alzheimer causing aluminum.

A couple of decades ago, it was required that babies be in their 6 months or life or beyond to get a vaccine, otherwise it would cause brain damage. Today we are doing it within a week of birth and suddenly there is a jump in the number of ADHD, attention deficit disorder and autism case. [EC: read Candice Pert's research on this subject]

Currently it is the developed countries that have the highest rate of ADHD, attention deficit disorder and autism while the underdeveloped countries can't afford them.

So as you can see it is not JUST the fast food being a problem, other areas are also problems too.

Replied by Kim Smith
Maryville, Tennessee

Thanks for taking the time to share vital information. My health has been poor since my mid 30's due to adrenal & thyroid disease. I have not found adequate treatment. I hope many people will take heed of your wisdom & use nutrition to heal. You are right on when you speak of hormones affecting weight. Once you are hypothyroid you become estrogen dominant. This is quite debilitating. My biggest problem is in just having the strength & will to take care of myself properly. Not so easy when you have lost your health and vitality. I just want to add that progesterone opposes estrogen. Many women become estrogen dominant after pregnancy. Often postpartum depression is the result of estrogen dominance. They are treated with antidepressants which inhibits metabolism and does not address the root problem that gets worse. Soon they are hypothyroid. Not always, not everyone but OFTEN!!! Young Mom's if you don't feel yourself after baby have your hormones checked. Use a saliva test. Check with compounding pharmacists to find a doctor who uses this test. Simply using a progesterone cream days 14-28 of your menstrual cycle will balance excess estrogen. Your weight returns to normal, depression vanishes. God Bless!

Replied by Jac
Baltimore, Maryland, U.s.

The other problem appears that OILY food and trans fatty acid are quite dangerous, particularly that when you do boil vegetable oils in high temperature the starch and sugars and vegetable oils will form a cancer causing compound called Marylander.

Alright my friend, I must call you on this one; MARYLANDER? I'm in Maryland a lot, and no one's ever heard of this. I've done searches for this and even categorized under cancer and compounds in an effort to substantiate this name that seems to indict an entire state and come up empty. What is the source of this term, and where can I find it referenced please? We're dying to know!

EC: Yup, looks like the automatic speller might have hand in this one! Here's what Ted had to say, "Acrylamide is the compound that forms when you boil any vegetable oil (except coconut oil) at frying temperature when mixed with sugar and starch. It is a carcinogen." Thanks for pointing it out!

Replied by Debbie
Tellico Plains, Tenn

This reply goes to Kim Smith from Maryville, Tenn. Kim please email me at ddsp1954(AT)gmail.com with the name of a person who does hormone testing in our area. Thanks Debbie

Replied by Monica
Houston, Tx

Hi Ted,

In reference to HGH and your formula= L -glutamine, L-glycine, and Niacin, how much do I take at night? I am a 46 year old female and was told this would be good for me.

OH! And how much Vit B5 and Magnesium:)

Any help will be appreciated. Thank You!