How to Calm Child W/ Cerebral Palsy

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 11/26/2011

Please, I am desperately in need of help for my son with mild cerebral palsy. I have started using Ted's remedy. I started giving my son 2-3 drops of magnesium citrate dissolved in water (couldn't find magnesium chloride anywhere) but I have MANY doubts and questions for the following weeks of treatment. My son's aggressiveness isn't reducing. His biting / head banging is just increasing in spite of giving him magnesium baths and mag citrate.

Replied by Barbara
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I think you would get good results by using Magnesium Chloride crystals (I buy them cheaply by the pound from Swanson's online) mixed with pure water to the point of saturation. Apply it liberally two or three times a day with a very fine mist spray bottle. This is the easiest way to absorb, and the easiest form for the body to use. Under my arms works well - I usually do about 6-8 pumps under each arm morning and night, and more often if I am having a bad day. I have a condition which gives me terrible muscle cramps and spasms, and as long as I apply this every day, my muscles are able to relax and I am mostly free of problems. I got my information from "Magnesium Miracle" by Carolyn Dean, where she talks more specifically about how much to use. Even though it is called "oil", it is really not oily. Some people experience a slight burning (I do not), and I read that you can wash it off after 15 minutes or so. I hope this helps. Good Luck.

Replied by Ted
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You have to start him with B3 niacinamide 500 mg first. Then, get an amino supplement to help calm him down. With the magnesium citrate, you have to be careful about commercial sources as they tend to add other fillers to the mix to taste better, such as aspartame. That is one of the ingredients that is harmful and I would tend to carefully look at the labels.

Chlorinated water he must avoid. You can use sodium thiosulfate, one crystal in a glass of water, to generally calm him usually within 30 minutes.


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Good morning Ted, I am facing a problem and hope that you could help me with it. My son is 4 yrs , diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. His right hand and right leg have stiff muscles, which makes his wrists and hands go limp. His leg turns inward, making him walk in a scissor gait. He has a speech delay, drools alot and cannot chew food properly. in fact, he cant eat at all unless i put him in front of the TV to gulp his food down.

He tends to bite, scratch, beat kids. He has been removed from school. His immunity is very low and he constantly has runny nose and mucous in the throat. He gets aggressive very easily and at the same time wants to kiss and love children.

Please help my baby. I feel i am losing him each day. The neurologist gave him Sirdalud medicine for reducing spasm, but once the meds were over, his condition went back to square one.

I went through all your posts on cerebral palsy, but found some things confusing. Can you please give me the latest update on what i can give my 4 yr old son? is it safe to give those doses to this young child?

I am really praying that you reply to me doctor, i am very desperate for help. thank you and god bless!"

11/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Well I would concentrate on just a few things. If he's not calm the B3 niacinamide is the standard, it is both antifungal and has calming effects, it is usually the standard of first line treatment. The next thing is cerebral palsy patients has the presence of virus or other microorganism in the brain, the same is true for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other conditions. The infections come from during term pregnancy and the fetus was infected while in the womb. So the clearing up of this depends on the condition of cerebral palsy to treat. If the child has bad smelling stool or diarrhea, or constipated, it indicates that digestive enzymes and vitamin B complex is the starting point, usually a B50 will do or at least a B6 to help improve digestion, usually once a day for kids in general, except for kids below 3. If the child has ammonia smell in the urine, the pH of urine is way too alkaline and ammonia actually becomes the neurotoxin. Then you will acidify them with vitamin C ascorbic acid, to neutralized that, initially.

The spastic conditions may often be reduced with acetyl carnitine by increasing the mitochondrial energy in the cells. Glycine is considered an inhibitory amino acid, and threonine does the same as glycine and also helps the immune system, as most cerebral palsy patients have immune problems especially in the brain and neural systems. I also use N acetyl cysteine, to help detox the body, and this also works in improving the liver function--same as acetyl L carnitine.


12/01/2011: Anonymous replies: "Alhumdulila! thank you thank you thank you for your posts! May god bless you and your efforts for helping thousands of people like us :) As I read your previous protocols on CP, i had done the following things with my son since last friday:

1 - gave Magnesium citrate (a really tiny dose 2-3 times as i didn't know exact amount, also didn't find mag. chloride). the first 3 days on Magnesium, he was really calm, the 4th day he became very aggressive and also had a massive amt of mucous in nose n throat.

2- Avoided milk products as much as i could.

I have the following questions based on your email.

1. I found B 50 supplement (for adults, didn't find anything for kids), and vit c with rose hip (250 mg ). Can i start giving these and at what doses? Can i give it everyday for a week or more? Also, b3 n b6 aren't present at 50 mg each in this. should i buy extra and give it to him?

2. I started giving lysine (as per ur protocol) 400 mg divided for 4 hours, since yesterday. Is this dose alright? i am worried it may cause heart problems or other issues.

3. I have searched for supplements you mentioned at the last part of your email, but only found threonine and N acetyl cysteine. Can these help with his spasm in right hand n leg ? Will this also reduce his drooling? How many times should i give these 2 supplements along with b-50, vitamin c, lysine?

4. The place where i live has salty, hard water and we use mineral water only for drinking purposes. Also the climate is extremely humid and dusty. Do you think this causes more problems for my son ? how can i go about helping his immunity in this regard, as i would love to leave this place and go back to India (he is always better there in that tropical climate), but we have too many financial problems.

i can't believe you replied. :) PLs help me, i know your meds will help.

thank you."

12/1/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Magnesium citrate if it has that behavior appears to be performing a metal detox, which is why he is worse on the fourth day. Apparently the magnesium citrate has to be given 2 days on 3 days off, which will help detox the metals. The body's ability to excrete heavy metals is limited.

The massive mucous on the nose displays his detox system is lacking in N acetyl cysteine, which internally forms glutathione internally to help detox the body that is causing his cerebral palsy. Therefore the massive mucous may be reduced with two things, N acetyl cysteine, perhaps 100 mg x 1 first, before giving more later on and once a day sea salt, in a liter of water, such as 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water. Glycine will help support some functions of glutathione synthesis in liver.

The B3 will help calm him down such as 250 to 500 mg of B3 niacinamide, but NOT niacin.

If lysine has you worried about other issues, it can be reduced to 100 mg every hour for four hours.

Threonine helps reduce spastic behavior, his drooling means the body somehow needs more N acetyl cysteine to detox. Check his urine, if ammonia smell, must acidify it with ascorbic acid vitamin C, this may be the problem associated with magnesium citrate, being a bit alkaline is not good, so we give him perhaps vitamin C, 500 x 3 ascorbic acid.

This is the basics of the treatment and it should help. The most expensive is the N acetyl cysteine. Get the powdered form or capsule form, do not get effervescent form. This effervescent form is toxic as they usually add aspartame in these effervescent products.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, Thank you so much for your response. you have no idea how much of a help this is to me. We have visited over 17 doctors over the past 2 years in dubai and india and NOBODY has provided us with appropriate meds or advice. Sorry to bother you with more questions, but I just wanted to clarify the following as per your email before i buy the other supplements:

  1. How many days do i give Acetyl cysteine, lysine, threonine, vit c, b3? maybe 4 days on and 3 days off?
  2. Can i give vitamin c and b3 along with the other supplements or during diff parts of the day? and maybe on the OFF days, should i continue with mg citrate?
  3. As of today, i have given him the second dose of lysine (as per the protocol). DO i finish lysine for this week and start all the other supplements next week or can i just start using them tomorrow? i ask, as i am worried about side effects from starting everything altogether.
  4. So far, i feel my son's spasticity has reduced in the right leg, a BIG achievement :) only after 4 days Mag citrate n 1 day of Lysine.
  5. I will continue the treatments as per your advice, as i really want his mouth/jaw muscles to start working, so that he can speak clearly. He has speech issues too.

Thank you fro everything. you have made such a difference in many lives and it will surely make a difference in ours, inshallah :)"

12/01/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "In response to your questions:

1. Magnesium used 2 days on and 4 days off is the best schedule for you. But vit C, if ascorbic acid, has to be continued every day, so is acetyl cysteine, and threonine for sure. B3 can also be continued. The only days off is probably the lysine, such as 3 days on and 4 days off, or 4 days on and 3 days off.

2. You can figure out very easy by giving separately, and then combine to test effect.

3. You can start, I doubt it will have any side effects.

4. Well you should see further improvement with threonine.

5. The magnesium and threonine will likely help. But as you know magnesium citrate for CP, preferred is chloride, so give it with ascorbic acid and magnesium citrate, to reduce alkalinity because I suspect there is ammonia in his urine.


12/03/2011: Anonymous replies: "Ted, my son is experiencing cramps... he is crying n unable to sleep, i rubbed coconut oil on his stomach to relieve him. he's constantly clutching his pelvic area... what should i do? should i stop treatment for one day? i am scared that he may need hospitalization if it increases too much, also, he has passed alott of gas since morning n loose stools (just once). but at least 4-5 times urine.

pls help, its 2 am here in dubai n he's crying, i hope its jus a passing phase and nothing serious. pls advice."

12/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "What are you giving? B3 500 mg will help. His stool is important if it smells it needs digestive enzymes or at least vitamin C. Is he responding to vitamin C ascorbic acid?


12/03/2011: Anonymous replies: "am really sorry for yesterday's response... my son was crying and i was so scared if it were due to the meds i was givin him...
thank you for your prompt response. i really appreciate it.

my son eventually went to sleep n woke up early today with very soft stools. i gave him lysine, started threonine, acetyl cysteine, vit c, n b50. yesterday. today, stopped lysine, tried to give him the above doses but he spat it out. will try again in evening. his spasm in his right leg n hand seems to have reduced since yesterday, but maybe its too soon to tell... will chk again tomorrow. I am just scared of him having cramps.

Another unusual thing he has started doing, is touching his hand on diff surfaces and then LICKING his hand. i scolded him, but it seems involuntary! Also, he keeps touching his teeth over n over, maybe experiencing some sensitivity.

Are these normal things to happen once the treatments are started? pls advice. also i cudnt find B3 without di calcium phosphate, have called up 5 pharmacies so far. everyone is giving me epsom salts instead of mag chloride. what do i do?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I don't think magnesium sulfate works well, for stool I prefer sennakot as they are easier to find. The reason why it does not work is that the supplements were given in the day, which is fine, but the lysine, threonine, and N acetyl cysteine, vitamin C was not given at night, the supplements' effects usually have positive effect for about 4 to 8 hours. But that means it is given hourly for four hours, in my experience. So if the duration is too long the effects wear off. That's what I have experienced.

You have to monitor his urine smell, if it is ammonia then he needs at the very least, vitamin C ascorbic acid and he needs to get a stool not smelling, usually the B50 will help. To stop some of the effects of B3 and sodium thiosulfate (1 grain per liter) will help calm things down. Thiosufates detox a lot of chemicals that are toxic. Watch out for soap, and other things as it has bad reaction to these people.


12/03/2011: Anonymous replies: "thank you again!

1. is vit B3 ( with di calcium phosphate ) ok 2 give my son ? it SOLGER brand. this is the only B3 available. will also give Sea salt in water 1L.

2 . also, i found this water de-clorinator for fish, but couldn't find sodium thiosulphate. Principle Ingredients: sodium hydroxymethane sulfinate, polyvinyl pyrrolidones, organic hydrocolloids, organic chelating compounds

3- So i should give him all supplements in the morning? will surely remember to do this.

4- I wanted to ask regarding ascorbic acid. i have a brand with rose hips. will this be too harsh on his stomach lining (cause of ulcers? sorry for this silly question)

5- his urine n stool do have a smell, but not sure if it's ammonia. He passed very loose stools today.

will surely keep you updated of his progress..."

12/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It will be ok for now B3.

dechorinator will do, i would put a couple of drops in drinking water. It should calm things down, but in the long run sodium thiosulfate is available in camera shops and chemical supply stores.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The N acetyl cysteine can be sour, and some people don't like it, but you can add a little baking soda, which makes it easier to take. I think adding 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda will make it taste better or you can mix with some orange juice, which will make it taste better too.

You cannot use EPSON salt. Sulfur doesn't agree with the system. If you want to leave out, one or two you can. It induces vomiting in some people.

B3 can be given with dicalcium phosphate for now, they don't add a lot in B3.

You cannot give D3 with dicalcium phosphate. Get the softgel, they don't have dicalcium phosphate. This is because D3 raises calcium levels.

Replied by Anonymous

good evening ted, I stopped all medication on wednesday (i thought maybe my son's body needed a break f 3 days at least before i re-start, for detox). Today i took him to physiotherapist as i was concerned about his arms and legs turning more inward after starting your protocol.

i am happy to report that my son's arms have NO MORE SPASTICITY!!! alhumdulila hirabilla alameen (Thanks and praise to god, who is the Creator of all Mankind). His legs, especially pelvic area and hips still have spasticity, and the doctor recommended hot baths and swimming to be a good exercise. the doctor said his arms still look 'inward' because his body is trying to balance his unstable hip and legs.

I will restart protocol tomorrow, give it for 5 days and have a break for 2 days. Lets see if it brings more improvement inshallah. i cant tell you how happy i am, after so many doubts and lots of confusion, i can tell your remedies have worked very well so far :)

a big THANKYOU for your help and support :) God bless you"

12/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It's nice to see his improvement. The important part is to carefully schedule the days on and days off. This is critical towards the healing. The body needs to detox the heavy metals and other chemicals from inside the body during the off period.


Replied by Ananamous
Riverdale, Ga

I was to use pure magnesium citrate, would I still need magnesium chloride? I was thinking about buying 99% pure magnesium chloride that is use for fish tanks.

Replied by Anonymous

Hi Ted, With regards to my son, i have the following feedback:

1. Have started the protocol for the past 2 days. He has become very very calm and tries to reason out things now. His 'grabbing' of people to show his affection towards them still hasn't reduced yet, though.

2. I tested the tip of his tongue as he has started LICKING everything from the walls of the house, to the toilet, to dusty things to his fingers. His tongue has become extremely grainy (was very smooth before). Do you think i should reduce the dosage of Vit C? or is there some other cause? Also, his breath has started smelling very bad.

3. How much of Vit D would you recommend per day ? it is very cold here for a month, without much sunshine. SO i kno he's missing out alot on his Vit D. Is there any particular brand that you could kindly recommend?

please advise. I am very grateful to you for taking time out just to help people like us."

12/17/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "For your son:

1. It needs more time.

2. This behavior could cause grainy tongue. Zinc acetate or zinc gluconate should reduced the pica symptoms. Say 20 mg a day until he reduces the pica symptoms (the licking behavior).

3. About 5000 iu is a reasonable dose for children I think.