How to Treat Mrsa After a Lanced Boil

Posted by Cristina (Rossville, Ga, Walker) on 01/28/2013

My husband has had a "growth" on his thigh for almost 2 months now. We do not have insurance but finally decided to go to the ER. That hospital said it was a tumor. As it worsened and we didn't think it was a tumor, he went to another hospital (which diagnosed it as MRSA). He was given antibiotics, of course. As it worsened even still, we went to a walk-in clinic, hoping to get a referral to someone who would test it somehow (not sure if the 2nd diagnosis was correct). They gave a different antibiotic, saying it would treat the MRSA better. It did, in fact, start working but they only gave him 7 days of antibiotics. So, we called to get them to phone in more and they refused, saying he would need to come back in. So, again, we forfeited the $ for him to go back, only for them to have him see yet another doctor! They gave him a different antibiotic that was not working at all (and turned out to be the same as the 1st antibiotic he was on). As it only got worse as days went on, we went to the ER of another hospital. Finally someone lanced the "growth", squeezed the infection out & packed it with some kind of antibacterial something. We were instructed to have that removed after 2 days. We ended up removing that at 3 A. M. right before the 2nd day due to the burning sensation my husband began to not be able to tolerate.

Unfortunately, we do not know how to care for this hole in his leg that continuously oozes & sometimes has black mixed with blood & ooze. There also looks to be another pocket of infection forming near the incision (which we have kept clean & change the dressing several times/day). As going to the doctors has not been much help and our finances cannot afford the ER visits, I was hoping to get some ideas here. I have read MANY posts but did not read anything dealing with MRSA after is has been lanced and a hole remains. :-( Any help would be greatly appreciated. I wish I had found this site before we went through 2 months of my husbands pain and 5 doctors!

Replied by Anon

Hi, I would get a prescription for the antibiotic that worked. Bathing in Epsom salts( magnesium salts) for 30 mins daily will heal the area. Taking 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a small glass of water 3 times a day will clean his blood. If you look on the turmeric cures section lots of people report success with Mrsa type infection, good luck

Replied by Ted
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All I know is several years ago, I treated MRSA that occurred in a colon cancer case using a chlorine-based antiseptic to successfully kill MRSA in the Middle East. Colon cancer didn't spread at the time, but MRSA did. It came from dirty conditions in hospitals and the patient had to take their own action killing MRSA.

I know that at the time that benzalkonium chloride antiseptic could kill MRSA about 1% to 3%, applied to the area should work, but there was no benzalkonium chloride to be found, so a simple chlorine bleach well diluted so that it doesn't do harm, such as 1 capful in 1 to 3 gallon of water, and used as antiseptic wash, several times, which of course took a couple of days to control it. This one didn't occur anywhere outside, it was inside the intestines and was rapidly eating her insides. So the solution has to be prepared rectally. Other things that may be added depending on the weakness, there might be 1 drop per liter of clove oil, and methylene blue .1%, when there was a problem. But I believe it was the diluted chlorine bleach that killed it. The colon cancer woman did survive the ordeal with MRSA, but a couple of years later died due to inept surgery for ureter replacement. One thing I did observe was cancer spreads along surgical wounds, bruises, and cuts.

As a side note, I did try colloidal silver, but the ppm was too weak. It would have worked if the ppm was at least 100 ppm or thereabouts.


Replied by Tanya

Benzalkonium chloride 1.5% is in the Mane and Tail Pro-Tect Medicated formula, and "The Original" it says on the bottle. I have started to use it in a bath for eczema!