Suffering From Mrsa Close to a Decade

Posted by Felix on 09/15/2007

Hi Ted, I do not now how to thank God for letting me see this website. I have been suffering from MRSA for close to a decade now and also the boils. About five years ago i was being treated with a drug (BANGSHIL) from Alarsin pharmaceuticals which was working very effectively, the boils disappeared and felt sense of well being again in life. After the prescription finished with my improvement and good health at the time i thought i overcame the illness but after few month latter i started see signs of reoccurrence which i went back to my doctor to complain, he advised that the four container of the drugs which he original prescribed was not enough that i needed to take more until i was cured. At that the time i had no money because the drug was expensive, before i could gather enough money to buy the drug the doctor informed that they were out of the sale of that drug that I could not get it any were in the country because they were imported from India.

This time every thing went back to worst than before, the boils came out with anger there was nothing i could do because i already new the hospital dont have cure for the illment.After 1 year and some months i got the information that they have started sale of the same drug(bangshil), i now rushed to buy to continue my treatment but surprised to find out that the staff infection was no longer responding to the treatment, i became confused and lost on what to do ever since i have been trying all sort of herbal remedies but to no avail. After seing your site Earth Clinic and the testimonies of people who used turmeric, i want to know if there is any hope for my life because i can't go on like this, I hardly think properly because am always thinking of my health instead of the bright future ahead of me. What can i do? i need your help, how do get this drug maybe i still have chance if i try. Is it too late for me? I anticipate your reply soon. Thanking you sir,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Turmeric, simply kills them, but it will come back. much like many other doctor's medication. The only differences are the price. They developed resistance in the future, and turmeric helps stop it in most mild cases of MRSA.

However to cure it, theoretically speaking is to change the body's terrain where it makes it unfavorable from ever coming back.

Most people today are now magnesium deficient, and hence it makes staphylococcus, boils and MRSA relatively easy to flourish and people will keep coming back for more drugs without a cure in sight. Drugs is hardly a solution.

Hence the preferred remedy that I used is 250 mg of magnesium chloride (or magnesium citrate) x 2 times a day with plenty of water (such as 1 glass).

Staphyloccus generally not grow if the blood serum is high in magnesium, but I also prefer to take zinc gluconate 50 mg (zinc stops most bacterial growth rather effectively).

If I have to tell you 1000 years from now what is the best antibiotics they will be using, it has got to be the mineral salts.

Bacterial generally have no resistance to simple mineral salts, such as magnesium chloride, zinc chloride, and host of other mineral salts.

The body needs a lot more of magnesium and it makes more sense to take those. A topical application of boils with a wet solution of 50/50 milk of magnesia and magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) is also possible for local boils. However to aid its absorption through the skin I will usually add a tablespoon of milk of magnesia and epsom salt into 1/2 glass of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution and apply this to the problem skin area. If those are a bit disappointing, then I would add a couple of drops of iodine until the solution becomes light purple and apply that to the area as many times as necessary.

It should be noted that toxic shock syndrome (woman who dies from tampon use due to bacterial infection), hot spots in dog, bed sores and MRSA are all related in that they are all staphyloccus. All this makes the remedy relatively easy to design, but sadly we don't place much importance on microbiology in killing them through the use of mineral salt solutions when studying in bacterial growth in cheap petri dishes that I have done during my student days.

It took me a lot of time find their weaknesses (wasn't very smart), but basically a staphyloccus can't survive if pH is greater than 9. An acid medium can survive and it is too harmful for healthy cells to do the acid medium, as it has to be below 5, however, a topical application where the solution exceeds 9-10 would do just fine. Magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) pH is quite often about 9, so it makes an effective weapons for MRSA of topical nature, however magnesium supplements and zinc as precautionary is also important just the same.