Looking for Natural Ways to Bring Micro Abscesses Down

Posted by Rhonda (Montreal, Quebec Canada) on 07/24/2006

i am looking for a natural way to bring the micro abscesses down. we have had alot of rain this season also. much more than usual it seems. was sick for about two weeks before with what felt like a sore throat. i treated with cider vinegar and bee polis gargle, but kept reoccurring. became acute. I had an emergency treatment of antibiotics at the hospital, which relieved swelling of the throat.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Rhonda: Yes, I have some possible remedies for abscesses and boils, and will see to putting up some info on this when I have the time as I have to review them as to which ones are the best remedies. Currently the treatment for boils and abscesses are taking chelated chromium and zinc acetate, and possibly developing some washing lotion made of copper chloride, zinc chloride, and possibly sodium perborate monohydrate.

Often abscesses and boils are triggered by eating too much sugar, fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats in general), and a suppressed immune system, often triggered by hypothyroidism. You can treat generally by controlling sugar, avoid fried foods, and eating kelp and seaweed.

The best emergency cure is zinc acetate, fulvic acid 2 teaspoon of 1-3%, will quicken or protect against getting getting sore throat. A very nice cure of sore throat is currently sea salt mixed with a potassium carbonate. It will generally work better than apple cider vinegar since both a staph and strep bacteria are generally resistant to acid, but not a relatively strong alkaline and a high salinity solution.