Questions for Ted Regarding Hcg and Weight Loss

Posted by Sarah on 12/25/2010

Hello, I have read some of your responses on earthclinic and would like to ask you about hCG and weight loss. I am having a hard time finding any unbiased information. What is homeopathic hCG drops and do they work? A diet of only 500 calories seems very low, thereforeI can not tell if people are losing weight from the hCG or just the low caloric intake. Hope to hear back from you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If people eat a 500 calorie diet you may loose an average of 1 to 3 pounds per day which is about the same as taking hcg drops AND having a 500 calorie a day diet. 500 calorie a day is also a potential health hazard. You can faint and fall.

As for whether hcg actually suppresses appetite, think of it this way, if a women were pregnant her hcg levels are high but I don't see that many women pregnant and cannot eat or perhaps she cannot eat when she is first pregnant and we see a women vomiting. Of course if hcg does cause vomiting or emesis then there are plenty other supplement that does that such as taking zinc 50 mg which reduce appetite but too much may lead to vomiting. If we view hcg to stimulate burning of fat then there are other supplements that does that without hormones such as 1 teaspoon of glycine twice to three times a day. Finally the tested hcg is injections not sublingual or under the tongue so that remains to be proven. The most convincing idea from my point of view is cancer also produces hcg hormones to tell the body NOT to attack tumors. This is why mothers immune system don't attack the baby. However if a person has cancer or his immune system is lowered hcg may further suppress the immune system. This is why cancer people don't get fever. They just disabled your immune sysrem. If I were to try any hormone supplements for weight loss it would be taking DHEA or another keto DHEA, depending on different people between 10 mg to 50 mg, with average around 25 mg. Two things to avoid that helps for me for weight loss are no wheat and no sweets. Sweets from fructose, corn syrup and artificial sugar being notorious on weight gain and wheat causes type 1 diabetes, the worse diabetes to get plus a big weight gain.


Replied by Lucygamage
Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand

Hi Ted, above you mention the benefits of taking zinc 50 mg and a teaspoon of glycine 3X a day-I am currently living in Watana, Bangkok and would like to purhcase these products in Bangkok-I have tried to look online but am having difficulty finding these products in Thailand. Thank you!!