Zinc/manganese Combo with Zinc/copper Combo

Posted by Boris on 11/15/2006

Indeed, I do feel the zinc/manganese combo has helped a lot: no more problems with greasy face or scalp. I understand zinc and copper compete. Perhaps years of drinking water from copper pipe (my building is 50 yrs old and I discover telltale blue -green stains in the sink and tub) and inadequate zinc in the diet has led to a deficiency. All I know is something is helping. I've stopped the manganese but continue to take 75mg zinc a day. Unfortunately, I still have problems with my face in the beard area. The dermatologist now thinks it's a mixed bacterial infection (for staph was present in a swab). He has me on topical clindoxyl, which helps only a bit. I still get painful pimples where the beard hair will fall out and not grow back. It is obvious the problem is more than skin deep! I'm wondering what other areas I can look at to help this problem. Could it be Vitamin D deficiency too (as Vancouver is very cloudy)? I know my skin always improves in sunlight. Mercury toxicity (as I have a lot of fillings)? How can one test for this? As for the PH balancing... I have yet to try it. Will it potentially help such an infection that includes p.acnes and staph bacteria? So many questions. Thanks for your time and attention!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Boris: Happy to hear that your skin is now less oily and that you recognized that copper is causing the problems, as mentioned about the green tinge on the tubs! As to the staph infection those are similar to a bed sore bacteria you found in hospitals. Hospitals never learned that staph infections are due to excessive use of acid antiseptic and they should use alkaline antiseptic.

Could it be Vitamin D deficiency too (as Vancouver is very cloudy)? I know my skin always improves in sunlight.

Take vitamin D anyway, there is a lack of sun. In fact even sunny India, people have vitamin D deficiency. This is because of their dark skins and woman usually cover their cloths too much preventing the sun from reaching the skin in some cases.

Mercury toxicity (as I have a lot of fillings)? How can one test for this?

You can try doing oil pulling to remove mercury and other heavy metals, but it is necessary to add peppermint to neutralize the toxins generated when the bacteria dies from the use of sunflower oil. If you WANT to see if if the toxins are there you just don't add the peppermint oil and you will really feel tire and weak for at least 3 days! So adding a drop of peppermint to 1 tablespoon before doing oil pulling will reduce this problem.

One word of warning: oils are well known for removing metals and in some cases it may remove your tooth fillings in long term uses. However, your black stool will become light brown because when black stools come from excessive heavy metals in your body. When oil pulling is done your stools will get less black meaning it is improving and your metals are getting less.

I use dithizone heavy metal testers I make myself. When testing, I test my urine and saliva samples. A positive tests for mercury will cause the green Dithizone heavy metal testers to turn to the color of orange, while copper it is purple, zinc it is pink, and lead it is clear white solution. It is a simple test, but you need not worry if the dithizone shows pink when there is zinc. Zinc for some reason or another are relatively benign. Without the presence of zinc all other metals become very much toxic. This is why we need zinc.

Alkalizing will help reduce staph infection. What I do is to take baking soda and potassium bicarbonate, which is a weaker solution to resolve it. However if I have a strong staph infection often potassium carbonate a 1/8 teaspoon used as a mouthwash will help. In the long run heavy metals causes body to be very acid.

In fact the food in where you live is well known for being high in heavy metals such as mercury. It is a fact of life that you need heavy metals to test your urine, your drinking water and even the food you eat. Once you know the source, I can ensure you, you will be shocked, at least I was and I had to take the necessary precautions. Common contaminants were from the the faucets, drinking water, bread, and even fried foods. Fried foods are cooked on metals and they absorb metals. Eating raw organic uncooked with metal heavy metal cooking utensils is one way of avoiding some of the heavy metals.

Even in high heavy metals the best alkalizing will also chelate heavy metals. Citrates are often the preferred ones that I would use as a drink to help reduce this. Therefore baking soda 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid to 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day for about 5 days out of a week is preferred. I would take a bit more since more heavy metals is implied.

Consider using a simple borax to wash your skin, this should be ideal for shampooing and ridding of staph. If this doesn't remove then I might add a cheap laundry detergent (their pH is about 12) to the borax solution to keep things simple. However, I would use borax and potassium carbonate solution for the skin to rid of the staph, but in generally getting potassium carbonate is not easy, another substitute is sodium carbonate (washing soda) is not easy to find either. Hydrogen peroxide 1% as a wash can temporarily help, but I won't stop the staph in general until a more alkaline solution is added.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Boris: In case if I haven't mentioned it. Here where I live our foods have excessive copper and I have always detected the presence of copper. Sometimes when I am sick from unknown reasons and I checked my urine, I often tested positive for heavy metals too, using the dithizone tests. What I do is to add 1/4 teaspoon of disodium EDTA to the liter of drinking water and the copper will often test negative, which I will use this a drinking water throughout the day. If I drink more than usual, then I will add 1/4 teaspoon to the second liter of water too. After the day, I will test for less copper presence and sometimes I will be tested negative after a couple of days.