How to Protect Children From Mrsa

Posted by tina (vancleave, MS) on 10/24/2007

MRSA is rapidly spreading in our schools.How can we protect our children from being infected.Is thier any supplments we can give our kids to stop them from being infected?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Adding turmeric into a tuna sandwich for lunch can help provide some protection against the MRSA.

However, I frequently used a simple milk of magnesia (no aluminum) well shaken, applied thinly as a skin topical application to prevent such MRSA be contacted.

It's a simple remedy, although I do at times add in per one capfull of milk of magnesia, 1-5 drops of 3% H2O2, if I do get any kind of skin problems, but I often use this too whenever I go visit someone in the hospital or clinic.

I have used also on my dog, who frequently gets staph problems and apply in a larger quantities of Milk of Magnesia and hydrogen peroxide. A bedsore is also a staph infection just the same, although once getting MRSA, I will probably need a stronger solution such as 50% milk of magnesia solution in 1.5% H2O2. There ARE other remedies that are used, such as solution of zinc oxide or zinc carbonate (concentration about 1%-3% in water), while somewhat effective against the staph, I used more of that topically for skin allergies, eczema, psioriasis, and other similar conditions.