Apple Cider Vinegar and Blood Type

Posted by Shelly (Singapore) on 01/11/2007

I have tried ACV for quite a while and like some readers, never lose any weight while my friends lose quite a bit. Then I read Eat Right for Your Type by Dr Dadamo and found out that ACV is only beneficial to those who are O blood type. I did some checking up and found that those who got results and benefited from taking ACV were all O blood types. No wonder it did not help me at all. I am an AB type.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Shelly: The problem about the theory of blood O groups being more fitted to eat meat, the A blood group are more fitted to eat vegetables, B blood group does well with dairy, while ABs maybe vegetables are fitted for possibly dairy and vegetables is based on the argument that our ancestors who were O blood group were primarily hunters who eat meat, while the ancestors of A group eat vegetables were adapted to do that is problematic. There is no link between blood group and a specific diet. The only link I can see is the supposition of what our ancestors was eating. If you do biological terrain and eat what is right type, the blood samples drawn 30 minutes will show you it's not working in practice. The blood once dried on a microscope slides will clump. The only way to allow the blood to exist in colloidal solution and not stick with each other is not to eat too much oily foods, regardless of the blood type. Fast food is hardly healthy even for blood O group or any other blood group. Can you tell me what blood group can eat french fries, cokes and hamburgers all day will be healthy?

The other argument is that it counters plain common sense. Most Western developed countries are of O group, but then most of them are fat from excessive meat consumption.

The people at least at earthclinic are primarily O group people anyway, yet I would eat 70%-80% green leafy vegetables and whole fruits to treat many strange conditions from candida to lupus to bird fever, for one reason: they are alkaline forming. Bacteria fungus, and viruses thrive in one environment: acid environments. Sea water are quite sterile and the world's sea water, is not a coincidence that its pH is between 7.5-8.5. If the sea water was within your urine of 5.5, I am sure it will be teeming with candida, fungus, bacteria and other deadly viruses. Most sewer water are usually acid and high in heavy metals.

The urine samples indicate that our diets is too acid forming with 90% of the people's urine pH is below normal, where the normal pH is between 6.5- 7.35. If the acid forming food exists, the kidney digest itself from too much acid and you get kidney disease. In fact my relative who was scheduled to get kidney removed had apparently gone into complete "remission" after taking 3000 mg of baking soda tablets (here we call it soda mint) for three days only.

Therefore, if you want something more basic than our ancestors than how about our first ancestors that existed for billions of years (instead of a couple of thousands on the ancestral argument) that first existed in sea water, where the pH of ancient sea water resembles our own blood at about 7.35? So it would seem that the best diet for all groups is alkalinity and sea salts rich with minerals straight from the sea.

As to the weight loss issue, just measure your urine pH it will tell a complete story. Your urine pH is quite likely below 7.0 (there is a near 100% probability). So raising your urinary pH from ACV AND baking soda to an optimal theoretical 7.35 would in fact reduce the weight by reducing the time it takes for the food to spend too much time in the stomach, reducing excess formation of harmful bacteria and excess sodium retention. Sodium is alkaline forming which is WHY, the body need to retain them, to stabilize the pH. If on the other hand taking more sodium but in the form of baking soda, and a pinch of potassium citrate would in fact lower the sodium retention since the bicarbonates level will displace the sodium so that the body doesn't need to retain them to stabilize the pH.

A much easier way is a good natural sea salt. The best ones are light brown and quite sweaty and those pH when mixed in water averages about pH of 8. If you think sea salt does nothing, it does, just go here:

SO it would seem the pH issue is more basic then just the blood type. Ted

Replied by Gurli

I'm bloodtype O. I have been taken organic applec ider vinegar for 3 years, at least, because I like it, but I have not lost any of my overweight :-(