Carbohydrate Trigger?

Posted by Carolyn

Dearest Ted: Thank you so much for clarifying this matter. I do put a bit of iodine on any suspicious area after gently rubbing in some sea salt. I have two strains of MRSA, the first one was the "spider bites" looking one and I stupidly thought it was caused by spiders. Since it took 8 solid months to get rid of the sores using triple antibiotic cream, I studied on the net and figured out it was staph. At that time I had never heard of MRSA. Then, here came to my house a man to thank me for helping his wife get some docs off the net. HE did not reveal that he has a huge open wound on his back that refuses to heal and which he got during a long hospital stay. He shook my hand, used my bathroom and towel. Two days later, I had monstruous boils on my face. Again I jumped on the net to see what it could possibly be and I found earthclinic and the answers. You literally have saved my life, because if you had not put your information on earthclinic, I would have gone to a hospital and only gotten much worse. Instead, THANKS ONLY TO YOU and earthclinic, I am able to keep my condition under a very tight control with NO antibiotics at all. I never had any IV. I want you please to know that I believe I owe my life to you. The fact that I have quality of life and can continue to enjoy living is due to you. I do sell an e-book on eBay for $5.95 in which I tell people how I control my own MRSA condition. It is not a big seller, but the people who have purchased it are very happy with the information. I call it: "How I get rid of MRSA staph boils". There is a money back guarantee, but no one has requested it so far. I learn from pure trial and error. You are a scientist, and I am not, but my body teaches me if I make a mistake. It is like having an alien living inside me, I must always be on guard NOT to feed the alien, because it will surge up and try to kill me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Carolyn: There are many nitty gritty details to treatment of MRSA and staph. However, I really also have to thank the website owner of earthclinic, for even allowing me to post anything! She's been very patient with me over the years and without her support of me putting posting all kinds of information, most of the people who visited earthclinic would not have had this chance also.

Replied by Denise
Sacto, Calif

A lady on you tube had mrsa real bad on face, , , antibiotics did not work , , , an her dermatologist hinted to her to use chlorhexidine 0.5% in ethanol 70% with red tint and it cleared up the infection when all else. Failed. Be very careful use small test area, do not inhale

Replied by Melody
Charlotte, Nc

Not sure if Ted still replies here or not but I am wanting to know what could help MRSA in my eye inner eyelid area. I have been struggling with this for 6 months. I have been on courses of antibiotics such as doxy, minocycline and clindamyocin. I had the test done to see which antibiotics it was resistant and which ones it supposedly responded to. These are the ones it supposedly responded to but has only diminished it from occuring as frequently and as severe. I have been using Colloidal silver in my eye about 3 to 4 times a day. I was hoping that would keep it at bay. There are not many things you can put in your eye and I am allergic to sulfur. So please if you know what I can put in my eye to get rid of the MRSA it would be helpful. Obviously the antibiotics are not working enough to get rid of it. I am also planning to take Magnesium and to try and PH out my body (water and baking soda) but I find some directions confusing as I have a disability of autism spectrum disorder. any help would be great.