A More Detailed Plan to Treat Mrsa Boils Requested

Posted by Fred on 06/30/2010

Dear Ted,

First of all, I really really appreciate the time and work you spend to support people on Earth Clinic.

I have been reading your posts about MRSA/Boils/Turmeric/TeaTree Oil and other Remedies on Earth Clinic with a lot enthusiam over the last months.

Since i am suffering of Boils caused by MRSA since 5 years i tried TeaTree Oil and Turmeric, because it seemed the most easy solution. It definitely improved, but new boils still appear, even though certainly less often.

Therefore i continued my research on Earth Clinic and found it quit confusing, since there is just so much information, that is sometimes not so well structured. (I know it's difficult)

For example, i thought about trying Baking Soda and Magnesium Citrate Powder. But then i read about Baking Soda depleting Vitamin B and others...

To come to my question, would it be possible to provide a more detailed but still general plan to cure MRSA boils?

I think, a lot of people suffer of MRSA boils since a long time. Therefore i think it might be helpful to provide a plan where to start at least.

Regarding me, so far i took the following remedies for about 2 months:

3 x a day one teaspoon turmeric powder
2 x a day washing with 5 % mixed teatree oil solution
2 x a day application of 100% pure teatree oil on infected areas
2 x a day application of 1 drop of teatree oil mixed with a water based lubricant in nose

I also stopped smoking and tried to eat more alkaline foods, but it seems as my immune system is still struggling, since it takes very long to cure the boils on my back and legs.

I appreciate your time very much, thanks for reading my email. Hope to hear from you.

Best regards!


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Fred:

If your immune system is not up to par, the best remedy is, based on my understanding of dendritic cell and the immune system required to produce enough antibodies, the three amino acid supplements is: at least 1 teaspoon lysine, 1/2 teaspoon threonine, and 1/8 teaspoon L citrulline. Each are generally dissolved in a cup of water, but not all at once, so they don't clump together. Then is taken hourly for about 4 hours, preferably in the early evening hour, 7, 8, 9 and 10. pm and assuming you sleep at 10 pm. This works out to hourly dose for 4 doses. The dose is kept for about 1 month, thereafter a maintenance dose twice a day. The most important of all three aminos is likely to be the lysine, it needs a lot of antibodies to fight them off. The tumeric dose I think requires four times a day, but minimum 3 times a day. A stronger tumeric I believe is the curcumin. Tamarind extracts and tamarind is possible to help MRSA also and is worth the try.

A topical application of Magnesium chloride 50% solution to 70% to the area, with 20 drops dose taken internally three times or four times a day is generally helpful.


Replied by Jennifer
Mcminnville, Tn,/usa

My mom always used a wet rag with season salt on it to draw the poison out after I got stung by an insect. I have a mrsa wound on my face. Would I be able to get rid of the mrsa by simply doing this?

Replied by Jane
Portland, Ore

I had a c-section 30 years ago that landed me in isolation with Staph infection of the wound. It was terrible to clear, but it went away..... I think.....

Every now and then around the old wound I get a raised red area that itched but would go away fairly quick. This time I sprayed it with colloidal Silver and by morning it was flat but in its place were 5 raised firm, oval shaped solid bumps. I kept spraying and they burst and oozed pus and I kept clean with silver and by day 4 had 5 itsy bitsy red marks that faded fast. I wondered if it was latent staph hanging around and really wondered if it would cure herpes? You never know until you try. My daughter suffers from that and I am going to give her a bottle to try. I will post if good results. I'm not afraid to try it on anything!! Let all of us know if it kicked its backside out of your cellular memory!!!!!!

Replied by Lm
Jacksonville, Fl

Hi Jane! Could you please give more detailed info on how you used the colloidal silver to treat this raised bump?? Sprayed how much how often? Thanks for your help.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I tried Colloidal Silver on my husband's Herpes Zoster (shingles) virus for a couple of days. It may have sped up his healing a bit. I also used apple cider vinegar in an icy solution and applied compresses. This seemed to help. I know it's a bit of a different disease, but who knows?